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  1. jackied

    Elephant or Small Elephant Hawkmoth Friday Worcestershire

    I found either a Small Elephant or Elephant Hawkmoth fluttering about in the road as I was cycling on Friday afternoon. Quiet country lane with pastureland and wheat growing in surrounding fields. A couple of gardens nearby. I was so bothered about getting it in to the hedge before it got run...
  2. jackied

    Found a very fresh shed snake skin

    I found this skin in the garden this morning, it was still soft and slightly sticky when I picked it up. About half an hour later when I took these photos it was starting to harden. I measured it at about 22 inches and its complete, not a single break on it. It's almost certainly a Grass Snake...
  3. jackied

    Ouch! Worcestershire

    I was planning a nice long walk today. Within half an hour I had fantastic views of a Red Kite drifting over the fields until it passed overhead. 10 minutes later as I walked across a ploughed field (footpath) I twisted my ankle. Limped home and lay on my bed to elevate my leg when I noticed a...
  4. jackied

    Hedge cutting UK

    One of my neighbours is having his hedge cut, quite a long stretch around his garden. I thought it was illegal to cut hedges at this time of the year due to disturbance of nesting birds. Can anyone advise wether this is legal or not. Jackie
  5. jackied

    Worcestershire 26/3/2020

    Nice walk down in to the valley today. Sightings include 2 Peregrine Falcons circling overhead, 3 yellohammers in the hedges, a flock of Linnet, loads of Lesser Black Backed Gulls in the sheep fields and a Hare. Apart from Chiffchaff I have seen no migrants yet.
  6. jackied

    Chiffchaff Worcestershire

    Singing Chiffchaff in the Wyre Forest today.
  7. jackied

    Dead ducks on the river Severn

    On my walk up river from Upper Arley today 2 dead Mallards floated downstream, one went past on my up stream, and anouther after I had turned back downstream. While it is conceivable that it was the same bird, perhaps it could have caught in branches at the edge of the river and then released...
  8. jackied

    Larvae ID Worcestershire UK

    I found these in a nest box when I opened it up to clean out an old nest. Very thick web like structure with brown larvae embedded in it. Any ideas as to what they are?
  9. jackied

    Aging Adder

    I found a young Adder in the Wyre Forest yesterday. A bit longer and about the same thickness as a pencil. Red brown in colour. Can anyone give me an idea of how old this snake is please. Is it this years young or last years? Jackie
  10. jackied

    Moth for ID Worcestershire

    Mottled Umber or Scarce Umber? Photo taken on 16/11.
  11. jackied

    Would you recommend regular servicing

    Hi, my Swarovski ELs are about 15 years old now. Is it a good idea to get them serviced, even though there is no problems with them. Has anyone had experience of Swarovski service.
  12. jackied

    Banded Demoiselle? Worcestershire

    Last weekend in the Wyre Forest I saw what I think was a Banded Demoiselle female, the size was right and it had white marks on the fore edge of each wing. However the body colour was a metallic coppery orange with no hint of green. Anyone got any ideas on what this was.
  13. jackied

    iD for Damselfly in Monks Wood UK

    Can a local expert please give thier opinion on which Damselfly is the most lickely to be seen in Monks Wood, Worcestershire. it was either a Red Eyed Damselfly or an Emerald. Metallic green from the eyes back to the wings, blue around the base of the wings, dark tail with blue at the very tip...
  14. jackied

    Purple Hairstreak, Wyre Forest

    Their were lots of Purple Hairstreaks today in the Wyre Forest. There must have been at least 10 around a small stand of Oak trees. Jackie
  15. jackied

    Moth ID required Worcestershire UK

    I found this moth floating in my waterbut today, so it's a bit bedraggled. The closest I can find is a Knot Grass, but the flight season is wrong. Can anyone give a positive ID? Jackie
  16. jackied

    Clouded Yellow, Wyre Forest, Shropshire

    I saw a Clouded Yellow in the Wyre Forest today, not far from Button Oak. Jackie.
  17. jackied

    Scarlet Tiger, Shropshire

    Sorry for the poor image, I only managed this one shot before it flew. Photographed in the Wyre Forest, Shropshire, today. Is it a Scarlet Tiger?, and if it is, is it an unusual sighting. My book says Southern England and coastal regions. Thanks Jackie
  18. jackied

    Wailing night time sound uk

    I've been hearing an odd sound outside at night lately, it sounds mammalian rather than bird. Its rather like Hump back Whale song, but much quiter. It sounds like its coming from either the hedge or the field next door. Any ideas what it could be Jackie
  19. jackied

    New Forest Honey Buzzards

    I am planning a trip to this area in early August, have I got any chance of seeing Honey Buzzards, and if so what's the best vantage point to spot one? Jackie
  20. jackied

    Crossbill behaviour

    Today I saw a Common Crossbill male flying overhead "chipping", I then saw what I presume was the same bird twice more in the space of a few minutes flying over calling. Could this have been mateing behaviour? Jackie
  21. jackied

    It pays to keep an eye on the garden

    I was doing my usual weekend birdwatch yesterday, 2 hours counting all the birds I can see from my garden. Things were a little slow, just the usual Tits and finches, I found myself wishing for a Fieldfare or even a Waxwing. Then a movement in the top of a larch tree caught my eye, a...
  22. jackied

    Fungi for ID Worcestershire

    I came across these fungi a few weeks back and thought at first it was a flower. It was in a heath like area under bracken in the Wyre Forest area. I have tried to find it in ID books, but can't ID it. The blue/grey edging and fluted shape made me think it was a Carnation when I first saw it, it...
  23. jackied

    Dumfries and Galloway

    I will be going to Dumfries and Galloway in a few days, I was thinking of a trip to the Mull of Galloway, but will the cliffs still be occupied or can anyone suggest a different location. I am staying at Creetown. Jackie
  24. jackied

    White Fallow Deer, Wyre Forest

    I saw 8 Fallow deer in the Wyre Forest yesterday, one group of 3 females, then another group of 2 females and finally a group of 3 males. This lovely buck was among them. He is not really white, more very light brown, but against the dark forest backdrop he appears white. Quite well grown...
  25. jackied

    ID Brown Caterpiller Wyre Forest

    I came across a Caterpiller in the Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, today, but have no photo. It was about an Inch and a half long, chocolate brown with a slightly lighter brown stipe along the side of the body. It was hairless and looked rather like a small piece of poo. It was feeding on Primrose...