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    What is the 3D Effect?

    This week I am, hoping to get a chance to test some alpha binos. My Nikon Monarch7 8x42 have severEd me well over the past 6 years, but it is time to test some higher end units. So what is this 3D effect? it Sounds like field flatteners remove this effect. What should I be looking for?
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    Swarovski Canada - Service and Warrantee

    I am currently considering moving from my Nikon Monarchs to one of the Alpha manaufacturers. Service is an important factor in my consideration. There are numerous positive reports on Swarovski's service in Europe. Does anyone have any experience in their service in Canada? The Swarovski...
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    Batteries in Freezing Temps

    How do Canon IS binoculars hold up in freezing temperatures? I read at least 1 comment that the IS function did not perform below freezing. But that could have been a function of an old or only partially charged battery and not the electronics.
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    Pentax 80 and Baader Zoom Mark IV

    Has anyone tested this combination yet? I currently have the Mark III version of this zoom which I had to modify in order to focus in my Pentax spotting scope. The issue was not enough backfocus meaning that I could not get focus at infinity. The Mark IV has apparently been redesigned to...
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    Favourite Panasonic Kit for Birding?

    Too many choices! i want a camera that I can still capture RAW with that will be used for birding. This is for identification / documentation purposes and perhaps printing up to 8 x 10. Video capture sounds promising for those small, and hard to capture sparrows and warblers. what is your...
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    Grebe? Port Hope, Ontario. November 13.

    This little guy has me stumped, first I was calling him a pie-billed grebe, then horned grebe but neither seemed to fit well. This is a singular bird, on fresh water (Lake Ontario), about 12" in length, dark eye, bill is black on top with a great/blue colour on the aid of the bill. Any...
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    Velbon EX-630 - Replacing the Head?

    This tripod came with my Pentax80 scope. The legs are sturdy but the head is sketchy. Although this is one of those all-in-one tripod/head units the head does come off quite easily. Has anyone ever swapped heads on a lower end tripod like this one? grant
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    Your Favourite 3 EPs for PF80ED?

    I started a thread yesterday regarding the Baader Hyperion zoom. In that thread a couple of posters mentioned some of their favourite EPs other than the zoom so I thought I would start a new thread. What are your favourite 3 EPs with the PF80ED and under what situations do you use each?
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    Pentax 80 and Baader Zoom - Not Coming to Focus

    My Pentax 80 just arrived this week. I have been putting it through some initial trials in the back hard using many of my astronomical eyepieces. My Baader Hyperion Mark III zoom works brilliantly at short and medium focus. But for long distances, I have yet to determine where this begins...
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    DIY Eye Shields?

    I would like to add batwing eye shields to my Monarch 7 8X42. These are the rubber attachments that flip out form the side of the eyecup and sit on your cheek. I found one 3rd party unit that is priced at $35 on Amazon.ca But I am sure that with a bit of foam sheeting and some contact cement...
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    Lens Recommendations?

    Although I have had feeders for over 30 years I only started birding last spring after a trip to Yucatan. My life list is very short but that leaves lots of room to build upon. I do enjoy heading out with just my binos, note book and iPhone apps; nice and light. Then I see some of the photos...
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    Suggestions for Cuba

    We will be on our first trip to Cuba the first 2 weeks of February. We will be bussing from Santa Clara, to Trinidad, to Cienfuegos to Havana and back to Santa Clara. This is not a birding trip but I will be taking my compact binos with the hope of getting out on a couple of side trips for...
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    iPhone App for the Caribbean

    Any recommendations for the Caribbean, specifically Cuba?
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    How Often Do You Record Your Sightings?

    With my new binoculars and iBird on my iPhone i have just started to document my sightings. So far I have uploaded a grand total of 12 sightings to my eBird account. I have a couple of feeders in the backyard which this afternoon are very busy. I could sit here in my easy chair for 8 hours a...
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    Greetings from the Okanagan Valley

    I have been lurking here the last week and thought it was time for my first post. Although we have had backyard feeders for over 20 years I have never taken birding very seriously. But now that I am retired I thought this would be a good motivator to get out and see some of the local sights and...