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  1. Danielibero

    Chiang Mai Prinias

    Thanks you so much guys for all the information!! Then I leave the last bird as Grey-breated and the others I will change them to Plain. Interesting because they where all in the same flock, I want remeber. Is it usual to find different species of Prinias together?
  2. Danielibero

    Chiang Mai Prinias

    Hi!!! I have this pics of Prinias from my travell to Thailand (in December 2019) that I identified, all of them, as Gray-breasted Prinias. However, seeing them now I think they can´t be them because of the the thick beak and the larges eyebrows. So I tried to ID them by myself, but I only can...
  3. Danielibero

    Fly (Madrid, Spain)

    Unfortunetly I released the fly after take the photographs. Any ways my mobile is not in this group of "with excellents cameras"... so I guess that would be near the better pictures I could have taken 😅. Looking at pictures in the web my fly its very like to F. cuprea. Maybe its not the same...
  4. Danielibero

    Fly (Madrid, Spain)

    Hi!! Can you help me to identify this fly I have found today morning? Thanks in advance.
  5. Danielibero

    Doi Inthanon Female Sunbird - Thailand

    In this pic (http://orientalbirdimages.org/search.php?Bird_ID=2131&Bird_Image_ID=8747&Bird_Family_ID=) I think I can see this feature, and is a Mrs Goulds, so maybe as you said this is not a diagnostic feature... I guess the better option is to let both as Sunbird sp. in eBird. Even so, thanks...
  6. Danielibero

    Doi Inthanon Female Sunbird - Thailand

    Oooof!! The second bird's feet horrified me, poor guy... These are the "exact" coordenates, I see the birds in some of the trees around this point: 18°35'17.8"N 98°29'11.4"E
  7. Danielibero

    Doi Inthanon Female Sunbird - Thailand

    First of all, thank you very much for your answer and for explaining all those characteristics that differentiate both (which I obviously didn't know). In response to the question, say that I took the photos in some trees near the road to the top. Next to some toilets, I want to remember ...
  8. Danielibero

    Doi Inthanon Female Sunbird - Thailand

    Lately I am reviewing the photographs I took in Thailand in the 2019 December, and are comming to me some dughts about the identification I did. Therefore, I going to put several post. I hope you can help me. This first one is about two (I think they are two differents birds, but I don't quite...
  9. Danielibero

    F. Chaffinch or f. Greenfinch? UK

    It is a Chaffinch.
  10. Danielibero

    Drongo in Hunan, China

    What pictures?
  11. Danielibero

    Sylvia communis vs Sylvia conspicillata

    You can also visit the website of Javier Blasco Zumeta :t:
  12. Danielibero

    From the Canary Islands

    Berthelot's Pipit, I think
  13. Danielibero

    Leaf Gall (Madrid)

    Thanks you aeshna! Yes, it was in a Pistacia terebinthus.
  14. Danielibero

    Leaf Gall (Madrid)

    Hi! I don't know if this post should be in this subforum or in the plants's one... My question is if someone knows what produce this. Thanks
  15. Danielibero

    Northumberland bird id

    It seems to be a Chiffchaff, with that face pattern and that dark legs
  16. Danielibero

    Nightjar from central Peru

    Hi, I can't help you, but nice pics!!
  17. Danielibero

    Waders. Le Teich, France

    1_Spotted Redshank 2_Common Greenshank Edited: too late again. Agree with GMS
  18. Danielibero

    some more turkey this month

    1 & 2 Rock Sparrow Edited: Ups, Valery first
  19. Danielibero

    Woodpecker? Birmingham UK, 16th August

    Like a month ago I saw a female GSW perching, exactly like your bird, in a poplar, then it flew away to another poplar to perch in the same way. And it had many huge old trees in the park we were...
  20. Danielibero

    Hemiptera nymph?

    Perfect! thanks you Cheers!!!
  21. Danielibero

    Hemiptera nymph?

    Many thaks Rafael!! Searching in internet for more information about the species I found this...
  22. Danielibero

    Hemiptera nymph?

    Location: Cantabria (Spain) Date: Today Size: Very small, 2.5 mm If you could help me with the identification, I would thanks you.