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    Pine Warbler? First time seeing/photoing this guy

    Shot these about 30 minutes ago. Here in Marietta, GA USA. With those bold colors knew I hadn't seen him before.
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    downy vs hairy, the woodpecker debate

    today I was trying to capture some different behaviors and instead I got a new visitor. This time I can't plead color blindness because this one is black and white for the most part. The size makes me think hairy, the size of beak makes me think downy. Merlin ID'd as downy. I included the shot...
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    Eastern Phoebe?

    Marietta Georgia, USA two days ago: Merlin ID'd the top photo as Eastern Phoebe. This guy doesn't have the big head the allaboutbirds site shows, but searching here for phoebe photos, this doesn't seem as far off. Comments/expertise welcomed, thank you for taking the time to look.
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    Please help confirm bird: crow

    The only thing that is throwing me here is the eye color. The notes I found said juveniles could have white or blue eyes, turning to brown as they mature, but this looks to this colorblind guy like yellow:
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    experiences in bird feeding: journal entry 9/8/2021

    Apparently once birds get acclimatized to something they will perch. Here you can see the tail of one guy who was literally on top of my camera: So I have been trying to get photos of the Towhees, preferably on the tray, but I haven't seen them in a week or two. Today I got a new visitor, a...
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    experiences in bird feeding: journal entry 8/26/2021

    So I finally had a brainwave on my lighting problem: instead of trying to add light on the feeding tray, I'd just take the bright yard and sky out of the composition! That is, put the camera pointing at the house with all the bright yard and sky behind. I found out my tripod was not tall enough...
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    need ID assistance, Georgia (usa state)

    So while still pondering my lighting issues with the feeding tray, last week I had a brainwave: there's lots of scrounging going on under the feeding plate, I can put the camera on the deck with a mini-tripod. That worked well. My problem now is that a color-blind guy faces some issues ID'ing...
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    experiences in bird feeding: journal entry 8/13/2021

    So I went through a number of iterations, finally settling on this one as a) high enough to discourage squirrels and b) the birds found it/would eat at it: The mealworm hiatus stopped the mockingbirds coming by, they haven't seem to have returned/figured out the new setup. I've got a few new...
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    experiences in bird feeding: journal entry 8/2/2021

    Previously I was annoyed that the mockingbirds were chasing off all the other birds while scarfing down mealworms. So my response was to curtail mealworms for a few weeks. In part that worked because the cardinals that I had been trying to get photos of, did start showing up. The brown thrasher...
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    Update to Merlin birding app, adding song recognition

    I've had good success using Merlin to ID birds by photo, now they have expanded it to add birdsong recognition. Having just updated, I have not yet had an opportunity to test this new feature, but once I do I will report back.
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    Carolina Wren confusion

    I'm a recent addition to the site and one of the things I have learned about is the existence of the Lynx publisher. Being a bibliophile, I purchased the Birds of Europe, North America and the Middle East which arrived yesterday. I went to look up one of the birds that frequents my house, the...
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    Feeding notes to decrease conflict/increase variety

    I've only been at this bird feeding and photographing for a few months. I started with pantry food I didn't want anymore (went mostly keto, didn't have a use for crackers), Ritz crackers. Results were great, I saw Brown Thrashers and Carolina Wrens. Ran out of Ritz, put out saltines. They didn't...
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    Hello from ATL

    I'm here in sunny Georgia, I'm fortunate to have property that backs up to undeveloped land/forest that reaches a national park. Most of my birding is from my WFH setup next to windows to my porch where I have a bird feeding tray set up. Learning what they like to eat and who eats what...