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  1. J

    Sandpiper ID

    Hello Can someone help with ID? October 2018 Kern National Wildlife Refuge in inland Central California. Thank you John
  2. J

    Park bird Paris

    Please help ID this bird in a park just outside Paris France June 2018. Thank you, John E.
  3. J

    Raptor identification

    Please held id the raptor photographed in June 2018 in Etrepigny, France. Thank you, John.
  4. J

    Ballona Wetlands (Los Angeles) bird 2

    Oct 1 2017 Ballona Wetlands Los Angeles in trees near water approx 8 feet off ground. Sorry no further ID information. Thanks for any help, John E.
  5. J

    Ballona Wetlands (Los Angeles) Oct1-2017

    This bird was near the wetlands, in a scrubby area. ID help needed. Thank you, John E.
  6. J

    The Evolution of Beauty by Richard Prum

    I want to recommend Richard Prum's new work, "The Evolution of Beauty." It is one of the best science books I have ever read. While the book is technically about sexual selection as a driver of evolution, the first two-thirds of the book focus heavily on birds. It is valuable for readers...
  7. J

    Banff NP Canada June 2016

    Banff National Park, Alberta Canada June 2016 Please help identify this bird. Thank you, John E.
  8. J

    Birding near Sao Paulo

    I would very much appreciate any recommendations for quality places to bird (and stay) near Sao Paulo. Thank you, John E.
  9. J

    Shorebirds Malibu California

    These two birds were photographed 4 September 2016 in Malibu, California on the beach next to a lagoon. I need confirmation for my suspicions. Thank you, John E.
  10. J

    One day in England

    Fellow Birders I know that this is a terrifically hard question -- and it is unfair as well. But suppose you had ONE DAY to bird in England and you had to start from London... where would you choose for that one day? Assume that this is your first visit to England. Thank you John E.
  11. J

    Tips for seeing a Hawfinch in England/Scotland

    Good Morning I will be in England and Scotland June 7 - 17. I have some birding expeditions planned (but no tours). I don't want to miss the Hawfinch. Can anyone give me tips / localities? (I will be staying NW London and Glasgow). Thank you, John E. (from California)
  12. J

    Sweden in July 2014

    Hello I will have about 7-8 days in Sweden during the first weeks in July. I will be starting in Stockholm but I will have a car. I do not speak the language. Can't do any camping or rugged birding. Can anyone make suggestions? Thanks! John
  13. J

    Plover Santa Monica, CA

    Please help identify. Malibu / Santa Monica CA, 9/22/2013.
  14. J

    Birding in Borneo ALONE

    Hello I am interested in birding Borneo without the aid of a guide. Is this wise? Possible? Has anyone rented a car and done it alone? Thank you, John E.
  15. J

    Dunlin? Plover?

    Could someone help me identify this bird from these VERY POOR photos? They were taken August 17, 2013 outside Bakersfield (Kern County -- the central valley) California. Thank you, John
  16. J

    Hawk help

    This hawk was in a field near Bakersfield, CA. It was in the general vicinity of numerous Swainson's hawks. But I can't find a Swainson's that looks like this one. Swainson's? Thanks, John Eigenauer
  17. J

    Advice on Australia

    Hello I need advice on the best time to bird Australia. I can travel there for an extended period (a month) in June or July, but I don't know if those are good months. If that is a good season to bird there, could I also undertake a trip to New Zealand? Thank you, John E.
  18. J

    Birding in Borneo

    Hello I am seeking recommendations for birding tours / tour companies in Borneo. I would like to know of your experiences. Thanks, John Eigenauer
  19. J

    allpahuayo mishana national reserve bird list

    I have been unsuccessful in finding a bird list for allpahuayo mishana national reserve in Peru near Iquitos. If anyone has one, I would greatly appreciate receiving a copy. I am leaving May 26, 2012 for Peru. Thank you, John
  20. J

    Rufous-tailed foliage-gleaner

    I hope that this is a legitimate post/question. The following picture claims that this is a rufous-tailed foliage-gleaner: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grallaria/6811327412/ I suspect that it might be a rufous-rumped foliage-gleaner. I would like to know before I leave for the area in...
  21. J

    Royal flycatchers

    Restall's Birds of Northern South America lists the Northern Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus mexicanus) with a range map in northern Colombia, eastern Venezuela, and extending into Panama. However, Angehr's Field Guide to the Birds of Panama lists only the Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus...
  22. J


    This picture was taken between Gamboa and Pipeline Rd. outside Panama City, Panama. I suspect I know which kingbird it is, but I would much appreciate confirmation. Thank you, John Eigenauer
  23. J

    Panama City and Cerro Campana Feb 2012

    Just back from four days in Panama. Birded: Pipeline Road, Plantation Road, Gamboa Resort, Gamboa pond, Summit, Cerro Campana, Trogon Trail (Achiote), Achiote Road, Casca Restaurant, San Lorenzo (very brief), Rainforest Discovery Center. The list is out of order because of some funny...
  24. J

    Ashy-headed tyrannulet

    The following picture shows an ashy-headed tyrannulet with a black eye: http://www.larsfoto.se/en/gallery/fagelbilder-fran-utlandsresor/faglar-i-sodra-peru/371-ashy-headed-tyrannulet?res=900 However, Restall's Birds of Northern South America (v. 2 p. 391, plate 187) depicts this bird as having...
  25. J

    Help ID with plover

    These five pics were taken in February 2012 in Malibu, CA. I have the prospects narrowed down to three possibilities, but I am eager to know what the community thinks: http://www.eigenauer.com/birds/bird-id-01.JPG http://www.eigenauer.com/birds/bird-id-02.JPG...