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    best binos for birding under 100$??

    I'll say Nikon Action. They are the best 'cheap' binoculars I have. I paid about $69.00 for my 7x36.
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Well, last Saturday I saw a Swainson's Thrush for the first time. Unfortunately it was a dead one. Should I consider that my most recent "life" bird?
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    Good, but inexpensive, lightweight binoculars?

    On Sunday I was outside but I didn't have any binoculars with me so I bought a $29 compact from an LL Bean. They are garbage, although I did I see some birds for the first time this year with them.
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    The Most Dangerous Bird On Earth

    Pigeon dropping mess on you.
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    Thoughts on Meopta 10x42 Meostar

    I guess that I should have looked around first before I bought my GR HD from EO for more than $800.
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    Binocular ramblings

    Thank you all very much. I'm still practising.
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    Binocular ramblings

    Did I do this right? I'm just practicing how to send pictures.
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    Binocular ramblings

    I know what you mean Kevin. The 'line' in my bifocals are very bothersome when looking through my binoculars.
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    The Binocular in "The Bridge on the River Kwai."

    I also watched the movie on Thursday night and when I saw those binoculars I thought they looked familiar, sort of like some of the binoculars in that long picture list on that other thread. And the view shown looking through those binoculars in 'The Bridge...' certainly was narrow. I forgot...
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    Burris Eurodiamond

    That is 100% correct. I have one. They are brighter than ZEN ED though.
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    Are You A Binoholic ????

    I don't think anyone anywhere is a binoholic as much as I am. I probably have had almost 30, but the Leupold Golden Ring that I bought last Wed. will hopefully be the last one.
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    Only one bin for the rest of your life

    That is 100% correct! My Monarch X 8x45 was delivered on the 17th and I really would like to be able to send them back and get my money back.
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    Revalations and the ZR binocular

    All of this is nothing but great comedy!
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    Binocular ramblings

    No, I shouldn't have done what I've done. I guess those kind of binoculars are just pretty to me.
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    Binocular ramblings

    Thanks for telling me Rick. I was hoping that I'll be getting something super but no, I guess not. You are serious?
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    Binocular ramblings

    Today,on a computer at work I went to EagleOptics.com and bought one of the new 8.5 Monarchs. I'm hoping $579 means it will be better than a regular Monarch. But no matter how good it turns out to be, I don't need another binocular.
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    No WOW About Atlas Optics Intrepid EDs?

    I bought an Atlas Intrepid in August. The Intrepid looks like a Promaster Elite except for the color of the 'rubber' and the focus looks more like the one on a Zen Ray ED. The view they give is the same, and besides the color, Intrepids and Promaster Elite are practically the same.
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    my new Minox

    No, I never got that one.
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    Zen Ray ED2 7x36 evaluations and review

    Positive. Is that what POS means?
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    The birds you found with your first binoculars

    Oh yeah, I remember some more. I also saw a Snowy Owl with a Nikon Monarch and a Golden Eagle with a Burris Euro-Diamond. Both were lifers and I really doubt if I will ever see another Snowy Owl.
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    The birds you found with your first binoculars

    I forgot the brand, but I saw my first Wood Thrush with a compact binocular. Back in July I saw my year's first Pileated Woodpecker with a Pentax. I've seen that bird before but that was the first time I looked at one with binoculars. Earlier this summer I saw a female Ruby-throated...
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    Audubons. Are ED's worth the extra money?

    That's what a Turkey Vulture sounds like?
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    Tests of Atlas Intrepid 8x42 and 10x42

    I just opened my new ATLAS Intrepid ED today and when I first took them out the box I thought how similiar they look to my ZEN-RAY ED. I suppose the smooth sides of the Intrepid opposed to the 'bumpy' sides of the ZEN-RAY seperates they way they look. And the neck-band connecter clamp is...
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    Atlas Sky Kings and Radians are in

    That is so, so true, that more people should be making more posts at worldofbinoculars.com. I was just there looking for something new. The only new post was Eagle Optics thanking me for buying an Intrepid and for me to send in my opinion of them after I get to go out and use them. To be honest...