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    older tripod worth a try?

    Soak in some WD40 between the two parts (use the grub screw holes) for a few hours or overnight. This maybe all it takes to soften the oxidation and corrosion between the aluminum parts and between the bolt and the head. And make sure you twist is in the correct direction........
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    Extreme Image Recovery

    Expose to the right. Great job and a good example what can be done, with raw files even more so than jpg. Overexposed is easier to recover than underexposed, as brightening things up will come with a lot of noise In the unedited image there appear no real blown out sections, at least not in...
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    Sigma 150-600 - (DG) or (DC)??

    You can use a lens designed to be used on a full frame camera body (DG on a Sigma lens/ FX on a Nikon lens) on a crop body, but you cannot use a lens designed to be used on a crop body (DC on a Sigma lens/ DX on a Nikon lens) on a full frame body without getting some heavy vignetting on the...
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    AF fine tune

    DX is the physical size of the sensor (~ 70% of a full frame 24mmx36mm sensor for the Nikon DX models). Back in the day crop mode was called "digital zoom", i.e. the camera only stores a central part of the frame taken by the sensor. Essentially automatic in-camera cropping that would be...
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    Why is aperture backwards??

    f/22 is actually a smaller number than f/2, as f/22 reads f over 22 (or f divided by 22), with f being the focal length of the lens. So for a 300 mm lens 300/22 is a smaller number (smaller opening) than 300/2.
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    AF fine tune

    The EXIF for one of the starling images shows: 600 mm, f/29, 1/400 s, and ISO 25600 An f-stop of f/29 has as already mentioned a negative effect on IQ. To judge focus you want to keep the aperture anyway wide open, i.e. @ f/6.3 with your lens. You can do this by using aperture priority on your...
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    AF fine tune

    With the Sigma 150-600 being one of the lenses supported by Sigma's lens dock and tuning software the most obvious advice is to invest into the lens dock. This will allow you to tune the lens AF at several focal lengths and for several distances. Somewhat time consuming but worth it. AF-tuning...
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    Camera for very long distances.

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    Camera for very long distances.

    To estimate the magnification power of a certain focal length on a camera one can divide the effective focal length by 50. For the P900 that would result in approx. 40x @ 2000mm. Holding the subject in the viewfinder without a steady support and focusing will become the challenge, even more so...
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    Nikon D500, picture question

    Both look like extreme crops to me. What % of the whole images are we seeing here? Ulli
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    Paint Shop Pro 2019

    The license for the current version of Photoshop Elements 2020 (as already pointed out not the same things as "Photoshop" in the subscription based creative cloud) sells for CAD$ 99 in our part of the world, some dealer may have it even for less than that. A license for the current version of...
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    New Nikon 300mm f/2.8 is a zoom!

    US and Canadian Sigma sites show 3390 g, and so does B&H. Put mine (Nion version) on a scale and with tripod mount and hood it comes in with just over 3900g.
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    New Nikon 300mm f/2.8 is a zoom!

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    New Nikon 300mm f/2.8 is a zoom!

    I guess this is the ball one needs to play with ...... Looking at Sigma's 120-300 2.8 with a similar weight this seems to be the weight to bear if one needs/wants a well built fast 120-300 mm lens. Obviously a 300 mm prime is a fair bit less, but one can't compare a prime and a zoom lens in this...
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    New Nikon 300mm f/2.8 is a zoom!

    It is a zoom lens and the "old" one is a prime. Of course its heavier and bigger than the 300 f2.8, that's not unexpected. Just put the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 next to a 300 mm prime and you will see a similar picture.
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    Best long lens for about a grand for D7200

    Not much gain in reach over the 70-300mm you already have. In body crop mode doesn't gain anything that a crop later in post processing would get out of the full size file. One saves a bit of space on the memory card using in body crop, but with today's card sizes and prices that is not much...
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    Best long lens for about a grand for D7200

    No image stabilization in Nikon DSLR bodies, has to be a feature of the lens.
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    Settings for Sigma Lens

    The 2.8 - 10m setting is bad advice as this setting will cause issues as soon as the subject is further away than 10m (likely once in a while the case) or closer than 2.8m (assuming the near focus of the lens is closer than 2.8m). I would set this on the lens to the full focus range! With the...
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    Resizing images for posting and losing quality

    Uploading images to the gallery may trigger unfavorable "adjustments" if some conditions are not met. This is from the gallery guidelines and worth to keep in mind when resizing images for posting: "File Sizes and Dimensions The gallery will not accept any photos over 500kb. Dimensions: The...
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    Low cost alternatives to black rapid straps

    I use one of these (link below) for over 7 years without issues. Like the mounting plate better than the knob-style used by BRapid for bulky gear. I routinely carry a D800 with grip and mounted 70-200 2.8, also used it with a 50 - 500 zoom in the past. Nice add-on would be a "under the arm...
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    Photography gear Bargains :)

    Some true bargains: http://www.carolinawildphoto.com/bbag.htm
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    EXIF data

    EXIF can show In-camera choices and settings for jpg files (sharpening level, image modes like vivid or neutral applied to the jpg by the camera), but processing done in post (LR or PS) is not documented in the EXIF other than the fact what software was used to generate the final jpg.
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    EXIF data

    If a photo shows a desirable species, maybe even nesting, or in a sensitive habitat posting without delay and with the precise location (GPS data can take you within few meters) in the EXIF this can cause a lot of grief -also and especially when this is done on general access recording sites...
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    EXIF data

    In response to your Q2. EXIF data can be edited, so parameters originally recorded during shooting can be changed or deleted. So this info is by no means "original" and/or "proof" for something -unless it serves to be able to demonstrate that it was changed by someone who doesn't own the image...
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    Nikon DF-M1 Dot Sight for COOLPIX P1000

    Olympus (EE-1) came out with a designated hot shoe mounted camera dot sight a few years ago. Theirs sells for a fair bit less than what Nikon is asking for theirs, and the main difference is the branding. There are also a few hot shoe adaptations for gun dot sights folks used before camera...