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  1. JTweedie

    Pallid swift migration

    This is behind a paywall unfortunately, but it says that researchers in Gibraltar tracked pallid swifts (Apus pallidus brehmorum) on southward migration, moving at an average of 400 km per day, and found one individual that had flown across the Sahara, covering around 1000 km in 30 hours. Two...
  2. JTweedie

    Seal clambers over weir

    Watch as a seal clambers over a weir on its way upriver. Probably not any different from how a seal might climb up onto rocks from the sea.
  3. JTweedie

    Bald eagle with cat prey

    This video from February 2021 shows a bald eagle bringing a cat to the nest.
  4. JTweedie

    Falkland Islands wolf

    Evidence of pre-European people on the Falkland Islands and their potential relationship and introduction to the islands of the now extinct Falkland Islands wolf or warrah (Dusicyon australis), answering questions that Darwin posed about them when he visited in 1833 on the HMS Beagle voyage...
  5. JTweedie

    Tripod for Kowa 501

    I'm picking up a Kowa 501 scope tomorrow. It'll be a stop gap until I save up for a higher spec scope. I own a Manfrotto 190CL tripod with a 390RC2 head. These were bought a number of years ago for my DSLR, but I was wondering if the scope will sit on this or would I need to purchase a new...
  6. JTweedie

    More than 100 European species of bird at risk of extinction

    Birds teetering on the edge include Balearic Shearwater, Eider and Rook. Some species have fared better such as Red Kite and Kingfisher. One of the things I've often wondered regarding birds that are found a lot on agricultural land is whether these species' numbers have been artificially...
  7. JTweedie

    North Ronaldsay

    For those who visit North Ronaldsay regularly, what have you found to be the easiest way of getting there? I believe you can get a ferry or a flight from Kirkwall? Have you ever known them to be cancelled due to bad weather, especially in winter? Can I also ask - on the ferry from Aberdeen...
  8. JTweedie

    Retailers that do credit

    I tried to order a Kowa 553 scope from Clifton Cameras because they offered a credit option. Everything was going great, my credit application was approved but I could not for the life of me complete the order as the deposit transaction through DEKO kept saying the address I was putting in...
  9. JTweedie

    Roaming in the Wild

    The BBC Scotland channel has this series called Roaming in the Wild. I hadn't realised it was now in its second series. But the first episode I watched followed a couple of guys as they paddled down the River Kelvin, a tributary of the Clyde. The journey goes from the Campsies, hills to the...
  10. JTweedie

    Thresher shark - near Rathlin Island

    Super photos of a thresher shark breaching near Rathlin Island.
  11. JTweedie

    Octopus in the Firth of Forth

    Super photos of an octopus on a beach in the Firth of Forth.
  12. JTweedie

    Atlantic puffin plumage

    Someone shared a photo on Twitter earlier today of a puffin in northwest Scotland that appeared already to be in winter plumage (ie lost colour in the beak and the cheeks were darker). Is this early for moulting? I read somewhere that they may do a partial moult just after breeding, so could it...
  13. JTweedie

    Seeing all the penguin species

    I have this dream of seeing all 18 species of penguin. Firstly, it's a small number of species so seems to be doable. But it's also a hook to use to visit some amazing places and see the other wildlife at the same time. I haven't seen a wild penguin yet and South Africa seems to be the cheapest...
  14. JTweedie

    Kestrel v Hobby

    Amazing footage of what happened when a hobby tried to steal a kestrel's prey in the kestrel's nest. https://www.wildlifekate.co.uk/post/kestrels-battle-a-hobby-incredible-footage-from-stow-maries-aerodrome
  15. JTweedie

    Marine scarecrow to reduce birds going into nets

    I thought this looked promising, a marine scarecrow that is designed to discourage birds from diving into underwater nets and getting tangled up. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/05/floating-looming-eyes-buoy-scarecrow-stops-seabirds-diving-fishing-nets
  16. JTweedie

    Seasonal/monthly wildflower guide

    I have the Collins Wildflower Guide and Scottish Wild Flowers by Michael Scott. I'm looking for a guide to Scottish flowers (but British will do) that shows the flowers by season or by month eg what can you expect to see from April? Does such a book exist and if so can you recommend any? It's...
  17. JTweedie

    Hobby in Scotland

    Has anyone ever seen a hobby in Scotland? I came across a bird list for a location not far from me that had a hobby on it and I was surprised by it and I wasn't sure I could trust the list, even if it might have been a one-off sighting. Looked online and there are a suggested five pairs in the...
  18. JTweedie

    Gulls plan their lunch breaks

    I've witnessed gulls congregating around schools during lunch breaks. There are also often crows (mainly carrion crows but sometimes other species too) there too. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/10/urban-gulls-target-school-break-times-for-food-says-report
  19. JTweedie

    Your local patch

    Is your local patch right outside your door? Or do you have to walk a little bit to get to what you regard as your local patch? Like many people, I've found this year to be really depressing when it comes to getting out to observe nature. I live in a flat, don't have a garden, don't have a car...
  20. JTweedie

    David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet

    I appreciate this might not be available to all, but if you have Netflix then I'd recommend watching David Attenborough's new programme. It's really quite moving and devastating in its first half, but it flips in the second half to show that we're capable of living sustainably, ending on a...
  21. JTweedie

    Beaver in Glasgow

    I know there's the official re-introduction of beavers in Knapdale and unofficial releases in the Tay. But I was surprised to see this very short footage in Govan - basically a mile or so downstream from Glasgow city centre. I think someone must have released it there, although there's a...
  22. JTweedie

    Coot taking twigs from person

    I thought this video of a coot taking twigs offered by a person was really interesting behaviour. https://twitter.com/VomBagel/status/1265368791300681729?s=20 It's nesting close to the edge of the water so is probably used to people, but to understand that the person was offering a twig for its...
  23. JTweedie

    Basking sharks, County Clare

    I thought this was excellent footage of a group of basking sharks off Ireland. https://twitter.com/CuilAodhaHammy/status/1258802145182322694
  24. JTweedie

    Wood pigeons and noise pollution

    This morning I was listening to the wood pigeons calling from the trees across from my flat. But one of the things that struck me was that when a car approached or the local school's air conditioning units fired up, the birds would stop calling. They'd go quiet, but then as background noise...
  25. JTweedie

    Books on Surtsey

    I was wondering if anyone has read either of these books by Sturla Fridriksson: Surtsey: Ecosystems Formed Surtsey: Evolution of Life on a Volcanic Island I was wondering how much overlap there is in the content of each book and whether you'd recommend one over the other?