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  1. DavidC

    Hummingbird photography

    I would say most hummers have a perch nearby the feeders, no one wants a hummer image with a plastic feeder in the background, when at the feeder suss out the perches and work those perches to your favour as hummers tend to have their favourites.
  2. DavidC

    Panama fruit feeder

    Some kind of rail on the bird table about 2 hrs 33 ago....and quite a few squirrels at first light. This will be a nice window to look at whilst in Lockdown...Very good and thanks for posting.
  3. DavidC

    Panama fruit feeder

    Very good to take back to first light and experience dawn chorus in Panama.
  4. DavidC

    Garden Bird Race this weekend 20th/21st Feb

    I will give it ago tomorrow as only just read the post.....Living in Hayle near Copperhouse we quite often get oystercatchers and curlew fly over the house.
  5. DavidC

    Survey about effects of lockdown on UK nesting birds

    I havnt as not sure if i could help but would say that the first lockdown in the UK people obeyed the rules really well but I live in a tourist place in the South West and since the second and the third we have been had quite a few holiday makers ignoring the lockdown rules.
  6. DavidC


    I would say learn the call.........If you know the call and get familiar with it you will see quite a few. I always find them due to the call.
  7. DavidC

    Duck Sp North America

    I have never seen anything like this before, Photoshop would be the most obvious answer as even with colour mutations taken into account it is just so different. Have to say I did not have a clue when I first saw the image on facebook.
  8. DavidC

    Comment by 'DavidC' in media 'Jerdon's Leafbird'

  9. DavidC

    Duck Sp North America

    Hi People Not sure if this one has been posted on Bird Forum yet as it is doing the rounds on Facebook. (Not my image) It was apparently harvested (shot) In the USA but no one seems to have an ID on it. If this is an old image or has already been discussed I am sorry for posting. Would not...
  10. DavidC

    Crow with white bars on wings

    We have had a few in Hayle Cornwall with dirty white patches on their wings over the years, must all be related
  11. DavidC

    Gull identification on a bird from an North American ID Facebook page.

    My other concern with bonaparte's is that you cannot make out a white eye ring..
  12. DavidC

    Gull identification on a bird from an North American ID Facebook page.

    Not sure..........But I am not familiar enough with bonaparte's to name it....Is that what it is in your opinion.
  13. DavidC

    Gull identification on a bird from an North American ID Facebook page.

    Good morning There seems to be a few questions on the ID of this bird with a black head. They are talking about a black headed gull and i cant see it. The bird was photographed eastern Quebec. Would appreciate input from bird experts. Regards Dave
  14. DavidC

    American duck

    Thanks guys.
  15. DavidC

    Birding with a Face Mask?

    I wear a mask most of the time, live with vulnerable people so cannot risk it, barely go out as it is but went birding yesterday....Some people still do not believe but it is up to them. If masks did not work nurses would not be wearing them.. So I keep mine on and I am in one of the safest...
  16. DavidC

    American duck

    Hi Guys On Facebook I saw an image of this duck seen in America and some of the locals there are saying Ruddy duck....I cannot see ruddy duck in it. The person was asked for a second image and a totally different looking bird came up....But has said it is the same bird. It has a wing flash...
  17. DavidC

    Windows 10 Lightroom problem

    I had a similar problem with mine. You need the 5.7.1. i was lucky and had it on back up files. Did you ever back up Lightroom......? If you did custom backups of programmes you may have it some where
  18. DavidC

    Hummingbird identification from Ilheus Brazil

    Colour looks good for a Glittering throated.......There is no red in the beak that could suggest a juvenile...But the beak looks too fine.
  19. DavidC

    Hummingbird identification from Ilheus Brazil

    Hi Guys I need help once again please with a hummingbird species. I took these images of this little beauty in the port of Ilheus Brazil. Any ideas on a species, I think it is the same bird just from different angles, to try and make ID easier (than it is for me) regards
  20. DavidC

    Bee ID please (UK)

    There is a group on Facebook named bug spotters that are pretty good on insect ID. if you are not on Facebook I will show the insect to see if I can get an ID. regards Dave
  21. DavidC

    A friend took this at Arundel

    Thanks gents.
  22. DavidC

    A friend took this at Arundel

    Hi I have been asked to ID this bird. It is a captive bird and when i first looked at it I though red breasted merganser. Someone has thrown hooded merganser which i must admit did not consider. Could just do with a few second opinions. Regards Dave
  23. DavidC

    ID help on Flycatcher in the Mara, Kenya, Sept,2019

    Not sure on birds in Kenya Thought at first drongo but the eye looks wrong. So had a quick look at Kenyan birds and have another couple of possibilities....Another guess.... Northern black flycatcher, there is even a starling sp that comes quite close.