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  1. foxydave

    canon 1dx mk11 settings

    hi all just purchased a 1DX MK11 appreciate any settings info for general wildlife photography
  2. foxydave


    Hi need some help set up a bird feeding station in a FREINDS wood for photography start really well woodpeckers ,jays and all woodland birds.now the magpies have arrived and ruined it .any ideas to deter them cheers
  3. foxydave

    Lost screw

    Hi all anyone know where I can get a screw to fit my canon 600 mm lens screw come out of the foot cheers dave
  4. foxydave

    W7d11 raw files

    Hi need help got a new canon 7d11 .raw files won't load not recognised.got Lightroom 4 and windows vista .cant upgrade any ideas
  5. foxydave


    Hi just tried to download my files from my new 7d11 but I understand lightroom won't allow this .tried to put disc just to find I have Windows 7 and you need Windows 8 or above .any way I can get over this .many thanks Dave
  6. foxydave

    Canon 7d mk11

    Hi all just upgraded to mark 11 any tips on best settings for bird photography cheers dave
  7. foxydave

    Trouble canon 1dmk11

    This is the other shot close one
  8. foxydave

    Trouble with canon 1dmk11

    Hi I recently upgraded to canon 1 dmk111 .i have a canon 600m prime lense .problem I have is indifferent results compared to my 40d .the woodpecker the one which is on the long log is 30ft away seems sharper .yet the neares one which was only about 18ft away looks soft .weather dull ISO...
  9. foxydave

    Wimberly head

    Hi I am still having trouble fitting sorted thread out but my gitzo gt354125 tripod seems to look as if I need a large washer as thread does not go all the way :C:C
  10. foxydave

    wimberly head

    Hi I bought a wimberly head but the thread on my gitzo tri pod seems to big ,I have been told that tri pods sometimes have a reversible thread any ideas please
  11. foxydave

    Wimberly mk11 head

    Just bought a wimberly mk11 head but it does not seem to fit my gitzo tri pod thread looks slightly to small any ideas thought they were all same thread
  12. foxydave

    New tripod

    Hi my gitzo tripod beginning to show wear one two legs don't tighten up .i have heavy gear 600mm lens ,any suggestions best one to go for
  13. foxydave

    Canon 1d mk111

    Hi all had some great help with my set up .one problem that does seem to happen .i use centre focusing point. Sometimes the focusing point just Below lights up to . When this happens shots look soft thanks for any help
  14. foxydave

    Auto focus stopped working

    Hi my canon 600mm usm lense the auto focus has stopped working .its a few years old but till a great lense any ideas please .dave
  15. foxydave

    Canon 600m non is

    Hi I have canon 600m non is lense. Anyone know what the m focus speed is best kept on 1 2 or 3 many thanks dave
  16. foxydave

    Bempton and beyond

    Hi I got a week near bempton in two weeks time to do some bird photography ,is there any other locations worth a visit near by don't mind driving a bit cheers dave
  17. foxydave

    Canon 100m macro

    Hi all just purchased a canon 100 m macro f/2 .it does not fit my canon extender I did hear you have to buy some sort ring any help please
  18. foxydave

    Canon 1dmk111

    Hi all have up graded to canon 1dmk111 second hand but not happy with the qaulity of the shots I have 600 m canon lense .i always had a 40d and 7d , but thought this was the way forward my shots seem noisy even at low iso and high speed Lot of colour noise really not happy any ideas what I...
  19. foxydave

    Cannock chase bird feeding station

    Hi does anyone know if the Cannock chase bird feeding station is still there up that way shortly thought I would pay a visit or any where in that area worth a visit for bird photography cheers dave
  20. foxydave

    Canon 1d mk111

    Hi all could someone help please just got canon 1d mk111 tried it out for first time used centre focus point as I have always done most of shots were on the soft side I have 600m lense , canon . I am sure there was something on here a while ago , I have always had 40d, and 7d cheers dave
  21. foxydave

    Canon 40d problem

    Hi can anyone help lent a friend my canon 40d he just email me his in Africa with a problem re ordering files appears on screen then if try take a shot it comes up busy cheers
  22. foxydave

    Canon 7d settings

    Hi just up graded to 7d I am sure it's been on the site on settings for wildlife photography could someone show me a link cheers dave
  23. foxydave

    Sigma 150 macro problem

    I have sigma 150 macro great lense today something has gone working ok then my shutter speed went down to nothing and it looked dark through the lense I thought it was the camera but tried it on a different lense fine any ideas please
  24. foxydave

    Have I wasted my money

    Thought I was doing the right thing by buying a ring flash now I read they give out a very flat light and are not good for macro ie butterfly's :C
  25. foxydave

    Canon 40d noise

    Hi I have had my canon 40d for 4 years I have three but lately they seem more noisy dont mater what setting even low iso and high speeds it seems more when I use my 600 lens cheers