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  1. Yeti Man

    8X30 SLC

    I think I would even sell mine in about six seconds flat if offered that for them...
  2. Yeti Man

    Longer strap on EL 8x32

    I have two of the Vortex Archery Straps, and like them a lot ! I currently use one on an 8x42 Trinovid HD and another on a Meopta 15x56 Meostar HD.
  3. Yeti Man

    What case are the Leica 8x42 Trinovid HD owners using?

    I bought the above mentioned Lowepro case on ebay (from Robert's Camera) new old stock (it's discontinued now) for my Trinovid HDs. It is a perfect fit like they were made for each other. I paid under $10, and ended up buying three of them for other bins also. They list them as used so they...
  4. Yeti Man

    Meopta Meostar B1 Plus 12x50HD

    I was REALLY hoping you would say the 15x56 is by far the pick of the litter as I recently bought (at a pretty good price) a Cabela's version of the 15x56 HD that was serviced by Meopta earlier this year. I am really enjoying them. I very much appreciate your impressions and opinions of the...
  5. Yeti Man

    Cabela's branded optics - a warranty warning!

    I would like to add to this thread, last week I bought a Cabela's / Meopta B1 HD 15x56 on another forum. The seller had them serviced by Meopta earlier this year (Febrary 2021), and I asked about the service. He said he contacted Meopta directly and they repaired them at no charge as Eitan...
  6. Yeti Man

    Thoughts ? on Binocular Colors

    So a person wouldn't consider their binoculars a fashion statement, yet at the same time wouldn't be caught a midst 'real birders' with an other than green or black binocular for fear of ridicule ? Which is it ?? I think it could be an absolutely brilliant marketing plan by Swarovski ...
  7. Yeti Man

    Thoughts ? on Binocular Colors

    I for one would be very hard pressed to pick between the green and orange of the Swarovski's. I have always liked that green, but love the orange (and have a thing for orange accessories. I also like the older red Leica Trinovids and there was a medium blue Zeiss binocular that I would chooose...
  8. Yeti Man

    Leica is not getting the attention it deserves

    This certainly sounds like good news to me ! In March I bought a Trinovid 8x42 HD from B&H as an 'open box' item for an 18% savings. When they arrived they were in a sealed outer box as new and showed no signs whatsoever of being anything but brand new. The documentation inside indicated they...
  9. Yeti Man

    NL Pure 8x32 and NL Pure 10x32!

    There is also the fact that the 1D pro bodies, even the 1DX mkIII released on 2020 is still only 20.1 megapixels. I gave up on the 1D series after the 1Dmk4 and moved to a 50mp 5Ds and a lower resolutionbut quite exceptional 5D4 after that.
  10. Yeti Man

    Scaup - Lesser not Greater? Washington, DC U.S.

    Lesser has my rank amateur vote. Head shape doesn't look rounded enough for greater, nor does it have the pronounced forehead. I have read in several references that either can have a green iridescence, but only Lesser will exhibit purple... but then the purple in the photo looks almost like...
  11. Yeti Man

    Swarovski Binoculars - Volume of Production

    Hopefully the response from buyers will reflect the new name, which to me reads as "H#ll Yes" !
  12. Yeti Man

    NL pure 10x vs 8x

    I find this to be pretty much the case also. But that is also why I love the Leica's so much.
  13. Yeti Man

    Truck and car Binoculars

    Right now I have a set of Vortex Viper 8x42's in my trunk all the time. I bought them in as new condition on the bay for $180 less than they typically sell for new. These are SUPER handy to have on hand for a multitude of uses day to day, and the quality might not be as good as my big three...
  14. Yeti Man

    Leica Ultravid HD + vs vortex razor

    My mistake on terminology, I have been a bit immersed in Leica products lately, but I very much appreciate the description of the difference between the Razor HD and UHD.
  15. Yeti Man

    Leica Ultravid HD + vs vortex razor

    Just curious if you are comparing to the Razor HD or HD+. The HD+ are reported to be a noticeable improvement, and I would be interested to hear about this comparison.
  16. Yeti Man

    Correct purchasing methods

    This is what I fully expected when I selected the 'open box' option. What I received was a pleasant surprise ! I had also ordered a Zeiss Conquest 8x42 for comparison to pick one of the two. I sent the Conquest back yesterday, preferring the Trinovids. I did handle these with rubber gloves...
  17. Yeti Man

    Correct purchasing methods

    This sure seems to be the case and I was quite pleasantly surprised when I opened the package.
  18. Yeti Man

    Correct purchasing methods

    My recent experience buying from B&H in the US.... When is an open box NOT an open box ?? Last week I ordered an 'open box' 8x42 Trinovid HD at a 15% savings. They were $849 vs $999, and I decided with their return policy I would risk it. When my package arrived, inside was a sealed plain...
  19. Yeti Man

    Confused by “Improved” Trinovid Case

    I want to thank Anon for the Lowepro Scout SH100 suggestion. It is discontinued now, but I was able to find two NOS ones on ebay for $11 each shipped from Robert's Camera. I had just ordered an open box 8x42 Trinovid HD from B&H, and they all arrived on the same day which made the combo...
  20. Yeti Man

    Canon upgrade; what would you do?

    The 20D and 30D have another important advantage over the 10D which is much better servo focus abilities. The spot meter on the 30D is a nice feature for bird photography as well.
  21. Yeti Man

    Do Night-Herons usually do this?

    I have seen them doing this in Florida on very warm mdays and they are usually drumming their throat at the same time with their mouth open. Every time I have seen it, the bird doing it was facing another YCNH nearby, and It almost seemed to be a territorial or a mating thing. It was in the mid...
  22. Yeti Man

    Nikon Sporter I vs. ATB series?

    Yea, that was the mistake I made when buying my first set of binoculars. I went into the store to buy the Nikon Monarch 10x42's, and someone there put a Swarovski SLC in my hand and there went my budget... :hi: I ended up buying a set of Leica's. Since then I have picked up a used Monarch...
  23. Yeti Man

    EOS 20D, 8.2 Megapixel, SLR, Digital Camera (Camera Body)

    It should also be said, the 20D has very recently been superceded by the 30D which ads spot metering and some other things at a lower list price. There can be good deals found on 20D's as a result. I was extremely happy with my 20D, especially for bird photography. I bought a 1DmkII and sold...
  24. Yeti Man

    Raptor migration in Mexico...where are the birders?

    Americans (many) seem to be OK with Mexicans as long as the relationship doesn´t extend beyond them mowing their lawns, pruning their trees, washing their dishes in their favorite restaurant or a myriad of underpaid tasks.............. Flattery will get you nowhere ;) I go to Mexico...
  25. Yeti Man

    Do cameras impede your birding freedom?

    I guess I started birding as a photographic excersize. I had my 300 2.8 with me in SW Florida to photograph the 12 hr race at Sebring, and decided I should take it along with me to the bird sanctuaries. Then at night I would review the pictures, and go to a bookstore and look up what it was I...