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  1. Tired

    Central Texas bird looks like White-winged Dove, but ruddy, with darker head.

    This little guy was in a small group of doves in my yard. A couple of them seemed a bit more ruddy than usual, and then there was this one, that caught my attention as soon as I saw it. I've never seen one this color. I wish I'd gotten better photos, but it was walking quite fast, was fairly far...
  2. Tired

    Whooping Cranes (and others) in Port Aransas, TX, late this November- any tips?

    I'm heading down to Port A later this year to look for cranes, with a side dish of other coastal and wading birds. I get seasick, so will not be doing any boat tours. Can anyone recommend a good spot to see and photograph wading birds? Somewhere with nice walking paths would be ideal. I want to...
  3. Tired

    Black, white, and purple-crowned hummingbird in an online video with no source given.

    I hope this is okay to post here. It's not my footage, but I assume a link to a source (even if that source stole it) is acceptable. I saw this video today, on an account that seems to specialize in reposting various cute and interesting videos from around the web. No source is given for the...
  4. Tired

    Medium-sized Central TX bird that goes "bowh, bowh, bowh".

    I heard this bird yesterday at a local park. There's a large pond, a stretch of forest, and a few acres of restored prairie habitat. I briefly saw a medium-sized bird with a short tail moving about in the top of a large pecan tree, and the call changed locations when the bird did. I couldn't...
  5. Tired

    IDs for Southwestern Texas?

    These are all from a scrubby area on an exotic game ranch- antelope and the like. Uvalde County, which is one county over from Mexico. Lots of bird activity! I got a good thirty-seven species. I have a few I need additional opinions on. 1: Female or juvenile Vermillion Flycatcher, maybe...
  6. Tired

    Wide, oddly smooth grayish-blue lizard in SW Texas scrubland- any IDs?

    I was down in Uvalde County this last weekend, which is one county over from Mexico. Caliche soil, scrubby brush, pretty dry, great lizard habitat. I saw plenty of lizards I know, and a couple I found the names of, but there's one I'm not sure of. This little fellow was maybe 5" long, and I...
  7. Tired

    Do white-winged doves sound different in different counties of Texas?

    I live in Williamson County. Today I'm in Uvalde County, which is about 3.5 hours drive away, West-Southwest. I'm hearing what sounds to me like a white-winged dove, but off. The first bit of the call has heavier emphasis, like it's shouted, and seems reedier. It sounds like someone imitating a...
  8. Tired

    Vireo- Bell's? Central/SW Texas, scrubby dry area by a river.

    This is a very small bird nesting right by where I'm currently staying. It's tiny, warbler size or so. The area is dry and scrubby, with some mesquite. It looks like the African savannah. Partly because of the zebras. (No, seriously, I'm on an exotic animal hunting ranch. I fed a giraffe...
  9. Tired

    Mixed-species warbler flocks a common thing?

    This past couple of days, I've been enjoying/marveling at the variety of warblers in my neighborhood. Yesterday I saw 10 different species of warblers (later confirmed via photos) in the same yard, within maybe 10-20 minutes of each other. Half a dozen in the same tree at roughly the same time...
  10. Tired

    Black bird in central TX, white patches/bars on wings, head like an ani. One bad photo.

    I've posted once before about a bird like this. I had gotten a very bad look at it that time, and the thread arrived at the loose conclusion that I had maybe seen a crow with a nutritional deficiency that had given it white patches. Well, I've seen the bird again, gotten a better look, and...
  11. Tired

    So, is there no such thing as binocular "screen protectors"?

    I have a screen protector on my phone. It's a thin layer of some sort of glass, with a film so it won't shatter into dangerous pieces when it breaks. I've had to replace it several times, and otherwise would have had to replace the phone screen. My camera has a screw-on lens cover. It's...
  12. Tired

    Sandpiper (or sandpiper-like bird) ID help in Texas?

    Seen about a week ago in Central TX, probing around a stretch of shallow water in a river. I know there's a Greater Yellowlegs, and I believe the little fellows are Least Sandpipers. But I'm really not sure what the others are. They're the medium-sized ones that are present, and not flying, in...
  13. Tired

    Central TX- suggestions needed on vague description.

    I saw a bird yesterday that I'm trying to identify, but unfortunately didn't manage to photograph. It was by a shallow, slow-moving river and a large stand of brushy trees, and I saw it flying in a broad circle around the area before it vanished. It was roughly the size of a crow, and flew in a...
  14. Tired

    Central TX sparrow ID- swamp? Lincoln's?

    I saw this little cutie yesterday, and haven't been able to make an ID I'm sure of. Any thoughts?
  15. Tired

    Swift/swallow shaped bird over a lake in Central Texas- identifiable from this shot?

    Several of these were swooping over this lake, periodically dipping down for a drink. I didn't get any better shots than this, since they were small, fast, far away, and never stopped moving. Is it possible to tell what this is from this shot? I'd estimate it being a smidge larger than the...
  16. Tired

    Yellow-Crowned Night Heron courtship behavior! (photos + video footage, not a question or concern)

    Let's see if I can format this nicely. This lovely bird was standing in a tree they nested in last year, showing off. He didn't seem to care about my presence, aside from glancing at me once or twice. They nested on a tree that partially overhangs a road, they're evidently not very shy. I...
  17. Tired

    Very tame waterfowl- thoughts on feeding?

    I'm sure everyone has been to at least one park where there's a resident group of feral/dumped waterfowl, and maybe a few wild ones mixed in, that come up to check for food as soon as a person looks promising. I've found a pond that has a huge flock of coots, all tame enough to come within a few...
  18. Tired

    What to do when a cat finds (but doesn't harm) an owl during the day?

    (This is not a discussion about whether cats should be allowed out unsupervised. I'd love to keep the cat in, but it's not up to me.) Today my father came to tell me that there was a bird in the yard being harassed by our cat, but it wasn't leaving. He thought it might have a nest. I went to...
  19. Tired

    Meadowlark species in Texas?

    https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/70350521 You can click through for more photos. I'm unfortunately in an area that has all three species, I think. Something about this one looks a bit different than the Western meadowlarks I've seen in the past, but I don't know if that's just down to...
  20. Tired

    Small flycatcher-like bird in Central TX, over a river.

    I saw this bird in the afternoon yesterday. It flew low over a patch of slow-moving river, wove through a few branches, and landed on this perch. I'll hazard a guess that it was about the size of a cardinal, but I'm not confident in that. Is it possible to ID down to species from these photos? I...
  21. Tired

    Central TX ducks- not domestics.

    I know there are Northern pintails and Northern shovelers in this group, but I can't figure out what these two are. INaturalist links are included because they have at least one other photo apiece in them. Sorry about picture quality, they were pretty far away. All together in a big...
  22. Tired

    Finch-like little bird in Texas.

    https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/69642345 Any ideas? It was enjoying some birdseed under a feeder. I didn't hear it make any noises.
  23. Tired

    Sharp-shinned or Cooper's in Texas?

    Title says it all. He was being shouted at by a nice little collection of birds: blue jays, yellow-rumped warblers, Carolina chickadees, what I think may have been a titmouse, and a very upset ruby-crowned kinglet. Looked to be about the size of a crow. Sidenote, what would be a good way to...
  24. Tired

    Central Texas bird with "laughing" alarm/mobbing call? No pictures. Also, tiny yellow bird, with picture.

    I followed some angry bluejays yesterday, and found a great horned owl being screamed at. Other birds were joining in the screaming, and among them was something I couldn't manage to spot. It sounded like what I would expect to hear from a kookaburra, if kookaburras were the size of warblers. An...
  25. Tired

    Orange-crowned warbler (I think) feeding from flowers?

    https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/69264484 This little one was in my yard today, hopping around a flowering bush and poking its beak into every flower it came near. Any ideas what it was doing? I thought it might be drinking nectar, but I'm not sure if this is something they're known to...