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  1. Hanno

    Northern Cambodia March/April 2013

    The repoert with photos is here: http://www.hannostamm.com/northern_cambodia.htm Northern Cambodia: Vultures, Partridges, and Deforestation 25th of March to 2nd of April 2013 Introduction: I had done part of this circuit last year already but, as the Missus couldn't go back at the time, we...
  2. Hanno

    Mystery Eagle, Cambodia

    These rather bad photos were taken in Northern Cambodia last week. Possibilities are Greater and Indian Spotted Eagle as well as Imperial, but that is as far as I get. Any ideas? Thank you in advance, Hanno
  3. Hanno

    Bird tour companies Northern Australia

    Dear Birdforum members A Happy New Year of the Snake to you all. I am currently looking at going to Australia later this year. The main goal is to run the Outback Marathon end of July, followed by the Alice Springs Marathon 2 weeks later. In between those two dates I want to get some birding...
  4. Hanno

    Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

    Last week I asked about a bird and it turned out to be Long-toed Stint. Today I took a photo of a bird that looked quite similar but was larger and appears very short-necked. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper???? Cheers, Hanno
  5. Hanno

    Long-toed Stint, Cambodia

    Dear fellow BF'ers, I must admit that I struggle with waders as I only get to see them during migration. This (lousy) photo is of a wader I saw in Ang Trapang Thnor, Cambodia, 2 days ago. I think it is a Long-toed Stint but would like confirmation. Thank you in advance from a rain-drenched...
  6. Hanno

    Couple of Raptors, Ang Trapang Thmor, Cambodia

    Sorry for the poor quality, the Eagle(?) was very distant and the Buzzard(?) was shot from the hip. I am thinking Grey-faced Buzzard and Greater Spotted Eagle, but I am probably Miles off.
  7. Hanno

    Two from Tanzania

    Any help on those two would be appreciated. Both taken near Morogoro, Tanzania. I have an idea what the raptor is, but the little brown job has me stumped. Thanks in advance, Hanno
  8. Hanno

    Tanzania August September 2011

    26th to 30th of August After a very long trip from Siem Reap via Phnom Penh, Bangkok, and Dubai we arrived in Dar es Salaam last Friday, almost at the end of Ramadan. Immigration was reasonably fast and getting the visa was no big deal. We checked into the Moevenpick Palm Garden, a reasonable...
  9. Hanno

    Taman Negara, Malaysia: guide and/or agency needed

    Good morning all, I feel the urgent need for a few days off coming on and was thinking of Taman Negara as it is not far from home. I do not want to think (much) or organize anything; therefore could anyone recommend a good outfit that could cobble together a few days for me? High on the list...
  10. Hanno

    Eastern Australia October/November 2010

    Took a little while, but then it was a long trip: astern Australia October, November 2010 'Roos, Yaks, and meat pies (and the odd bird) Introduction: Oz has to be pretty high on the list of anyone that has even just a vague interest in birds and nature. I always thought Australia must be as...
  11. Hanno

    Carry-on luggage on domestic flights in Oz

    G'day, I will be leaving for a 5-week trip to Australia in 343 hours, 41 minutes and 22 seconds (no, I am not counting) and I have one concern: According to LP and the information sent by the tour company, Australian Airlines are real @#&! when it comes to carry-on luggage. Is this true? And...
  12. Hanno

    Best laptop on a trip

    Hiya all, I will be going on a trip soon during which I expect to take lots of photos. I would love to have a portable laptop (I have a 17" gaming laptop which is great but weighs a ton) to do at least some basic sorting and editing during the trip to avoid having to wallow through heaps of...
  13. Hanno

    Where to buy Swaros in Sydney?

    Dear fellow birders, I will be going on a birding trip to Australia later this year (yippeeee!!!). As this will be the most expensive trip I have ever undertaken, I thought I might as well throw in a pair of 8.5x42 Swarovision. As I cannot possibly get them here in Cambodia, my idea was to buy...
  14. Hanno

    Buying binoculars in Sydney, Oz

    Dear fellow birders, I will be going on a birding trip to Australia later this year (yippeeee!!!). As this will be the most expensive trip I have ever undertaken, I thought I might as well throw in a pair of 8.5x42 Swarovision. As I cannot possibly get them here in Cambodia, my idea was to buy...
  15. Hanno

    Bird Identification Q&A, laziness, or trying to show off?

    How am I going to put this without ruffling any feathers....... Obviously, this branch is for questions regarding bird ID's. However, I cannot help but notice that there are some posters that will put up every single bird they have photographed up for an ID (you know who you are). How about...
  16. Hanno

    Central Highlands, Vietnam May 2010

    A very succesful trip, as we saw our target bird: Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush. Also managed to get the first decent picture of that bird ever:D Original reprt with photos is here: http://www.hannostamm.com/central_highlands_may_2010.htm Central Highlands May 2010 Returning for Laughers and...
  17. Hanno

    Lark, Cambodia

    This Lark was seen in Ang Trapang Thmor, near Siem Reap yesterday. When flushed, it only flew a short distance before settling. I never did manage to see the breast and as such have no idea to the extent of streaking. No crest and I think it looked to small for Oriental Skylark (which is...
  18. Hanno

    No more "How many species of xxxxx have you seen" please

    First thing every morning I fall into a deep depression. It all started when I read the thread entitled "How many Pigeons have you seen". I thought I was doing fine until I came across a post by somebody whose Pigeon List alone is almost as big as my life list. This continued in other "How many...
  19. Hanno

    Adobe Bridge and Canon 7D: not working

    Yesterday I took my spanking new Canon D for a test drive. When I came back, I obviously wanted to see what I had done but the pictures do not show in Adobe Bridge (I am using Photoshop CS3). I updated Bridge but still no joy. Do I need to buy CS4? Don't really want to spend the money. Or am I...
  20. Hanno

    Bali, September 2009

    Report with photos and trip list is here: http://www.hannostamm.com/bali_september_2009.htm Bali September 2009 Not a birding holiday at all, the purpose of the visit was my parents' wedding anniversary. I had been to Bali on my own for a flying three-night visit before and, as I absolutely...
  21. Hanno

    Up-to-date information on Bali wanted

    Good morning all, After I went to Bali for the fist time last year (only three days on business, but managed to see some birds because of the excellent information I received from BirdForum members) we are going back this weekend for a week. My parents' wedding anniversary, but the Missus and I...
  22. Hanno

    Any Cambodian birders/birders in Cambodia?

    After many (too many?) years Vietnam, I have moved on and now live in Cambodia. I have birded in Cambodia before but would, of course, love to get in touch with some local birders. PM me or drop in at the Victoria Angkor in Siem Reap for a cold oneB (:B (:B (: Hanno
  23. Hanno

    Birders in Cambodia/Cambodian Birders

    After 14 years on and off in Vietnam, we just moved to Cambodia. I need to get my priorities straight (hope my boss is not reading this) and as such am looking for fellow birders in Cambodia (Cambodian Laughingthrush anyone?). If you can't be bothered to reply, drop in at the Victoria Resort...
  24. Hanno

    Vietnam: Da Lat and Yok Don

    A few of us Vietnam-based birders visited Da Lat and Yok Don in April. Whilst Da Lat is well-known among Vietnam-bound birders, not too many make it to Yok Don, in the far West of the country. Whilst Da Lat is best known for its endemics, Yok Don has a habitat fairly unique in Vietnam and is...
  25. Hanno

    A short (too short) trip to Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam

    The full trip report, pictures and bird list are on my web site: http://hannostamm.com A short visit to Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam 8th to 10th of February 2009 Introduction: After missing many of our target birds during our visit last October, admittedly not the best time for this...