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    Wilson Warbler? NY, USA

    Hello. I'm having trouble IDing this fella. Is it an immature wilson warbler? I took this photo in Brooklyn in mid November. Thanks in advance!
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    Loon in NYC?

    Hello! I saw these birds in Brooklyn in November. Are these loons? Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Warbler ID -- October, New York

    Hello! I'm hoping for some help in IDing this warbler I saw in New York in late Oct. My guess is a Pine or a Blackpoll?
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    ID help - Brooklyn, NY

    Hello! I was hoping for some help IDing this warbler I spotted in NYC in October. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Warbler ID help, NY

    Hello! Could I get some help with this ID? I saw this fella in October in NYC. I believe the two pictures are of the same bird. Thanks in advance.
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    ID Help--NYC, US October

    Hello! I spotted several birds today that I couldn't ID. If anyone could help, that would be great. I saw them in NYC in October. Thanks in advance.
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    ID confirmation help-- NY, USA Oct 2021

    Hello! Can I have help confirming my IDs for these pics taken in October 2021 in NYC? Is Bird 1 a Yellow-rumped warbler and Birds 2 and 3 a common yellowthroat? Thanks in advance.
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    ID Help - NYC, USA Oct 1

    Hello! I was hoping for some help IDing these birds I saw in NYC on Oct 1st. Thanks in advance!
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    ID help - NYC, USA September

    Hello! I'd love some help IDing these 4 birds I saw at Rockaway Beach in September. Thanks in advance!
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    ID help - New York, USA August

    Hello! I would love some help Iding this bird I saw in NYC in August. Sorry--the photos aren't the best. Thanks in advance.
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    ID Help - NY, USA

    Hello! Would anyone be able to help Id these three birds? I saw them in NYC in May. Thanks!
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    White Eyed Vireo? NY, USA

    Hello! A fellow birder said this was a white eyed vireo but I'm not so certain. Can anyone confirm the ID? The photo was taken in NYC in May.
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    Bird ID Help - NY, USA

    Hello! I was hoping to have some help IDing these birds. I took the pictures in mid May 2021. Thanks in advance.
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    Ovenbird? - NYC, USA

    Hello. Can anyone confirm if this is an ovenbird? It was spotted in May in NY. Thank you!
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    ID Help - New York, USA May

    Hello! Can someone help ID this bird? I saw it in May in New York City. Thanks.
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    Hello! I'd love some help IDing these three birds I spotted in May in Brooklyn. Thanks in advance!
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    Warbler? NYC, USA

    Hello! Can anyone help me ID this warbler? These pictures were taken in late April in NYC. Thanks in advance!
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    NY ID help - USA

    Hello! I'm still learning my birds and would love some ID help with several recent ones I saw in Brooklyn in mid April. Some good pics, others not so much. Is this one a House Sparrow?
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    ID help - NY, USA

    Hello. Could anyone help me ID these two birds I saw in early April in NY? I have a good shot of one and three bad shots of the other. Thanks in advance!
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    ID Help - NY, USA

    Hello. Can anyone help ID this little fella? These photos were taken in NYC in early April. Thanks in advance!
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    ID help - New York City, USA

    Hello! Could someone help me ID this handsome bird I saw in Brooklyn in early March? Thanks in advance.
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    ID help - New York, USA

    Hello! I think I photographed a pine siskin. Can anyone help confirm that ID from these pics? They were taken in Feb in New York City. I struggle to differentiate pine siskins and house and American finches....
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    Bird ID help - Brooklyn

    Hello! I had a very cool and funky visitor to my bird feeder during today's snowstorm. Can anyone help with an ID? I would imagine his head wouldn't normally be so spike when dry. Thanks in advance!
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    Sparrow ID - NYC

    Hello! Can I get some help with this sparrow ID? I saw him in NYC in January. I'm thinking House Sparrow? Thanks.
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    Hawk ID - NY Metro area

    I've been lucky in seeing hawks in Brooklyn lately. I thought they were all Red-Tailed Hawks, but now I'm not so certain. Can anyone ID the kind of hawks in these pics? Thank you in advance!