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    Small and light scopes ...

    Small and light? what about folding scopes? I have an Optolyth Mini 25x70 BGA/WW and I could not be happier. Make sure you dry it before closing it and you're good to go. The Meopta TGA with the 30x objective is likely more available, and I guess is as good or better.
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    Video review (english subtitles) of Zeiss Dialyt 18-45X65

    Quick question: how 'obviously NOT wide angle' does this scope feel? to give you an idea, I have a Swaro ATS, and I cannot use the 20-60 zoom, it feel way too much like looking through a paper tube -- the 25-50wa zoom is more acceptable to my eye. I do a lot of walking around when I do not...
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    Video review (english subtitles) of Zeiss Dialyt 18-45X65

    Nice, and the best part is I do not need the subtitles!
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    CTC 30x75 question?

    I just received an Optolyth Mini 25x70, which works on the same principle but has a minimum focal distance of approx 5 metres, wide angle. It packs small, it is reasonably light, it is slow to focus (but it takes just one hand), no slop. I can hold it acceptably steady by hand alone, using a...
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    Depth of field and f-stop of scopes

    Hello, if I look at a camera lens, it has a f-stop value (which corresponds to the largest aperture, since the lens has a diaphragm that can make the aperture smaller). A fast aperture lets a lot of light in but has a shallow depth of field (thing are out of focus if they are even slightly off...
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    CTC 30x75 question?

    I would be surprised it had any play at all anywhere. I would also be surprised one would need 2 hands to focus it -- the focusing happens at the eyepiece, and you need the other hand on the body (if you are not using a tripod). The drawbacks I see are: (1) extended is pretty long, (2) no HD...
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    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    With a statistician's hat on, that just means pushing the average up so it is "indistinguishable" from the performance of "cherry" optics. The alternative, making a lot of ATX 115 and only sell the ones above the 95th percentile in performance (or however we define optics to reach "cherry"...
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    Light, straight, and wide angle spotting scope

    Thanks! The MM4 ED is interesting, but the FOV at 15x is 46.5, vs the 50 metres at 25x for the Optolyth! (the info about the Opticron ocular is from here: Opticron SDL v3 zoom eyepiece - 41270 The Birders Store). The ED50 with the 20x Wide MC is on the other hand a possibility. Too bad about...
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    Light, straight, and wide angle spotting scope

    Hello, I am looking for a light (~1kg), straight, and wide angle spotting scope. The Kowa 554 fails the wide angle, otherwise I would consider it. The closest thing to what I am looking for is a Optolyth Mini BGA/WW 25x70mm, but the optical quality (lack of ED glass), and the low light...
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    Straight or angled scope

    I used to think straight was better, and I did own a straight Swaro HD65. I then borrowed an angled Swaro HD80 and I found I like angled better. The moral of the story being, if you can borrow some scopes and try them (just concentrate on how they feel is they are different models, the optics...
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    Lightes fluid head for Swaro ATX 85

    Thanks! can you use it with the stay on case? Maybe I am overly cautious but I would rather keep it on (I assume you just turn the collar on the scope and place the head in the notch to simulate a fluid head?).
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    Lightes fluid head for Swaro ATX 85

    I have a Sirui VH-10, which works very well, but is heavy as a punishment. What is the lightest fluid head people recommend for a Swaro ATX 85?
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    Zeiss Harpia 95 - Swarovski ATX 95 - Subjective comparison

    Wonderful review! really useful!
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    A Brief Review of the Zeiss Harpia 95

    Just to make sure -- do you mean looking into shadows during the day, or using the scope 30 minutes after sunset?
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    A Brief Review of the Zeiss Harpia 95

    Kiitos Binastro, and thanks Henry. Going back to the Zeiss, I am more and more convinced it would not be the ideal scope for low light conditions (I use my scope 50/50 birding/mammal watching, and mammals like low light). What's your take on it? the exit pupils that is stated on the Zeiss...
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    Kowa TSN 883 Too good to be true?

    The fact the payment goes through Amazon does not mean the outcome is fulfilled by Amazon (it should say on the page whether the order is fulfilled by Amazon or not). Like Amazon or not, if it states it will fulfil the order, it will (eventually), if not, it might help you with the seller -- if...
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    A Brief Review of the Zeiss Harpia 95

    Great review, many thanks! slightly off topic, is there a definitive guide on how to do the star test and how to interpret the results (whether a book or online)?
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    Kowa TSN 883 Too good to be true?

    Scam unless it is fulfilled by Amazon.
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    Recommend a decent tripod?

    I have a Sirui R-3213X and VH-10 head. It is excellent, and pretty sturdy. It is big enough I never used the center column. Having said that, now OhWeh mentioned the FLM I might be tempted by something lighter (I hike a lot with the tripod).
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    Ats 65

    Purely based by objective size I'd say that, optically, the 95 should totally outcompete the 80. Weight, price etc are obviously other considerations ('best optics at a given weight point' for those who hike, for instance), but if the optical performances of a 95 are comparable to a 80 I'd be...
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    Review of Meopta S2 82HD / 20-70x

    That's why the Meopta is tempting, but 30x in low light with an 82mm scope is just too small an exit pupil for my use. Also, let me apologise for highjacking the thread -- the Meopta *is* a great scope, and thanks to Lee for his review and replies.
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    Review of Meopta S2 82HD / 20-70x

    Yes, but in my experience I can only use the lowest magnification well before dawn/past sunset and hope for enough light. That is why a 20x minimum on a 82mm scope looks good to me (mammals are after all bigger than birds!), but I really dislike the tunnel vision of the swaro 20-60, so unless...
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    Review of Meopta S2 82HD / 20-70x

    I am tempted to upgrade my scope (a Swaro ATS 80 HD + 25-50 wide eyepiece), and I would like to ask, how does the 20-70 eyepiece compare to the Swaro 20-60 eyepiece? I ask because I just could not like the 20-60, too much of a tunnel effect for me, though a 4.2 mm exit pupil at 20x does get me...
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    15-45x 50mm or 20-60x 60mm - spotting scope

    I think it depends on the use. A smaller scope is lighter and thus can be used with a lighter tripod/head, whereas the heavier scope will need a much heavier tripod/head. Putting a larger tripod on a flimsy base will degrade the image quality and basically defeat the purpose of lugging around...
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    25-50 eyepiece movement

    my 25-50 is also rock solid.