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    Flying Waders - Essex UK

    Hi - I saw these waders in flight and am not sure what they are. Are they Dunlin? What are the diagnostics that identify them?
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    Brambling? - Essex UK

    Hi - looking for confirmation that this is a Brambling please. I'm fairly certain it is, but this is a lifer for me, so want to be absolutely sure! Many Thanks
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    Raven or Crow, Essex UK

    I'm thinking Raven due to size of beak and throat feathers but didn't seem so large, so could just be a scrawny crow? Interesting brownish wing feathers in third photo?
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    Willow Warbler? - Cuckmere Sussex UK

    Is this a Willow Warbler please. I thought I heard it singing and it sounded more melodious than a chiffchaff, but I could have been mistaken. I'm not sure whether the legs are the right colour for willow warbler?
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    Bee ID - Essex UK

    Hi, I'm struggling to identify this Bee? Can anyone help please?
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    ID Please - Ashdown Forest UK - August

    Can anyone ID these please? Ashdown Forest UK at the edge of a ditch.
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    Waders - Essex UK

    Hi, I'm not sure what these are but think they might be Knot, but they are not in the usual summer or winter plumage? Could anyone confirm please?
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    Warbler - Ashdown Forest Sussex UK

    Hi, Could you confirm this is a young Willow Warbler please? Much yellower than other Willow Warblers I have seen. Many Thanks
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    Fly ID, Essex UK

    Hi, Can anyone help me to ID this fly please?
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    Both Common Buzzard?, North Wales, UK

    Hi, there is quite a variation between these two birds but are they both Common Buzzard? Unusual fork in the tail on one bird.
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    Marsh or Willow Tit, North Wales

    Hi, could anyone be able to advise whether this is Marsh or Willow Tit from these poor photos? It was in an oak tree in North Wales. I keep trying to decide whether the bib is large or small, and whether it has a lighter wing bar or not, but to be honest, I can't really tell. I think it sounded...
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    Wader in Flight, Essex UK

    Hi - is this a Greenshank please?
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    Pipit - Essex UK

    Hi, I think this may be a Rock Pipit, but I'm not sure - could anyone confirm please?
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    Wader in Flight, Essex UK

    Caught this wader in flight as it tried to make a quick exit. I think it is a common sandpiper, but I'm not good with birds in flight, so can anyone confirm? The beak looked a little blunt / short for common sandpiper (more like Ruff?), but could just be the photo. Thanks.
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    Raptor - is it a Peregrine? - Essex UK

    Terrible photos - sorry - but is it possible to confirm ID please?
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    Tufted Duck or Scaup? Essex UK

    HI Can anyone help me confirm if this is indeed Tufted Duck or actually a Scaup? Head shape seems slightly rounder, back seems grey (but could be the light) and rear end sloping, so it has me slightly unsure. Thank you.
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    Raven or Crow, Essex UK

    Hi, I had a suspicion that these are Raven rather than crows because they seemed to be on the large size (although perspective can be misleading) and they made a different sound than the normal crow sound - a much deeper sound that did sound like the 'cronk' that is associated with them...
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    Wild Flower ID, Essex

    Hi, Can anyone ID this please, I having trouble placing it? Many Thanks
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    Skylark? ID, Susses, UK

    Hi - I'm assuming this is a skylark but the lack of a defined crest is confusing me, so looking for confirmation please
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    Wader, Sussex UK

    Hi, some distance shots of a wader at Rye Harbour. They looked Golden in the light, so my thought is that they are Golden Plovers, but I thought they would be slightly more stocky, so I'm not sure. Is it possible to confirm please?
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    Pipit, Sussex, UK

    Am I correct in thinking these are all Rock Pipit?
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    What type of Bee, Essex UK

    I've been trying to match to various photos and guides, but I'm really not sure. Could anyone help me to ID these please?
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    Knot? Lancs UK

    Hi Looking for confirmation that I have a few Knot (alongside Dunlin, Oystercatcher and Juvenile Herring Gull?) Many Thanks By the way - I'm terrible at identifying juvenile gulls, are there any handy tips to start me off?
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    Godwit, Lancs UK

    Hi, Looking for confirmation that this is a Bar-tailed Godwit and not Black-tailed. I thought I could see the bar tail and it definitely has curlew like plumage, but I'm not sure if I can see upturn on the bill and whether the legs are short enough. Many Thanks
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    Raven, Lancs UK

    Hi, can you confirm this is a Raven for me please? Long primaries, wedge shaped tail, and it did seem to be buzzard sized, but it was a distance away so hard to be sure.