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    Irish "wildfire" season opens

    It's early spring and fire season has started. https://www.msn.com/en-ie/news/newsireland/firefighters-battle-150-acre-gorse-fire-in-killarney-national-park/ar-BB11TsY0?li=BBr5KbJ Funny how there are less fires in late summer. Maybe that's just me being cynical. Paul
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    Quick Prague visit report

    Hi I had a meeting in central Prague on the Monday so arrived Saturday night with the idea of spending most of Sunday on a bit of birding. I was staying in Dejvicka near the metro stop and looking at the maps the handiest decent place to get to by public transport was Divoka Sarka, a wooded...
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    On Terceira, Azores 17th to 22nd Sept at Angra do Heroismo

    Hi I've had no time to research this and will have little time to do a bit of birding, but what kind of habitat can I get to walking in the immediate area. Is there a bit of accessible mud for yank waders nearby or some decent gardens? Borrowed cheap bins and no scope with me too for shame..|:(|...
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    Irish second house debating the extension of burning and hedge cutting

    Hi Irish farmers have 6 months to burn uplands and cut/remove hedges. Irish local councils already have powers to cut roadside hedges during the summer months if they cause a danger to road users. It is not enough obviously and the Irish upper house is to discuss the extension of this provision...
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    Info on colour ringed Dunlin

    Hi Saw a colour ringed Dunlin at Tacumshin in Wexford, Ireland on 24th August. It had a white ring on the right leg and yellow over green on the left leg. Any knowledge of its origin appreciated or where info can be found (or details sent). regards Paul
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    Upland burning and hedge cutting in Ireland

    The proposal to allow early spring burning of uplands and early autumn cutting of hedges by farmers was timed out in the last Dail (Parliament). With the prospect of a new government, perhaps a chance for the incoming Minister to see a bit of sense...
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    Bit of light birding south of Nice - any suggestions?

    Hi I will be with my family near La Napoule over Christmas, which is on the coast south of Nice. Any suggestions on where to go within a short radius, say 20km? I would be particularly interested in tracking down firecrest for Christmas!. How far might I have to travel to have a chance of...
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    Any european field guides noting this ID mark?

    From the artist Catherine Hamilton http://blog.aba.org/2013/02/open-mic-a-new-field-mark-for-differentiating-stints-and-peeps.html A view from america trying to ID stints. Has it been noted in europe as a way of IDing peeps? regards Paul
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    Unusual hooded crow behavior (Ireland)

    Hi I heard a repeated loud tap-tap-tap followed by a croak and tracked it down to a crow sitting on top of a lamp post. The crow was tapping the post between its feet (which must have been slightly hollow in some way for the sound to carry so well) then croaking. It did this same pattern of 3...
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    Want an 8by40 ish for under 350 euro

    What would you recommend? Priorities would be 1. Quick easy focus 2. Good short range focus 3. Best quality glass/coatings obviously 4. Robust 5. Purchase in UK or ireland with decent warrenty, after service 6. Not tooo small (big hands), but not downright ugly either Weight not a big issue...
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    Catherine Hamilton doing a line of T shirts and mugs

    Hi Just noticed that the brilliant Catherine Hamilton is selling a range of printed T shirts and mugs to pay for some east coast birding trips. Never met her - just love her stuff http://mydogoscar.com/birdspot/ regards Paul
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    Off to Wismar, North Germany for a couple of days next week

    Hi I'll be in Wismar on the Baltic coast Monday and Tuesday. No chance for any proper birding but is there anything I should keep an eye out for (storks, gulls?) cheers Paul
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    Best bins for under, lets say, 130 euro

    Hi My niece has the birding bug & her parents are looking for a pair of half decent bins. She is 12 so I would guess something like 8 by 30 or 40 ish and robust. Looking on warehouse express that price range seems to be mostly Bushnall and Opticron. So, does anyone have suggestions I can...
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    Any value to these books? Some Irish interest.

    Hi A friend has been finding homes for some of her late father's things & has given me a few bird books. I don't want to take anything with any real value, so would anyone know the value of these 1. "The Guide to the Birds of Ireland" by Gordon D'Arcy, 1981 (1st ED?) , Irish Wildlife...
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    Naive purchase of spotting scope?

    Hi I purchased a Kowa TSN - 661 on the UK Warehouse express site. Several of the scopes of all brands were clearly marked as "Scope Body" - any image of the product had no eyepiece. Several others (cheaper brands) specified an eyepiece, but in this case the eyepiece was always fixed and not...