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  1. Dimitris

    Eagle species Georgia- Sept 2015

    Thankfully most of my Honey Buzzard and Harrier images have been processed. Now for the main course: Large Eagles. Bird 1: Tentatively down as a massive (female) Lesser Spotted Eagle. I've tried to make it a Steppe Eagle, but the huge beak and gape are not there and the wing barring is wrong...
  2. Dimitris

    More Honey Buzzards- September Georgia.

    1st bird is not a Crested, but is a male Euro probably with some Crested genes in it- look at that tail! 2nd bird- looks a lot more promising for pure Crested.
  3. Dimitris

    Another Honey Buzzard from Georgia. Sept 2015

    This one's a male and one which I feel much more comfortable calling a hybrid than my previous bird. Opinions are welcome.
  4. Dimitris

    Harrier (MonPal)- Georgia- Sep 2015

    Not sure about the age of this one. Tentatively calling it a juv. as I cannot see any moult (doesn't mean it's not there) so retarded 2ncy is also def a possibility. If it is an immature than happy to call it a Montague's. If it's a juv...I have no idea, it reminds me a bit of Hen Harrier in...
  5. Dimitris

    Juv Harrier (MonPal)- Georgia- Sep 2015

    Leaning towards Mont. but it has a some Pallid characteristics. Cheers, D.
  6. Dimitris

    Honey Buzzard. Georgia September 2015

    Any thoughts on this birds peeps? It shows some pro Crested HB (an annual passage migrant through Georgia in small numbers) and some pro CHB features. Would appreciate input from peeps who are more experienced in these than I.
  7. Dimitris

    Autumn Eagles- Batumi- Georgia-2014

    Hello all and season's Greetings, Recently I had the joy of participating in the 2014 Autumn Batumi raptor count where I was very fortunate to view around 700,000 migrating birds of prey (total was just shy of 1.4 mil...). Steppe, Lesser Spotted and Greater Eagles were all reasonably common...
  8. Dimitris

    Can Pacific Golden Plovers show long primary projections?- SE Australia

    Howdy folks, I photographed these three birds today on the far south coast of NSW. Two birds didn't struck me as anything different than ordinary PGPs. However, the third one, was slightly different in beak structure and showed what appears to be a longer primary projection. I have seen PGPs...
  9. Dimitris

    Racial ID, sex and age of vagrant White Wagtail- North Western Australia

    Howdy folks, I was lucky enough to be part of a group that found this White Wagtail Today at Point Samson in northern Western Australia. We currently believe this bird to be of the race leucopsis, but would like confirmation. We also think that it may be a young bird. There are more images...
  10. Dimitris

    Scarlet or Flame Robin? Australia

    Howdy folks, I photographed this bird today with our local bird outing. It was and I identified as a female Flame and though I am 90% sure that it is one I would like confirmation as I am not very familiar with the species. We later had a male Scarlet at the same location as well. Thanks in...
  11. Dimitris

    Odd Teal- NSW Australia

    Howdy folks, This male (?) Teal has been hanging out at one my local haunts. Both Chestnut and Grey Teal are common breeding residents there and I have had hybrids between the two in the past. I am guessing that this bird is one too due to the pale cheek and throat areas and overall mixed...
  12. Dimitris

    Large Gull from the North Coast of Australia

    Hello folks, During the last few days a large Gull sp. has been discovered in the rubbish tip of Broome WA. Pictures here Currently it is thought to belong to the fuscus-heuglini 'group', but the jury is still out on what it is. Any opinions are appreciated. Dimitris.
  13. Dimitris

    Oystercatcher- NSW- 7-08-2012

    Oystercatcher- NSW- 7-07-2012 Hello All, This bird was photographed on said date. When I observed I thought there was something 'odd' about it, particularly the very (?) white underwing when compared to the surrounding Pied Oystercatchers (it was displaying with them). However, the overall...
  14. Dimitris

    Northern WA- Common Tern confirmation-13-09-2012

    Hello Again, I was treated to a wonderful spectacle today. In addition to the 2,000 or so shorebirds on the mudflats 100ds of Terns started pouring out of the sky, obviously fresh arrivals from overseas. :). I am pretty sure they are commons, but wouldn't mind confirmation. Also present: 1...
  15. Dimitris

    Sand Plover nightmares- Northern WA- September 2012

    Hello all, All images taken very recently (the ones in this post from today in fact). I am having extreme difficulties in being sure of what I am looking at except bog standard mongolus, any tips and good images of the races/species together are very much appreciated. I expect that 90% of...
  16. Dimitris

    I have a DSLR and a Scope: What do I need to digiscope and is it worth it?

    Hello all, As a total noobie to digiscoping I was wondering as to what equipment set up I'd need to connect my Canon 7D to my Swaroski scope? From my understanding I need to get a lens and camera ring of appropriate thread plus either a Swaroski DCA adaptor or Swaroski UCA. I already have a...
  17. Dimitris

    Greece-Vagrant Pipit- 3/10/2010

    Hey folks, An acquaintance of mine took these images on said date. It doesn't look like Tawny and so far it is believed to be a Richard's Pipit. However, the apparently dainty structure and rather heavily patterned back have made us think of other rarer possibilities. These are the only 2...
  18. Dimitris

    Juv. Thalassarche Albatross- NSW south coast, Australia

    Hello all, Today I photographed this interesting bird during a two hour sea watching trip. It was seen alongside adult Black-browed Albatross and compared to them it was slightly smaller and perhaps a little more compact. Flight action was intermediate between that of Black-browed and Indian...
  19. Dimitris

    Opinions on these Sand Plovers. Northern Western Australia

    Hey all, I photographed these birds a few days ago in north WA. I think that they are Lessers, but confirmation would be appreciated. In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th image the bird really had a collar in the field, while the other didn't. It also walked with a limp which may explain the different body...
  20. Dimitris

    Comic Tern from Southern Western Australia- Common Tern?

    Hello All, I've photographed this bird today in southern Western Australia and I am thinking that it's a very battered Common Tern in non breeding plumage. Confirmation or alternative identification is appreciated. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the underwing (was too focused on...
  21. Dimitris

    Racial identity of an Australasian Shoveller- Western Australia

    Hello all, Comments appreciated on the racial identity of this Australasian Shoveller Picture from 25/02/2012 Lake Joondalup. I did register that the amount of white on the flanks was unusual in the field, but not that unusual. Compare with: NZ Shoveller variegata...
  22. Dimitris

    Slender-billed Curlew Taxonomy

    Hello all, I've recently enganged in a very interesting conversation in which one party suggested that the Slender-billed Curlew may actually be a form of the Eurasian Curlew (and in particular of the race orientalis). Though I think that this is unlikely to be true it did get me interested...
  23. Dimitris

    Godwit, souther Western Australia

    Godwit, southern Western Australia I am pretty sure this is a very, very rare bird, but since I do not have experience with this species thought I'd ask for confirmation ;) (all the local birdos have been informed. I say this before I am accused of suppression 8-P ) cheers, D.
  24. Dimitris

    Chilidonias Tern- South WA- Australia

    This was part of flock of 4 terns today at Lake Joondalup WA, Two of these were certainly Whiskered Terns. Another smaller, very pale, adult type probably a White-winged and this Juvenile type is not a Whiskered in my books. It appears to have a grey rump, which would suggest Black, but it...
  25. Dimitris

    Runt Red-necked Stints? Australia

    Taken today in southern WA, I think that the circled birds have the wrong structure to be Little Stints, but I though I'd try anyway. I have a few more pictures which don't really show anything different. Cheers and thanks, D.