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  1. Mikbul

    Swift 8X42 Utralites

    I just couldn't pass on a pair for $99.00! Cleaned up nice, no optical issues. Mechanically they focus nice and smooth. I like them better than the 7X42's I just sold.
  2. Mikbul

    8X30 Habicht

    There's a pair of 8X30 Habichts on C/N.
  3. Mikbul

    No takers on the 828's??????????????????

    I can't believe there are no takers on the Audubon 828's I have in the classifieds? Mint cond. with ALL OEM goodies????? What am I doing wrong or are they just not looked for anymore? Review: https://www.cloudynights.com/BVD/Swift-HHS-Audubon.php
  4. Mikbul

    Good birding day at George Landis Arboretum

    Took my Nikon 7X35 E's and saw two nesting bluebirds in a box nest, a red winged blackbird, a cardinal and three hawks circling over the road on the way home. They were fairly high up and should have had my Audubons for more power! I believe they were red tailed hawks.
  5. Mikbul

    Nikon 7X35 E and 8X30 E side by side

    First off both bins have the later green multi-coatings and are very bright & clear. The 8X30's have a wider FOV (8.3 v/s 7.3) but tighter eye relief. One thing I really like about both is the graduated focus wheel! Zero is infinity and plus one covers everything else but anything close up, so...
  6. Mikbul

    Eagle Power on Nova

    Great show, "Eagle Power" on Nova! Watch for it.
  7. Mikbul

    Nikon 8X30 E objective caps

    Does anyone have an extra set of objective caps for an 8X30 E (late multicoated version)? I would of course be willing to pay for them plus shipping. Any help appreciated! Mike
  8. Mikbul

    Bald Eagles

    Spotted two bald eagles circling around Peebles Island State Park in upstate NY. Nice view with my Audubon HR5's.
  9. Mikbul

    Bald Eagles!

    Hiking around Peebles Island State Park (Upstate NY) I spotted two Bald Eagles circling around on the hunt. (At the end of Eagle view trail EV ) Good view with my Audubon HR5's but have a pair of Nikon 8X30E C on the way (The Audubons got heavy half way into the hike around the perimeter trail)...
  10. Mikbul

    I have a Nikon 8X30 E multicoated on the way!

    I also picked up a like new leather case on C/N for that specific bino. The one with it is a little beat but the binos. are in fine shape. They should be a good addition when I don't want to carry my Swift HR5's. I really like the old style porros!!! BTW if you have an old pair of binos. don't...
  11. Mikbul

    Common Yellow throated Warbler

    I was sitting next to my car in the shade with my Audubon HR5's and heard a noise in my car. It was a Common yellow throated Warbler dueling with my passenger side mirror and sometimes the windshield! Hilarious!
  12. Mikbul

    Interesting story about Audubon 828's

    I found a pair on the net but all the description said was Swift binoculars like new in case with caps? The only photo was the top of the roofs with the yardage, Audubon was covered up but I knew what they were when I saw 332' @ 1000 yards! 828's! and for $150.00! I believe she wanted them to go...
  13. Mikbul

    Some more Swifts!

    I just received a nice pair of 7X42 Ultralites to go with my 1992 HR5's. Also have a pair of 828's on the way (150.00!) I'll post some photos tomorrow. Mike
  14. Mikbul

    Wanted: Neck strap for Audubon HR5

    Looking for a nice cond. neck strap for a set of Audubon 804 HR5's.
  15. Mikbul

    Just arrived, Swift Audubon 804 HR5

    This is actually my second set of 804's, the first were 20 years ago. Nice condition but need a neck strap!
  16. Mikbul

    Kestrel or Merlin?

    I think I have a kestrel or Merlin in my large pine tree. It's small but for sure a raptor. I'm in upstate NY around Saratoga.
  17. Mikbul

    Two days at Peebles Island NY

    Peebles Island is where the Hudson and Mohawk rivers converge. I added a map of the Obs. point and where the raptors and waterfowl were located. 5/30 & 31 2015 Canon 40d & 400f5.6L Mike Bald Eagles Osprey with fish Double Crested Cormorant Great Blue Heron Canada Geese Gulls Pileated Woodpecker
  18. Mikbul

    Juvenile Bald Eagle?

    Some in flight shots of the raptor in question and an adult Bald Eagle perched on Goat Island across from Peebles Island State Park. (Same specific area) Note: The last photo could be a different raptor carrying a fish.
  19. Mikbul

    Saratoga State Park Bird Sanctuary

    I Photographed this bird at Saratoga State Park last week. It was swooping over the water catching insects. Any help to ID would be appreciated. Canon 40D & Canon 400mm f5.6 Mike I think it's a swift of some sort?
  20. Mikbul

    Loggerhead Shrike?

    I photographed this bird two weeks ago building a nest up in a tree at Vishers Ferry Nature preserve. It has an obvious black mask, rather large and sure looks like one? Any help at ID would be appreciated. Mike Canon A590 P&S
  21. Mikbul

    A couple Fla photos

    Just got back from Daytona Beach, the Turkeys were a daily visit to my friends back yard, the Sand Piper on D/B and the laughing Gull at Kennedy Space center.
  22. Mikbul

    Audubon HR/5

    I Just picked up a pair of Audubon 804 HR/5's and looking for a hard case. All in all in good condition and great views. Always wanted a pair since years ago working at a camera store and we gave a pair away in a raffle. I looked through them and was amazed at the clarity and field of view, but...
  23. Mikbul


    Hello from upstate NY.