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    Amur or Japanese Paradise flycatcher - lighting issue

    I took these two photos in Hong Kong yesterday. It seems to me that the wings are rufous enough to ID the bird as Amur Paradise Flycatcher and not Japanese. However, would it be possible for 'overexposure' on a photo to make the wings on a female Japanese look 'more rufous'? (The photos are NOT...
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    Steppe vs Caspian ID pls

    I took these photos in Dubai and put them up on the ID section of the forum. The response was that Steppe Gull is far more likely in Dubai but Caspian Gull looks really similar in first-winter plumage. Any opinions on Steppe vs Caspian re these photos are welcome!
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    gull and raptor, Dubai

    I was in Dubai last week. Please help me ID (preferably with an explanation) these two gulls and this raptor I photographed. I'm guessing that they are Caspian Gulls and a Black-eared Kite? I don't know. Thanks!
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    mystery redstart, Hong Kong, spring 2019

    Here is a link to a video of a redstart I saw in Hong Kong in April 2019: DSCN9187 - YouTube I must have dismissed it as a female Daurian at the time, but now that I look at it... Is it one? Perhaps the branch blocks the white wing-patch completely. But what else would make this a Daurian, and...
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    'Birds of the Middle East' for Greece?

    Is there any bird on the Greek list that is not included in 'Birds of the Middle East' (Helm Field Guides)?
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    Norfolk: someone to show me around, get lifers

    Hello. My name is Ton, and I am a birder living in Oxford. It seems that this has been a fantastic winter for birding in Norfolk so far, and I am tempted to go there in the very near future. Unfortunately I do not have a car, which I imagine would make it difficult to get around Norfolk. If...
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    Gull in Hong Kong today: ID pls

    I took these pictures in Hong Kong today. I'd welcome any advice on how to identify this! (I can't remember if the third photo shows the same individual as the first two.) My guess would be a second or third winter Mongolian Gull, based solely on the photos. But gulls are generally a mystery to...
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    Gull in Hong Kong today: ID pls

    I took these pictures in Hong Kong today. I'd welcome any advice on how to identify this! (I can't remember if the third photo shows the same individual as the first two.) My guess would be a second or third winter Mongolian Gull, based solely on the photos. But gulls are generally a mystery to...
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    how to get good daytime views of Woodcock?

    How can I get really good views of Woodcock in the UK? Roding at sunset is not enough - a photographable bird in the daytime would be much preferred. (I suppose I wouldn't mind one sitting motionless at night, if I could approach it with a strong flashlight.) I know how hard it is to come by...
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    feeding table with reliable Willow Tit? England

    Please recommend a few sites in England where there is a feeding station or bird table that reliably attracts Willow Tit in the winter. Or maybe one that attracts both Willow and Marsh Tit? I am interested in getting good views and photographs of Willow Tit, in order to learn the visual ID...
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    UK warbler: Yellow-browed/Hume's?

    From these mediocre photos, which were taken in Yorkshire last week, is it possible to say with certainty that this is a Yellow-browed Warbler and not a Hume's? Sadly it was too long ago for me to remember now what I noticed through my binoculars. Thanks
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    Nightingale, see and hear: recommendations?

    I wish to see and hear a Nightingale this spring. I live in Oxford and can spare at most three days for this purpose. Which sites would you recommend? And when should I go?
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    Scaup or Tufted Duck? Hong Kong

    I found this duck in San Tin, northern Hong Kong, today. Is this a Greater Scaup? (leftmost in the first picture) I am bit confused about how to distinguish female Scaup from Tufted Duck. How thick does the white band behind the bill have to be, and what other diagnostic features are there? Thanks
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    ES v4 scope vs HR?

    Optically, how does the HR 80 GA ED compare with the ES 80 GA ED v4? (I have only seen comparisons with v3 on the Forum, not with the most recent ES.) I'm interested in comparing sharpness, especially at maximum magnification with the SDL v2 zoom eyepiece colour wash if any chromatic...
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    Hawke Sapphire vs cheaper scopes?

    I have been offered a used Hawke Sapphire 82 mm ED for an interesting price, and since there are hardly any reviews of that scope on the Internet, I thought I might put the question here: How does the Sapphire compare to the best of scopes between 200 and 400 pounds? I'm thinking of the...
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    Flycatcher Hong Kong

    This flycatcher was found in Hong Kong today. Somebody near me said that it looked like a Taiga Flycatcher: is that correct? Thanks!
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    Ducks: Mai Po, Hong Kong

    This flock of ducks was found in Mai Po (HK) today. Are they Wigeon?
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    Hong Kong, September, leaf warblers

    All these pictures were taken today (13 September) in Ho Man Tin (HK). Are they Pale-legged/Sakhalin? (The last picture shows a separate bird, the rest show the same one.) Thanks!
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    Yellow-rumped Flycatcher: female vs immature male?

    As far as the Yellow-rumped Flycatcher is concerned, is there any observable difference between females and immature (say, first-winter) males? I've seen a few YRF in female plumage this autumn, but as I look through pictures on the Oriental Bird Club, some of which are labelled "first-winter"...
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    Why is Kentish Plover called Kentish?

    Why is Kentish Plover called Kentish? Nothing to do with Kent, I should imagine?
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    shorebirds Korea August

    These pictures were all taken in Incheon near Seoul in late August. I haven't had much experience identifying waders so I'd be grateful for confirmation. 1) Intermediate Egret? 2) Vega Gull? 3) Black-tailed Godwit and Terek Sandpiper surrounded by Greenshanks? 4) How do you tell a Eurasian...
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    Which of the sand plovers: HK

    I went to Wetland Park (HK) today. The photograph is admittedly a little blurry: is it possible to say that this is a Greater rather than Lesser Sand Plover? Thanks!
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    HK: this a Besra? and why?

    I photographed this in Tai Po Kau, Hong Kong, at 9 am today. I am not familiar with these sorts of raptors. Could somebody say whether this is a Besra, and how one can tell? Many thanks!
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    Which warbler? (Oxford UK)

    What sort of warbler is this, which I found today at Oxford (where the Canal meets Port Meadow, if anyone is interested)? Chiffchaff perhaps? Thanks!
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    Mugimaki (HK) - female or not?

    I saw this today in Hong Kong. Is there enough in this photo to point to a female Mugimaki flycatcher (rather than an immature one, say)? One can just make out the white wing bars in the picture (which I saw through my binoculars rather clearly); I'm not sure if that suggests a male. Thanks!