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  1. Nicola Main

    Pug ID Scotland

    Was wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a Mottled Pug or not? Not 100% sure thanks
  2. Nicola Main

    WildGuides Britain's Birds and British Birds a Pocket Guide compared

    Britain's Birds by Rob Hume, Robert Still, Andy Swash, Hugh Harrop and David Tipling has been out since 2016 and has proved itself to be an invaluable guide to many birders with an excellent layout and packed full of gorgeous photos (yes it's a photo guide I know many of you prefer...
  3. Nicola Main

    Willow Tit Dundee?

    Need some advice please. This photo was in the Dundee Courier a few days ago and has been labelled as a Coal Tit. It's definitely not a Coal Tit I'm thinking maybe Willow Tit? If so it would be a pretty good sighting for this area. Anyone got any guesses as to what it could be?
  4. Nicola Main

    Bird books

    I'd like recommendations for any bird guide concerning British birds or British and European birds. Illustrations or photos doesn't matter. Can be I.D guide or personal memoir or anything really. Old or new not fussed. I have a lot already but would love a new book to peruse and learn new...
  5. Nicola Main

    Wave ID

    Can someone help me ID this small wave? Thanks
  6. Nicola Main

    Collins British Bird Guide

    Anyone have any idea when this is actually going to be released? I remember preordering it a few years back but then being refunded as it was never released. NHBS now has the new date as January 2019 but don't hold out much hope.
  7. Nicola Main

    Your 'go to' guides

    What are your favourite books for taking out into the field and for perusing at your leisure at home? My 'go to' guide for taking out with me would probably be my 'RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe' by Rob Hume or (even though it's quite weighty I can fit it into my backpack) 'Britain's Birds' by...
  8. Nicola Main

    Loch Garten feeders

    I know the Osprey Centre will be closed in September but can you still access the feeding station? I'm hoping to get some Crested Tit photos while I'm away on holiday and heard this is a good place to try. Are there any other feeding stations nearby I could go to? Thanks in advance, Nicola.
  9. Nicola Main

    Recommendations for North American birds

    Hi there. Hoping some of you from across the pond may be able to help me with what would be the best book for a budding learner to North American birds? Don't mind either illustrations or photos as long as there's good information about each bird and it's easy to use (would prefer Eastern...
  10. Nicola Main

    Where to stay in the Cairngorms?

    Looking for a base from which to explore the Strathspey area in October. Is there anywhere you'd recommend? I was thinking somewhere around the Boat of Garten or Nethy Bridge areas. Ideally sleeping no more than 4 people as there will only be two of us and if they have a garden which has birds...
  11. Nicola Main

    Accommodation in Cairngorms

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend a small cottage or cabin that has bird feeders and wildlife in the garden? Something not too expensive and in a lovely setting. Have been looking and looking but most of them sleep a minimum of 5 or 6 people which is too big for what I'm looking for...
  12. Nicola Main

    Antiquarian and collectable British bird books

    I've started collecting British bird books (pre 1980s) and just wondered what everyone else has out of interest.
  13. Nicola Main

    Collins Life-size Birds

    This title will be released in a months time. Here's the link to the NHBS website where you can also see some sample pages. Looks very good :) http://www.nhbs.com/title/210452/collins-life-size-birds
  14. Nicola Main

    Beauty ID, Scotland

    Is this a Willow Beauty?
  15. Nicola Main

    ID UK moth

    I need help identifying this moth I think it's a carpet of some kind, possibly a faded individual. Any ideas?
  16. Nicola Main

    Cairngorms self catering with wildlife in garden

    I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a self catering cottage, lodge or chalet (that sleeps a max of 4 people) in the Cairngorms National Park preferably the Speyside area which has bird feeders in the garden. Doesn't have to be too remote but again for the wildlife we're interested in...
  17. Nicola Main

    Help with moth ID, Scotland

    Just found this moth outside the shop next door (live in Carnoustie on the east coast of Scotland) and took a photo on my mobile (as you do). Came home and looked in my Chris Manley moth book and it looks very much like a Glaucous Shears but they are quite local and it's a bit early for them...
  18. Nicola Main

    Self catering in the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park

    Hope this thread is ok here. Can anyone recommend anywhere to stay on holiday in this area that has excellent wildlife (i.e. nice garden, plenty of bird feeders and maybe visits from red squirrels, deer and maybe even pine martens!) and sleeping up to 4 people. A cottage or a log cabin would be...
  19. Nicola Main

    Hamlyn Birds of Britain and Europe

    Hi I was wondering if any of you owned the new version of the Hamlyn Birds of Britain and Europe like the one on this link http://www.theworks.co.uk/p/nature/hamlyn-guide---birds-of-britain-and-europe/9780753725276 if so is it the same as previous versions or has it been updated? Any new...
  20. Nicola Main

    Books on bird behaviour

    Hi there I was wondering if any of you could help me? I've been interested in birds since I was a child and have many bird books on bird identification (or field guides) but I'm now looking for any that have good information on bird behaviour and habits rather than trying to I.D. them. I'd...
  21. Nicola Main

    Discouraging Rooks and Jackdaws from feeders!

    Hi I was looking for some advice on how to deter Rooks and Jackdaws from coming and stealing the bird food in my feeders. I have 3 seed feeders and a niger feeder situated on different branches on our 3 fruit trees and every Spring/Summer there always seems to be a few (up to a dozen usually)...
  22. Nicola Main

    Unidentified warbler, Somerset Levels

    This is on behalf of someone on another forum who aren't quite sure what bird this is. At first I thought it was a female Blackcap but looking at it more clearly I realise the cap isn't as pronounced as I thought so I was wondering if it could be a Cetti's Warbler? Thanks in advance :)
  23. Nicola Main

    Camera for nest box

    We have had some real interest in our nest box which we recently re-positioned to round the side of our house. I've found a colour camera for under £40 on this site http://www.gardengiftshop.co.uk/acatalog/Colour_Nest_Box_Camera.html?gclid=CLfrnqjT7cICFcjHtAodinsAZA and wondered if it would be a...
  24. Nicola Main

    Another 2 for ID, Speyside

    Anyone know what these are? Taken in Insh, Speyside last week.
  25. Nicola Main

    Two moths for ID, Speyside

    Struggling to find these in Waring & Townsend book help please!