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    Travel abroad, how is migration situation ?

    Hello togehter, how is situation now for travelling abroad ? Runs migration into countries smootly or are there long waiting time health or vaccine check needed ? 2 weeks ago papers wrote migration into Thailand takes long time. Usually people in Thailand learn very quick. So this situation...
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    Autumn migration at Kaukasian mountains

    Hello togehter, I am interested in watching autumn migration at Batumi or further north. Sochi is easier richable by plain from Munich. Further I can read kyrilic letters very well and speak a bit Russian. Where are recommend bird watching places near Sochi for migration or mountain birds...
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    Living at old age

    Hello together, I look for place to move at old age. Conditions 1. For good flat like 40 quaremeters costs less than 600 Euro per month. 2. Good access to health service and health insurance 3. Low crime rate 4. Moderate climate, not extrem cold or for months hot and humid 5. Landscape variety...
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    Japanese Bird names

    Hallo together, is there any recommend internet page with Japanese bird names. Ideally with both Japanese and English, but I can read also Hiragana. Thank you very much. Best regards Dieter
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    Jokes for 1. April ?

    Hello together, which jokes you made for 1. April ? I insert Little Ringed Plover message in ornitho for Munich just on building place. But the Plover was a picture mad via mobile and scope in Thailand. It was a Spoon billed Sandpiper. Maybe tomorrow come some people with bino and look for...
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    Car rent and insurance for South East Asia

    Hello together, I want to travel 3 months to Thailand and add another country, but have not decided yet. Which health insurance for 3 months is recommended ? Is there recommended car rental and insureance for complete car included weels, windows and bottom ? My idea is 7 weeks Thailand and...
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    Taman Negara Climate Diagramm

    Hello together, I try to check rain time in Taman Negara. Some people said rather sunny is February to Oktober, other said from May to November. Where are reliable climate diagramme or other kind of information. Thank You very much. Best regards Dieter
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    Combination with Thailand

    Hello togehter, I want next year travel 2 to 3 months. One idea is 4 to 6 weeks to Thailand and add another country. Start date is middle or end of January. Which countries are recommend before or after Thailand for bird watching ? It means good condition ( not too much rain ) in January...
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    South Africa - organise selfdrive in safe way

    Hello together, how is possible to organise tour by own my on steam in South Africa ? Target is bird watching and some other wildlife. Which is best time ? How is possible to avoid unsafe areas ? Krueger nationalpark is huge and maybe enough for 2 or 3 weeks ? I have 3 - 5 weeks time. Single...
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    Idea for 4 weeks in winter/ spring and autumn/ winter

    Hello together, I look for ideas of bird tours for 4 weeks or more. Costs maximum 3.000 Euro included international flight. I visited 3 x Thailand since March 2017. Now I want visit other countries. Ideal countries, where escape distance of birds is low, like Argentina or US. In Thailand was...
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    Hawaii Birding in November

    Hi together, how is birding Hawaii in November. Which islands are the best for birding. Main interest is bird life, but also wild flowers like orchids and ferns. I have only 3 weeks. How is about camping, is booking in advance needed or easy to find place in this time ? Thank You very much...
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    November Oman

    Hello together, how is Oman for birding in November ? Temperature seems ok in this time. How is about snorkelling around Muscat and other areas like Salalah ? Are there corals near beach ? My idea was flight to Salalah, rent a car and drive 3 weeks in direction of Muscat. But it seems one way...
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    Day tours from Mombasa or Malindi ( Kenia )

    Hello together, is it possible to do day birding tours from Mombasa north or south or Malindi, for bird watching e.g. Shimba Hills reserve or Arabuko Sokoke forest ? I think about beach holiday combinated with day birding tours. Hotels will offer tours, but I think minimum 200 US$ per day and...
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    Malaysia incl. Borneo which book

    Hello together, for Thailand I used "Bird of Thailand" written by Craig Robson. For information I used info of Nike Upton https://www.thaibirding.com/ and http://www.norththailandbirding.com/ Which book is recommended for Malaysia incl. Borneo ? Are there similar iformation pages like for...
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    South East Asia Feb/ March 2019

    Hello together, I want to go for birding and also other wild life to South East Asia. I am flexible, one idea is travel from noth Thailand to South. Possible is also combine Thailand with Myanmar, Vietnam or other. Complete travelling max. 2 - 3 months. Parts of Thailand I already know...
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    Sulawesi Birding Info needed

    Hello together, I think about Sulawesi birding and snorkeling for min. 3 weeks. Ideal would combination of both. Is there any pace for birding in the morning and than snorkelling from beach ? How is birding on Bunaken island ? Is there any accomodation in or near Bogani Wani Wartabobe...
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    Duck from North Thailand

    Hello together, this ducks I saw at lake Chiang Saeng in North Thailand. But it does not much to any of the ducks in the books "Birds of Thailand". Only idea is Gadwall. Thank You very much. Best regards Dieter
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    Botsuana advice needed

    Hello together, I think about bird watching in Botsuana. Main target birds but also other wildlife. Which is the best time in the year ? Which budget is needed for a single person ? I think flight is about 1.000 Euro. Car rental I found for 3 weeks 1.400 Euro for medium class car or 2.500 Euro...
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    Advice for Dubai needed

    Hello together, end of March I will be in Dubai. It seems there are good watching points in the town. http://www.uaebirding.com/birdingsites.html Is it possible to go bird watching via public transport e.g. with underground or is car more flexible ? How is the traffic in Dubai at friday...
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    Beidahe by own steam ?

    Hello together, is it possible bird watching in Beidahe ( China ) by own steam ? I think car driving is not recommended and maybe not allowed because the difficult letters. Is it possible bird watching with public transport ? How is about local guiding tours ? I have about 3 weeks time. Are...
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    Asia February/ March for 3 weeks

    Hello together, I think about 3 weeks vacation for bird watching + 1 week beach. One idea is Sri Lanka, another Thailand or Myanmar or combination of Thailand with neightbour countries. How easy Myanmar is to organize bird watching tours ? How easy is to organize tours from Thailand to...
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    Transport in Sri Lanka

    Hello together, one idea for January to March next year is Sri Lanka. Traffic it said should be quite awful, because this I think about privat transport, instead of hire a car by my own. I want to bird near Colombo Bellanvialla Attidiya Sanctuary, Kelani River Forest Reserve, Ingirya Forest...
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    Abu Dhabi/ Al Ain - Desert Lark ?

    Hello together, is this a Desert Lark ? Picture made in Wadi Tarabat near Al Ain. Best regards Dieter
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    Abu Dhabi, Great black backed Gull

    Hello together, at golf place in Abu Dhabi I made this gull picture. I suppose Great black backed Gull 2nd year. Any idea ? best regards Dieter
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    Which Bird in Abu Dhabi ?

    Hello together, in the morning of 8. October I saw this bird in Abu Dhabi. Any idea ? Best regards Dieter