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  1. stephennj

    Urauguay forum section ?

    Hi all , I have a question for the moderators . Is there a section in the Forums that focus on birds and birding from Uruguay ? I did a search and found threads for Uruguay but I came up short on a Sub-forum designated to that country . Thankyou for any help ! Stephen
  2. stephennj

    New Jersey USA, Pied-billed Grebe ?

    Here's two pics from birding this morning at the coastal bay of Sandy Hook NJ , those are Brant in the background for size comparison. I'm thinking Pied-Billed Grebe winter plumage , anyone's opinion would be helpful, thanks !
  3. stephennj

    New York Sparrow I.D. staten island

    Late October : Yesterday at Great Kills Park along coastal Staten Island, New York , USA . This bird was among the scrub habitat 100 yards from the beach. There were many Savanna Sparrows and Yellow-rumped Warblers in the vicinity but this bird looked different. Since Sparrow migration is in...
  4. stephennj

    Monk Parakeet colony in Carteret and Edgewater NJ , near Newark airport

    If you are visiting New Jersey there are 2 colonies of wild Monk Parakeets that have sustained for decades in the area near the Newark Airport. This species escaped from the bird trade in the 1970's and they are cold-hardy. They are native to Argentina. There is a colony in Carteret NJ and a...
  5. stephennj

    Sao paulo Brazil , bird ID # 3 Tody-flycatcher in interior bird in Sao Paulo

    Phot taken in the month of December in Outinhos , Brazil . a few hours inland from Sao Paulo , Is it a Yellow-Lored Tody-flycatcher or common tody-flycatcher ? any ideas or comments would be appreciated ! Thanks
  6. stephennj

    Sao Paulo , Peruibe Brazil mystery bird #2

    Here's another mystery bird from Peruibe , Brazil in December . Any ideas on this headless pic would be helpful !
  7. stephennj

    Sao Paulo ,Brazil in December . Mystery bird id help

    This is in the coastal town of Peruibe , Brazil , just south of Sao Paulo. I'm thinking it was a Sayaca tanager . Any help would be appreciated , thanks !
  8. stephennj

    White-backed*Stilt / Himantopus melanurus

    White-backed Stilt / Himantopus melanurus I am still a little confused about the treatment of White-backed Stilt vs. Black-necked Stilt. Can anyone tell me if White-backed Stilt is recognized as a full species ? I had seen these birds near Sao Paulo, Brazil years ago so I am also wondering...
  9. stephennj

    Giant Wren / Campylorhynchus chiapensis for Opus

    Dear Moderators, I have uploaded a fairly good photo and some notes on Giant Wren from Mexico here: I would be honored if you use the image until a real photographer can come up with something better ! Thanks http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/294200/limit/recent Stephen
  10. stephennj

    Stephennj 2010 List

    I enjoyed last years listing and observing all of the other year listers on the forum . I am excited to start another new yearlist for 2010 ! Looking forward to a trip to Chiapas, Mexico this year which will add some exciting Neotropical life birds . 1-1-2010 1. Dark-eyed Junco 2. American...
  11. stephennj

    Grackles ? New Jersey USA

    Today around the fishing pier at the Raritain Bay in New Jersey I found a flock of odd Grackles. Would this be female Boat-tailed Grackle ? The tail didn't seem that impressively large to me.
  12. stephennj

    N. Gannet ? Shearwater ? New Jersey USA

    I has see a couple of adult Northern Gannets from a fishing trip today, just a mile or so off of the New Jersey coastline . Could this be a juvie Northern Gannet ? Any help would be appreciated , thanks !
  13. stephennj

    Bermuda report , June 32009

    Bermuda report , June 2009 I posted a proper trip report from this past June in the trip report section. Located here :http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=151017 We saw all of our target species but did not search for Bermuda Petrel . Report includes a link to keen and local birding guide...
  14. stephennj

    Bermuda June 2009

    Bermuda Report June 22-24 2009 PREFACE : The following is a birding account of a recent family cruise to Bermuda from New Jersey USA. Bermuda is a very remote Atlantic Ocean island chain located on the eastern side of the warming Gulf Stream over 550 miles away from the nearest mainland of...
  15. stephennj

    New Jersey ,USA : Blue Grosbeak ? (good pic)

    Appeared to be slightly larger than a House Sparrow . I don't know what else it could be here, there were 3 with similar coloration at a very small grassland habitat near deep woodland. Central New jersey USA Any explanations would be welcome. thanks , steve
  16. stephennj

    3 Gulf Stream Pelagic birds between Bermuda and USA

    Here's three distant photos of birds photographed yesterday in the Atlantic Ocean Gulf Stream between Bermuda and New York , USA. They appear to be different birds, all behaving like Shearwaters from what I understand. They were flying just above the ocean's surface , all birds are flying left...
  17. stephennj

    New Jersey ,USA : Swainson's Thrush ?!

    Saw these deep in the woods nearby , pretty sure it's a lifer Swainson's. Any conformation help woud be appreciated !
  18. stephennj

    1/2 day local patch birdlist 48 species

    Spent a morning and early afternoon birding with some visiting birders yesterday and I thought I would post a list for anyone who happens to be visiting Central or Northern New Jersey soon. These are mostly year-round or wintering species and the list changes drastically in a month or two as...
  19. stephennj

    CR Pacific slope rainy season?

    Hey all I want to know what the rainy season is in CR on the Pacific Side. We are thinking about visiting the Carara/Guanacaste area in December or January for some lowland birding. Thanks for any help good birding - steve
  20. stephennj

    Great Cormrant ?! New Jersey USA

    New Jersey USA , I saw this one at lunchtime today on a tidal river , the markings are unlike any bird Ive ever seen but GC is the closest I can figure. Any thoughts ? molting ? thanks , Stephen
  21. stephennj

    Stephennj's 2009 yearlist

    Here we go for 2009 . Lifers will be listed in boldface .Went on the East Brunswick Big Day Bird Count yesterday with a bigger group than last year and picked up a nice lifer in Glaucous Gull and the tough Horned Lark.Temps were frigid and very windy . The only travel plans I have for the year...
  22. stephennj

    Sao Paulo , BRAZIL Dec. - 2006

    Sao Paulo , BRAZIL Dec. - 2006 Black Jacobin, Black-capped Donacobius, Yellow-rumped Marshbird Over the 2006 Christmas holidays I traveled to the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil with my wife to meet Matt Martin, an old friend who is residing there now. This was not a birding-only trip but I...
  23. stephennj

    Brazil - Sao Paulo IDs

    A few more mystery birds from Dec. 2006 in Peruibie , a coastal town near Sao Paulo Brazil. The town had abundant Rufous Horneo which is my best guess for brirds 1 thru 3 - but I recall thinking this was not Horneo when I snapped the photos.. not much to go on but the photos were not adjusted ...
  24. stephennj

    COSTA RICA interior Feb 2008

    254 Total Species counted 43 Endemics/near Endemics 29 Hummingbirds species 180 Lifers This is my trip report for our exciting Costa Rica Feb. 2008 interior birding trip , the itinerary included many Middle to Central Highland elevations as well as the Atlantic Lowlands...
  25. stephennj

    Brazil dry interior Sparrow

    Here's a few photos from a trip to Sao Paulo Brazil in Dec. 2006 which would be mid summer for that area. The bird was photographed in Ourunhos , about 5 hr drive west into the dry flat interior of the state. Grassland habitat and some marshlands in the immediate area. I never got a proper I.D...