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  1. J

    Blackbird singing in December.

    We have had a Blackbird singing in our street at dawn and dusk since the 8th of December. He's out there now singing full volume as I type. In over 40 years of birding I've never heard one this early. Anyone else experienced something similar?
  2. J

    Red Kite

    Over Hexham 18:45 this evening.
  3. J

    Got me stumped. Algarve.

    Saw this bird on a recent trip to the Algarve. Coastal site, low scrub. Any ideas?
  4. J

    Malta birding

    Hi all I'm off to Malta in a couple of weeks. Was wondering if anyone had info or links on the best nature reserve, or best place to see passerines. Target species include:Bee Eater, Golden Oriole and Turtle Dove. We won't have a car and will be reliant on public transport. Thanks in advance
  5. J

    Gull and feather identification UK

    Hi all Spotted this gull on the isle of Bute a week ago. It was on its own on a remote beach. It looked unusual. Or maybe not as I'm no gull expert! I found this feather yesterday on a heather moorland in Northumberland. At first I thought it was red grouse but the white bits have got me...
  6. J

    Hexham/Tynedale birders

    Recently relocated to this area. Have yet to find a website dedicated to sightings in the area, or a bird club in this part of the county of Northumberland. Any suggestions?
  7. J

    UK Finch

    Mixed flock NE England pictured at a distance. My gut feeling is Linnet, but I'm hoping it may be a Twite. Opinions
  8. J

    Juv gull south coast UK

    Took this a few weeks back. It was with a load of 1st cy Herring Gulls. Having moved house recently my Collins guide is packed away. I'm hopeless with juv gulls, but I'm thinking LBBG. Any thoughts?
  9. J

    Foot ailment

    Can someone identify the problem with this female chaffinch. It comes to the feeder daily. The poor thing can hardly perch!
  10. J

    Pipit UK

    Got this shot at a cliff top location in Devon.I'm hopeless with pipits. First impressions were Rock pipit. Beak looks very long though. Is there any reason to think this isn't a Rock pipit?
  11. J

    Tern, south devon

    Clocked this late Tern today at Sidmouth in Devon. Got a few poor shots. This is the best of them. We get a few Sandwich Terns going through here earlier in the year. This bird didn't look right for one of those. Plumage looked like an adult. Dark bill with no yellow tip. It's underparts looked...
  12. J

    Skua south coast uk

    Sadly no pic. The bird in question was around a kilometer distant harassing Sandwich Terns off the Devon coast. It was a similar in shape and stature to the Sandwich terns, slightly larger with slender pointed wings, very dark in colour. Alas, I didn't have my bins with me, therefore no other...
  13. J

    Devon UK

    Can someone confirm that these are Green Sandpipers.
  14. J

    Do White Storks ......

    ....... sometimes nest on the ground? A non birding friend of mine showed me a photo taken in turkey of a Stork sitting on a pile of twigs on the ground. I've never heard of this. Has anyone else?
  15. J

    Two from the Algarve

    The Wheatear didn't look like a 'northern' to me. Be interested in your views. Thought the Lark could be Thekla!
  16. J

    Reed or Cetti's UK

    Whilst out today I was distracted by an unfamiliar chip chip chip call in some sedge. On further investigation I had a few short glimpses of some warbler fledglings. They had greyish throat and underparts. Brown back, almost chestnut. Quite a pronounced eye ring. The tail was rounded and very...
  17. J

    Sandpiper uk

    Sorry there is no photo with this, only a description. As a kid in the 70's I spent virtually all of my youth down the local woods in Co Durham. Whilst down there we would sometimes flush a bird that in general apperance looked like a sandpiper. the woods were deciduous, oak. birch and alder...
  18. J

    Loony Tunes, Europe ....

    Just got back from a trip to Sweden. Every evening while sitting in the garden a bird would fly over at the same time at dusk. The flight was high, direct, and fast. I was unable to get my bins on it. It resembled a skinny awkward mallard. It was too high to accertain any markings.The call was a...
  19. J

    Turtle Dove?

    Just got back from a stomp around my patch. It's a coastal site in east devon. So I was walking down a country lane when I heard what I thought was a Turtle Dove. Now I'm familiar with this species from trips to the med, however I've never seen (or heard) one in Britain. So, is it too early...
  20. J

    strange owl

    Took this picture at a falconry display in devon a few years back. anyone know what species this delightful little owl is?
  21. J

    Any Nightingales in east devon?

    I'm new to the area and wondered if there were any about. Also when do Wood Warblers arrive? Haven't seen one for years and hoping to catch one down here. Thanks in advance.
  22. J


    Can someone explain what it is? Or point me in the direction of a thread on the subject.
  23. J

    Rock or Water pipit.....

    No photo i'm afraid, but saw a pipit today at Dawlish on the beach. Looked like Rock but looked to have a cleaner plumage than the RP's Ive seen. Light coloured legs. Any ideas?
  24. J

    Fish or fowl?

    Not sure if this is strictly birding. Was wondering if anyone could identify the vertebra found on a beach in southern England.