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    Garden / Yard List 2021

    Back on the 17th of November, I arrived home to hear a thin "seeee" coming from somewhere nearby. It didn't take long to discover it was a 102. Brown Creeper (new yard bird!) working the neighbor's tree below eye level! I've always hoped for a Creeper, but the habitat isn't ideal. Maybe this...
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    Birding halfway up the Alps

    Fantastic photos and scenery Richard! Love these mountain updates. Are some of the larger lakes good for migrating waterfowl, or do they tend to avoid these high elevations (save for Geese and Corms maybe)?
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    What type of bird is this in any 11-17-21?

    This one's a male House Sparrow.
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    Question about hawk migration

    Franklin Mt. in Oneonta may not be too far, their season is right about now for Golden Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks. See this link below for info (HawkCount.org is a great website in general): https://www.hawkcount.org/siteinfo.php?rsite=361 In spring, though, you can't beat sites on the Great...
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    Broad winged- Professor's lake, Brampton Ont.

    This bird's tail pattern and belly band point towards Red-tailed Hawk. If this was any time this month, Broad-winged would be very rare.
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    ID Wren, SouthPadreIsland, TX, USA

    House Wren for me, too. Tail too long for Winter, and without the patterning of Rock, Marsh, Sedge, etc.
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    SW Florida, USA - Halloween warblers

    I'd venture a guess at Yellow-bellied for the Empid, with possibly Acadian as 2nd option?
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    S Florida Raptor ID: Immature Cooper's, Sharpie, or something else?

    I'm in full agreement on Broad-winged immature, wing shape is better for that in addition to features Butty gave.
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    Warbler Type

    I agree on Black-and-White Warbler. As a fun exercise in eye tricks, those two white specks behind the bill look just like an eye, making it look like it's a side-on view instead of top down. Gives the "face" pattern a whole different appearance!
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    Sandpipers etc Santa Clara Panama

    All correct except for 5-6 (Sanderling).
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    Greetings! Hawk I.D. - Southern California

    Looks good for an adult Cooper's Hawk.
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    SW Florida, USA - yellow (colored) warbler

    Yellow is possible, though I'd have expected a yellower (and shorter) tail. Bright male Pine Warbler would be my best guess, but I'm really not sure.
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    Hawk ID ND, USA Thanks

    Shape-wise, I thought this looks better for Northern Goshawk, with a small head perched on a very thick body. Very bold supercilium sports Gos too, but isn't diagnostic. I'm also not used to seeing Cooper's with such finely patterned wings (esp. secondaries), but not sure this is a good field...
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    Garden / Yard List 2021

    Had an unexpected but pleasant tick a few days ago when a male 101. Pine Warbler landed in the backyard. It turned out that a small flock was roving through, containing 3 Cape May, 1 Yellow-rumped Warbler, and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. A nice late-season grouping.
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    Shore bird is request - Malibu lagoon California

    How about Stilt Sandpiper? Broad supercilium and drooping bill would go well with those long yellowish legs.
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    Distant bird in flight - Southeastern Massachusetts

    Red-bellied Woodpecker for me, too. Apparent white rump/uppertail and placement of those white patches, along with overall shape, fit this well.
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    SW Florida, USA - Waterthrush?

    I'd say Northern for this bird. Supercilium is thin and looks off-white to me, while underparts (at least flanks) look heavily streaked with crisp markings.
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    What am I please? October 2021, Charleston, South Carolina, USA, Magnolia Plantation.

    Common Yellowthroat, maybe an immature male. Good picture!
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    Falcon ID - BC Canada

    Peregrine for me, too. I'm not seeing the truly dark/black underwings of Prairie, just a medium shade of uniform brown.
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    Peep Barbados today

    Western Sand would be my guess. Not getting a Stilt Sand feel at all here.
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    Espanola, Ontario, Canada

    Might these be juvenile White-throated Sparrows? It seems that the colors are a bit distorted in these images.
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    ID Help - NYC, USA Oct 1

    Do you mean the apparent supercilium, etc? I'm seeing what look like needle shadows, too (and on shoulders and wings).
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    ID help please: is it a Cackling Goose?

    I'm not totally sure on your most recent photos, but that bird(s?) looks closer to Cackling to me. It's a bit difficult to judge the real color based on it being a back-of-camera image, but structurally it looks closer. The two things that stick out to me are the stubbier bill and rounder head...
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    Hawks, Toronto, Canada

    Agree on what has already been said. I would just add that the dark trailing edge and extra-pointed wings of #1 make it good for adult Broad-winged over other options.
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    ID help please: is it a Cackling Goose?

    A smaller bird indeed, but to my eye the head and bill are only smaller (not proportionally different) than those of the Canadas. One of those birds where I'd lean towards a smaller Canada G. over Cackling.