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    New Eyepiece?

    Has anybody heard rumors of a replacement of the 20-60 eyepiece for the smaller Kowa scopes? Seems everybody is discounting that eyepiece and nothing else. Makes me curious yo Steve (O4B) you out there? Steve
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    Story about the durability of Kowa Genesis

    About four years ago before I had my little problem that limited my mobility I was out watching bird strangely enough. I was on a observation platform over looking a river and when I got ready to leave I totally forgot there was an eight inch step-down. Timber!! I took a full length pratfall and...
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    My new SF's love the bin hate the case

    I now have a pair of Zeiss Victory SF's I didn't buy them and I didn't steal them that's all on that subject. As some of you know I'm a big fan of the Kowa Genesis and without using resolution charts I can't find a difference in sharpness and the Kowas may have a little more contrast. Now for...
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    Two 1.6 extenders

    I need to know if anyone has used two of the extenders for birding. One worked fine in Indiana were most of the birds are within 100 yards but in North Carolina especially going to the ocean the distances can be much farther so I thought two might be an answer. Steve
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    Darn!!!! I just saved $3000.00

    Both my sister and I moved to North Carolina in the last two months, she to Durham and I to New Bern. Six weeks ago she bought a new (black ) pair of Zeiss SF's. Today my wife and I drove to Durham to spend the day and of course try the new bins. I had wanted a pair of SF's since they were...
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    Heads Up

    Even though Eagle Optics has cleared a lot of their top bins but they still get some new stock in. I was on their web site last night and the Zeiss 8X42 SF the black ones. I called the minute they opened and found they had three of them plus,Drum roll please demo which mans it had been retuned...
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    agle Optics

    Eagle optics has gotten serious about going out of business. I was just on their website and Leica is the only top bin they still have any selection of. Great prices if you have been thinking about a new pair. Steve
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    Kowa 883 and Eagle Optics

    Was just on Eagles website and they have a few 883's for 1960.00 and the 25X60 eyepiece is 560.00 I believe. Steve
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    Anybody heard about anything new from Kowa in binoculars?

    I called Eagle Optics today and got a very low price on a pair of 8X33's. It made me wonder if there might be a replacement on the way. Steve
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    Olympus OM-D M5 with Kowa 884

    I would use this with the TSN-PA7 adapter and want to know if anyone is using this set up and what are your reactions to it? I love the scope and not sure if I should stick with my Nikon D7100 or get the Oly for the five axis stabilization and no mirror slap. Any help welcome. Steve
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    Big Change for Macro Shooters

    I was in the local camera store today and my salesman who knows how to push my buttons got me good. Without saying anything he opens a small box take out a piece that looks like a teleconverter and puts it on D7200 then attaches a 105 2,8 Micro lens. What he had was a Savage Macro Art extension...
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    D7100 or????

    I have had my 5200 long enough to realize that I don't like digging things I want out of menus and I want some thing better with more buttons etc to access things. The question is do I go for a 7100 with the way the price is dropping or wait for a new Nikon DX? What I'm afraid of is a high price...
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    Macro lenses

    Spent some time comparing Macro lenses yesterday and am confused. The Nikon 105 mm had the fastest auto focus But the Tamron 90 and the Tokina 100 both seemed sharper. I probably wont go with the Tokina because on my D5200 it's pretty much all manual functions for any portrait work and no VC...
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    Heads up on Sigma 150X500 lens

    I went to a grand opening of a local camera store yesterday (they moved). Couldn't pry anything out of the Nikon rep about the new D7200/D9000 but the Sigma rep told me this lens will be discontinued (because of the new 150/600) and will be heavily discounted on Black Friday. Might get down in...
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    Dose any one know the formula foe equating zoom in a scope to a camera lens?

    At one time I had the formula to get the mm's in zoom on a scope to equal the equivalent mm's in a camera lens. I want to say it was some enormous number like 60X equal 3500 mm'S but I don't remember. Steve
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    Has anyone tried the new Sony Alphas?

    I am thinking of buying a new DSLR. My Panasonic FZ200 works fine for record shots but I find I have more interest in general photography. Since I want an EVF it limits the choices. I will probably go with the Alpha58 which seems to be rated well for its class with a possible move up to the 77II...
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    7X Zen-Ray ED3, Sightmark Solitude XD or???

    I want a good under $500 7X roof prism binocular. I have spent a couple of weeks trying various porros and don't like the feel. These two seem the most likely candidates but I am wide open to other suggestions. Also these will live in the trunk of my car and won't be my main birding binoculars...
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    Nikon SE or EII

    Sorry please bear with some one new to BF. Reference keeps being made to Nikon SE or EII. I have gathered these are porros but are these old discontinued models or just something else they don't ship to the US. I know there are several porros that don't make it here but I can't find much on this...
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    Got a new monopod

    In an effort to get better with my Panasonic FZ200 I bought a new mono pod and head . I really like the camera but it is very hard to hold steady when I have it zoomed past about 300mm or so. Went with the Induro AM 24 pod and a Promaster MH 02 head. Yesterday was very overcast here with on and...
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    Aculon vs Action EX

    I was in the one camera store here (Indianapolis) for other things this morning and since I've had no luck with 7X42" porros I checked out these two. Is it just me or does the Aculon seem to have a brighter sharper view than the Action EX. I was comparing 7X35's and it was very bright and sunny...
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    7X Binoculars

    I would like to find a pair of 7X binoculars but it seems that they come two ways, either Alphas with their two thousand dollar price tag or the around five hundred and under class. Dose any one have an idea of a really good bin that is not much over a thousand dollars or less? I can't seem to...
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    Kite Optics

    Has any one had any experience with this company? Either Bins or scopes? I just noticed Eagle Optics is carrying their backpack which looks like a good one but they also make a seemingly full line of binoculars and scopes but in the US no one has heard of them. I wondered if any one had any...
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    Nikon 5300 verses 7100

    I am a lot more birder than photographer but I am thinking of entering the DSLR world. My wife has used nothing but Nikon's going back to the days of film and I don't want a DSLR badly enough to get a divorce in the bargain. I love my Panasonic FZ200 but there are things it just won't do. I read...
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    Favorite remote release for the FZ200?

    I wondered what remote shutter release people asre using with their FZ200 and any suggestions? I don't really need wireless but I'm not opposed to the idea. What say the group? Steve
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    Eyepiece adaptors

    I know that Kowa makes adapters to allow using eyepieces from the 82/66 series on the 88/77 scopes. Has anyone heard of the reverse? Using the 88/77 series eyepieces on the smaller Kowa scopes? Thanks for your help Steve