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  1. CerambyX

    Crake species in flight, Latvia

    Hi, Am struggling a bit with this bird - flushed it from wet part of meadow with Carex sedges here in Latvia few days ago. In the field I put it down as a Corncrake (as in my mind it felt like it's a default 'crake' over here that would be possible to flush in a meadow) but now thinking back...
  2. CerambyX

    Northern or Isabelline Wheatear, Latvia

    Hi, We are struggling a bit with this bird found today at SE part of Latvia. Doesn't quite feel right for a Northern Wheatear and at this time of year Isabelline is probable... The bird doesn't really have a defined supercillum (in front or behind the eye) but the tail shows much black and...
  3. CerambyX

    Caspian gull?, Latvia

    Hi, Visited our local landfill (Getlini, Riga) today and saw this gull (3cy?) with dark eyes, thick black band on bill, worn primaries with only very small mirror on P10 and white tail. Is this a Caspian Gull? Thanks in advance!
  4. CerambyX

    Caspian gull, Latvia

    Hello again, Visited today Getliņi landfill in search of reported Mediterranean gull. Unfortunately there were way too many Black-headed Gulls present (c2000-3000 or even more), so I managed to dip. At the end I tried at least searchig for some Caspian candidates - unfortunately few probables...
  5. CerambyX

    Just a Herring Gull with yellow legs? Latvia

    Hi again, Was browsing pics taken last year at the beginning of April @ Kolka, Latvia and stumbled upon this gull with bright yellow legs. Sure there are plenty of yellow legged 'omissus' type Herring Gulls around here but usually their legs are just on the yellowish side and not so bright. But...
  6. CerambyX

    Buzzard sp. (vulpinus vs rufinus?), Latvia

    Hello again, One guy photographed strange buzzard few days ago in SW part of Latvia (@ city of Liepāja). Doesn't look like nominal Buteo buteo - we are thinking it's either Steppe Buzzard (B. buteo vulpinus) or Long-Legged Buzzard (B.rufinus). Of course vulpinus should be more likely as I think...
  7. CerambyX

    Scaup/Tufted duck dilemma, Latvia

    Hello again, Photographed this duck today - put it down as a Tufted Duck in the field, but noted that it had larger bill than I would normally expect to see on Tuftie. Now I'm wondering if it isn't really a 1cy male Greater Scaup? At least two, white moulted feathers are like those found on...
  8. CerambyX

    Brown bellied Lanius, Latvia (bad pic... again)

    Hi again, This time friend asked me to put here this picture of this Shrike from fields of Užava Floodplains taken on 4th november. Well the picture(s) are not very good (to say the least) but you can still make out the main feature that left him puzzling - brownish belly contrasting with...
  9. CerambyX

    Small gull juv, Latvia (bad pic.)

    Hi, Maybe someone wants to try to ID this gull from just this one crap photo? o:) Can't really add anything much more than it is seen in the picture - saw this gull with naked eye in fast flight with deep-ish wingbeats (that caught my attention) departing into the fog and managed to snap only...
  10. CerambyX

    Just a Herring Gull? Latvia

    Was browsing through my pictures and stopped at these pictures of immature gull taken at Getliņi landfill on December 21st 2011. I remember that I was looking for some Caspian Gulls that day, but couldn't find anything that was 100%. This one (at least I think) also isn't a Caspian - beak too...
  11. CerambyX

    Warbler ID, Latvia (bad pics)

    Hi, I need some opinions about this bird which I "saw" in Kolka in Latvia (24th July). I didn't have binoculars with me and I had only 150mm lens, so basically all I've got are these crappy pictures and some vague memories about bird's call. Well actually the call was only thing that caught...