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  1. Torchepot

    Bonkers Balsam!

    From tiny seed to these monsters in one season - thicker than my wrist and about 9 feet tall - scary!
  2. Torchepot

    Anyone seen willow tits visiting feeders?

    We have a pair of willow tits visiting our garden and I want to try and boost their chances of survival by supplementary feeding. They stubbornly refuse to visit our feeding station by the house so I figured I’d try feeding them in the area they seem to prefer. I’ve never seen willow tits...
  3. Torchepot

    Squirrel-proof feeding station

    Here’s our squirrel exclusion zone - which actually works! It’s made from 3mm steel mesh, curiously the sizes (apart from the gauge) are in inches, so the top, bottom and back are made from 2” x 1” mesh while the sides and front are fabricated by me so that the biggest gaps are 2”x 30mm. There...
  4. Torchepot

    I hope I'm wrong!

    Found this on my neighbours land - reminds me of Japanese Knotweed - any ideas?
  5. Torchepot

    Damselfly i.d.

    On a very warm afternoon last week we were sitting by the pond when I noticed several small damselflies had appeared. I should have paid more attention, but to be honest I was half asleep in the sun! Having looked through Steve Brooks guide I’m now a bit confused. They were very pale - I would...
  6. Torchepot

    Sparrowhawk Goshawk size comparison

    While checking out video footage from the Yorkshire Pine Marten Project I noticed this comparison approximately 2 minutes in. I’ve attached a couple of screen grabs. Looks like the forest was so dark that the footage is filmed in IR mode. I think the Goshawk is a juvenile (female?), any ideas...
  7. Torchepot

    Fungi Carmarthenshire

    Could someone id this for me please :t:
  8. Torchepot

    Pigeon Wars

    I recently found myself next to the infamous Copper Beech in Bristol which was in the news briefly last year and was the subject of this thread. https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=354809 Despite the huge number (50,000+) of people who petitioned to have the spikes removed they're still...
  9. Torchepot

    A funny thing happened in Newcastle Emlyn

    Went to visit a couple of elderly friends today and they mentioned that during the snow earlier this year they had a couple of unusual birds visiting their garden. I was not too surprised when they mentioned Bullfinch and Redwing but when they said they had a pair of Broad-billed Sandpipers over...
  10. Torchepot

    Excellent Swarovski service

    In a moment of inattention (which still haunts me!) I recently dropped my new EL 8.5x42s onto a tiled floor. I might have got away with it but they landed objective end down at an angle and bent the bit that projects beyond the objective on one side quite badly. These were a surprise present...
  11. Torchepot

    Help needed with DIY field recorder

    My field recorder continues to surprise me with some great recordings but I've got a few issues I'd like to sort out. I've hooked up the recorder to a powerbank (for charging mobile phones) with the idea that it should run for 2 or 3 days and nights unattended. I like the idea of the...
  12. Torchepot

    Sing like a bird!

    I've been doing a bit of amateur research into vision and hearing in birds and came across this which I found quite fascinating. Basically the way it works is to take a sound recording of a bird's song and slow it down 20 or 30 times at which point it somewhat resembles the human voice. Then...
  13. Torchepot

    Best current field guide for Southern India (Kerala)

    Some of my family are off on a botanical tour to Kerala in October and want to take a good field guide to the birds with them. There seem to be (at least) four candidates. The Collins Birds of India -Arlott http://amzn.eu/hPeSRFp Which is also available in a Kindle format - anyone have any...
  14. Torchepot

    Tonn the GSE arrives in Spain

    The celebrated Spotted Eagle Tonn arrived at his wintering grounds El Hondo in Spain on 17th December 2017 for the tenth year having travelled nearly 4800kms from Estonia. http://birdmap.5dvision.ee/en http://www.finesystem.co.uk/birdwatchingcostablanca/sightings.html But he's more than three...
  15. Torchepot

    New record of Jackal for France

    A Golden Jackal in the French Alps is being reported as a new species for France. une nouvelle espèce de mammifère a été contactée en France, en Haute-Savoie, récemment: le Chacal doré http://www.ledauphine.com/insolite/2017/12/14/le-chacal-dore-observe-pour-la-premiere-fois-en-france...
  16. Torchepot

    Scops or not? Solved!

    Back in October I recorded a couple of nocturnal calls - one of which was of particular interest. http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=352221 And here:- http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=351700 I gave up on ever satisfactorily identifying it and was prepared to just put it...
  17. Torchepot

    Nocturnal call Dec. 2017 Limousin, France

    Any ideas? Had a lot of weird Tawny Owl calls but I've not recorded anything quite like this before so not really sure what it is.
  18. Torchepot

    Nocturnal call France

    I posted this elsewhere but it's probably better here in the I.D. forum I know what this sounds like - but I'd like to hear what others think Here's the spectrogram Last night around 10 p.m.
  19. Torchepot

    Sounds from the Night Garden

    Voices from the Night Garden Things are slowing down a bit now with the colder weather but still getting some interesting stuff Here's some Cranes from the night before last, about 9 seconds in there's a young bird giving their little squeak - and a couple more faint ones further on.
  20. Torchepot

    Microphone for home-made field recorder

    I've got the nocturnal passive recording bug and want to leave my recorder (Tascam DR-05) out in the field at some remote places locally. I'm worried about exposure to the elements so I intend to seal it in a sandwich box type container with a power bank and dessicant pack. The problem is...
  21. Torchepot

    Scops or not?

    Posted this earlier on this thread http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=351700 Not really happy with Scops so compared it with a couple from xeno-canto Here's the spectrograms Slightly higher frequency and the harmonic is distinctly different. Don't think it's Scops based on...
  22. Torchepot

    Glis glis in nest boxes

    I posted a couple of cute videos of Edible Dormice today on BF TV and there's a link to one of them on Vimeo below. https://vimeo.com/238191742 I was hoping that they might discover the nestboxes but now I'm not so sure. Apart from their obsessive compulsion to enlarge the entrance holes I'm...
  23. Torchepot

    More Nocturnal Mysteries, France

    Just before dawn this morning:- A bizarre recording - I can only think it's an owl? But not certain - or even which species! Earlier last night Surely too high frequency for a bird? Lastly female Tawny Owl? - but this sounds like it's calling in flight - not encountered that before.
  24. Torchepot

    Nocturnal Mystery call France

    This two note reedy thin call from 3 nights ago about 2 a.m. I've repeated the call to make it a bit easier to listen to. The spectrogram is very distinctive. It reminds me of some kind of thrush call - any ideas?
  25. Torchepot

    Nocturnal calls Oct. 2017 Limousin, France

    At last a nocturnal bird flying over - is the first one common sand? Not sure about the next one - sounds like it might be tawny owl - especially when compared to part of the next recording Not even sure if the last is a bird or an amphibian - just the one single call around midnight from a...