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  1. K

    Green-flowered Helleborine?

    I finally managed to photograph these Helleborines which I am pretty confident are Green-flowered Helleborine. Can someone confirm please? Regards Kevin
  2. K

    More Boggy time

    Another day in the New Forest and with some more help I believe I've finally tracked down my first Bog Orchids They are so tiny :) I hope I am right in the identification?
  3. K

    Boggy plants ID

    I'm stuck on identifying on the following plants seen in the bogs of the New Forest (UK) Can anyone help?
  4. K

    Actual Narrow-lipped Helleborine :-)

    Following on from my earlier thread, I think I can safely assume that, with some kind assistance, I was finally able to see Narrow-lipped Helleborine. I hope people agree? Kevin
  5. K

    Moth sp.

    I saw this moth on recently in Surrey. I can't identify it - can anyone?
  6. K

    Possible Narrow-lipped Helleborine

    I found a lot of Helleborine's at Sheepleas yesterday and checked all those in flower for possible Narrow-lipped Helleborine. The majority appeared to be Broad-leaved Helleborine (if not all) but there is this one plant that looks very good for Narrow-lipped Helleborine. It was tricky to get...
  7. K

    Wood White?

    I spent some time at Oaken Wood (Surrey). I photographed a number of whites I assume were all Small White but then I got home and check my photos and think I have actually got photos of Wood White - they look good against the UK Butterflies pictures: Wood White...
  8. K

    Green-flowered Helleborine

    I live in Fleet, Hampshire (UK) I am trying to build up my list of UK Orchids and have done well so far this year. The next ones on my list are these: 1. Broad-leaved Helleborine - I am going to try Sheepleas in Surrey 2. Narrow-lipped Helleborine - I am going to try Sheepleas in Surrey 3...
  9. K

    Possible Pugsley's Marsh Orchid

    I am led to believe reading various websites that there is a possibility of Pugsley's Marsh Orchids at Greywell Moors in Hampshire. I went there on Saturday and certainly saw Southern Marsh Orchid. Reading the various literature etc., I am wondering if these pictures (aad/aaf) are good...
  10. K

    Chalk Fragrant Orchid

    I took these at Noar Hill Hampshire on the weekend I think it is Chalk Fragrant Orchid - can anyone confirm?
  11. K

    Burnet sp.

    Is this a Transparent Burnet moth taken at Noar Hill Hampshire on the weekend ??? I can't find a match to any of my moth books!
  12. K

    Orchids of New Forest

    I was photographing Heath Spotted Orchids in the New Forest (Broadway) and saw a couple of white orchids (first two photos) I assumed they were a white form of Heath Spotted Orchid but could they be a white form of Common Spotted Orchid? I then went onto Pig Bush in the New Forest where I...
  13. K

    Flowers for ID

    I am still wading through my new flower books to find out what the following are but maybe someone can help: 1. Aston Clinton Ragpits (Bucks) 16th May 2. Homefield Wood (Bucks) 30th May 3. Beacon Hill (Hants) 31st May [ 2 pics]
  14. K

    Orchid (Noar Hill, Hampshire)

    I am new to identifying flowers Can anyone identify the following pictures of what I think is an Orchid at Noar Hill (Hampshire) taken last weekend I thought it was Common Spotted Orchid but the flowers are plain In addition, can anyone identify these flowers which were photographed in Alice...
  15. K

    Butterfly species Noar Hill, Hampshire, UK

    I photographed the attached butterfly at Noar Hill I think it is a Common Blue but is it actually a Brown Argus? Can anyone help? Regards Kevin
  16. K

    More plants from Noar Hill, Hampshire

    I need help with these plants as well taken on the 15th August Plantsp6.jpg - i think is Autumn Gentian Plantsp7.jpg - i think is Autumn Lady's tresses Plantsp8.jpg - i think is some sort of orchid that has finished but not sure which one Thanks Kevin
  17. K

    Flower species Noar Hill

    Hi, I am new to looking for flowers but I took the following photos at Noar Hill, Hampshire on the 15th August. I am working through to my books to see if I can identify them, can anyone help in the meantime (sorry about the rain drops!) ? I have created a second thread for the remaining 3...
  18. K

    Skipper identification

    I photographed the following skipper species at Moor Green Lakes (Berkshire) last weekend (31st May). I think it is an Essex Skipper Can someone confirm?
  19. K

    Sparrowhawk id.

    I took the following pictures in Bulgaria last week. At first I thought Eurasian Sparrowhawk but on closer inspection I may have possibly photographed a female Levant Sparrowhawk. I apologize for the quality of the pictures - I have tried to clean up as best I can. Can anyone make an Id from...
  20. K

    Scarce Blue-tails (New Forest)

    I took the following photographs of some Damselflies in the New Forest (UK). I am fairly sure they are Scarce-blue Tailed Damselflies. Can someone confirm for me?
  21. K

    Odonata of California (page 2)

    I went to California in September this year and photographed some Odonata. I have tentatively identified them, but would appreciate any comments on whether my identifications are correct: a. Northern Bluet b. Northern Spreadwing c. Roseate Skimmer d. Variegated Meadowlark (x2)
  22. K

    Odonata of California (page 1)

    I went to California in September this year and photographed some Odonata. I have tentatively identified them, but would appreciate any comments on whether my identifications are correct: a. Blue Dasher x3 b. Blue-eyed Darner c. Northern Bluet
  23. K

    Brilliant Emerald?

    I went to Esher Pond on 22nd June. I photographed what I am pretty sure is a male Brilliant Emerald and also videod a female which I have taken a video grab. Photographs attached to this thread. Can someone please confirm that it is indeed a Brilliant Emerald
  24. K

    Emerald sp.

    I took the following (bad) picture of an Emerald sp. at Puttenham Common in Surrey today (15th July). Is anyone able to identify it from the lack of identification features?
  25. K

    Water Pipit?

    I saw this pipit sp. at Staines Reservoir on 29th December - it was feeding on the western shore of the north basin. I believe that it is a Water Pipit - can anyone confirm? Sorry about the quality of the pictures but it was quite distant.