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    Sterility of Nectar

    How sterile is the nectar hummers get from various flowers versus what they get from our feeders? Has any university ever studied this?
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    Peregrines, distinguishing male from female

    Other than size, how can I distinguish the male from the female? We have a nest cam that I have been watching, here in KC, with four eggs, But I see no difference between the two adults. Any thoughts?
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    Heading South Early?

    I'm in the Kansas City area, and have been for a very long time. Usually, our Hummers stay until near the first frost. However, this year, they left about a week ago and my neighbors have verified the same thing. Any thoughts? Do the Hummers know more about the coming winter than the...
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    Feeder Food

    For years, I've brewed my own nectar, the normal way. Water and sugar, boil, cool, etc. This year, I decided to be lazy and tried one of the premixed solutions which did not have color. A very common brand. The Hummers have boycotted me, totally. This afternoon, I went back to what works. Has...
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    Low numbers this year?

    We moved about a year ago, and one of the first things I did was to set out a hummer feeder. Instant success. We had lots of visitors. This year, it's a different story. A few days ago, I had my first visitor. A single female, and she hasn't been back since then. Has anyone else had this...
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    Early Migration?

    I'm in the Kansas City area and have been feeding Hummers for years. This year, it seems that our Hummers have left for the southern beaches early, like a couple of weeks ago. It seems that, normally, I'll see them around here until well into October and, occasionally, early November. Anyone...
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    I D Help

    Need identification help. We have three of them and they look like juveniles.
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    Swallow Tailed Kite in Kansas City?

    The other day, I saw a bird flying overhead that I can only guess was a Swallow Tailed Kite, based on what I observed. However, this is Kansas City. Do they ever get lost this far north?
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    Drunkin Hummers

    My wife and I left town for about a month and a half, back in June. Shortly before leaving, I refilled the hummer feeder. We got back a few days ago and the hummers were loving it. They'd get a mouthful, and then fly around the patio, bouncing off the windows. No injuries, but having a lot of...
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    Hummingbirds and Squirrels

    I've read that Squirrels like to eat bird eggs, including Hummingbird eggs. For the last several years, I've only been able to attract maybe 4-6 Hummingbirds to my feeders on a regular basis. We had a very high Squirrel population. However, in the last couple of years, we've had a couple of...
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    Early Departure?

    I live in the Kansas City area and about three weeks ago the Hummingbirds at my feeder disappeared. On checking with numerous friends who also keep feeders, they say they've had the same experience. Normally my hummers stick around well into early November. Is there something in our weather...
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    ??? Hummers/ Coastal Florida

    Some friends of ours live right on the beach on the east coast of Florida. They've listened to me talk about our Hummers and would like to put up a feeder on their Condo balcony. They're on about the fourth floor, overlooking the beach. Are they likely to get Hummers in that location...