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    How many ditched their spotter for higher powered bino’s?

    It´s plain to see that we birders won´t leave our scopes behind when in wetlands or steppes. I often use 8x and 10x with a monopod and wonder if 15x would enhance my observations at open spaces so I welcome opinions from birders with experience about that. I think that hunt-related threads go...
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    A bird from Aladaglar Mts., Turkey.

    A young Red-fronted Serin.
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    Pipit for ID - Pune, Western India

    The thick bill fits for an Upland Pipit
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    Marsh Warbler ID Turkey

    I cannot unravel the song. But the only emargination is on p3 so it´s not an Iduna. I lean towards Reed Warbler by jizz, warm hue and long bill.
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    How to remove Velbon PH-157Q tripod head?

    Try this: support firmly the tripod on the ground, short legs open, tighten all screws and hit the handle with a dry snap, with your hand or anything harder. I have unscrewed it this way.
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    Warbler - Basrah - Iraq

    I think that wing features and jizz point to a Marsh Warbler.
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    Bird ID / IRAN

    It looks like a Great Reed Warbler to me.
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    sylvia warblers & 2 other- Iraq - Basrah

    Pics 1&2 show to me an Upcher's: robust, greyish and especially white on outer rectrices.
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    south of Iraq - near to Basrah - warbler ID

    1-4 Not sure 5-6 It seems a Great Reed Warbler to me. Overall colour, face marks, strong bill, well-spaced primaries. 7-11 A greyer Common Nightingale. Among other subtle "field marks", wing-tip=P3
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    Comment by 'Tote' in media 'Isabelline Wheatear'

    I think it´s a female Desert Wheatear
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    Comment by 'Tote' in media 'IMG_1440.jpg'

    A Dunnock.
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    Common Chiffchaff? Ethiopia, Harena Forest, Bale National Park

    Wing formula fits for Whitethroat: wing-tip, emarginations and (apparent) short P1.
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    Desert or Isabelline Wheatear (Zonguldak,Turkey)

    Desert is out of range, I think, but I agree with you.
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    Warbler ID - Istanbul / Turkey

    Rüppell's Warbler, an old female?
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    Bird from Ethiopia - Borena National Park - Sighted December 2020

    African Harrier-Hawk, a young one.
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    Request id Wheatear sp. Istria, Romania, June 2019

    Of course, photos of the back would have been more obvious. They seem to be different birds. On my screen I see a orangey tinge to the left bird, CA? Maybe. I think they are: left: Black-eared, in spite of that tail right: Northern, by the apparent grey crown
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    Ethiopia. Dusky turtle dove?

    Yes, a DTD
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    Book recommendation needed: best additional book to Collins bird guide for more in-depth information

    Advanced Bird ID Handbook, Niels van Duivenduijk. No illustrations but a wealth of information. Identification guide to european Passerines, Lars Svensson , aka "ringer´s bible". Exquisite book. Out of print? Awaiting new edition?
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    The one(s) that got away

    I´ve noticed that the advertised Trinovid 10x50 carries what seems an insert for a tripod adapter on the central screw of the hinge. I thought there wasn´t any for Leicas. Does anyone know which adapter fits in the Trinovid/Ultravid screws? Thanks
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    Corbett national park, India ID please

    Rufous Treepie
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    3 Species / SW Spain

    Almost never 100% sure from a Galerida photo. Only for the long bill I'd say it's a Crested. Easier in the field.
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    3 Species / SW Spain

    Crested lark for me.
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    Little Brown Juvs, near Nakuru, Kenya

    young Whydahs?
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    Bee-eater, Kenya

    I think you mean White-throated, not White-fronted?
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    ID please. Ankara, Turkey

    Better explained here