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    Photoshop. Marrying two Photos.

    Dear all, I would like to superimpose a picture of a Kite over a picture of a viaduct and have suitable photographs of both subjects. The problem/challenge – I have no idea how to do it. Could some one be kind enough to take me through the process step by step. I have Photoshop CS2...
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    A program to make life easier.

    Dear all, Is there a program which I can use to load multiple CDs onto my PC and have them operate as one unit and keep the integral search facility? E.G. I have 100 years of National Geographic Magazine which has a boxful of CDs and I have to keep swapping them perpetually to follow a...
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    Id Please

    Dear all, Spent some time watching these two. There were resident greylag at the site which were joined by a flight of many hundred. These two strangers were with this flight, came ashore and went to sleep. They were very nervous compared with the greylag and stayed together as a...
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    Window Strikes – A Cure?

    I have tried various patent stick-on devices without curtailing the appalling death rate among all our garden birds, especially the fledglings. Following a pilot project last year, this year I have hung floaty string from the top of each pane at 18 inch intervals. So far this has been very...
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    Reducing the feed bill.

    Dear all, Took this a few minutes ago in pouring rain through double glazing. Regards. G B-S.
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    Do Sedge Warblers ever have black legs?

    Dear all, I watched this little chap for a long time in the hope he would speak and give me a clue, but no joy. I would appreciate help with the ID. Regards. G B-S.
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    A Champion Day Out.

    Last week I combined two hobbies, marrying meteorology and ornithology, and set off for the Humber Estuary for both bird and storm watching. The rain was spectacular – and so were the birds. Highlights: in the beginning all Nimbo (rain bearing), which eventually gave way to spectacular...
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    The Twitchers They Came 4x4.

    Thursday 12th saw me sitting in the rain watching an Icterine Warbler when two 4x4s arrived, the occupants leapt out, banged doors repeatedly, spooked everything and demanded to know if “it” was visible. They professed to be “The Lee Evans Fan Club”- what ever that is. Then gave a demonstration...
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    A Champion Day Out.

    Dear all, Campfield On the Solway. Won't bore you with a species list, spotted 81 but will mention a few highlights. The Crane gave superb views (you are right about the eye Stewart) - Flotilla of Merganser (30+) - Bartailed Godwit in breeding togs - Whimbrel - Turnstone in summer...
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    Monitor Help.

    Dear All Which is the favorite CRT monitor the professional photographers are using? Regards. G B-S.
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    Poorly Kestrel.

    Dear All, Can any one come up with an answer? I have been watching a female Kestrel which appears to be unwell. It’s plumage looks rather dull and is very fluffed out. Its fight is without sparkle, lacking precision in maneuverability. Yesterday it did hover very briefly in a half hearted...
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    Bassenthwate Ospreys.

    Can anyone tell me if the Bassenthwate ospreys are still in residence? Yours etc. Gordon Boreham-Styffe.
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    PENTAX PF – 100ED. Assessment

    PENTAX PF – 100ED. Like motor cars, optical equipment can arouse passions in a man, consequently birdwatchers’ opinions are not always subjective or dispassionate. The first question you need to ask your self is – ‘What type of bird watcher am I?’ If you walk miles and miles in tough...
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    Black Grouse

    Dear all, I listened to this program this morning and can recommend it. “This morning's program comes from the grouse moors of Northern England, not to join a shoot, but to look at a project which has spent the last seven years trying to increase the numbers of one of England's rarest birds...
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    Help with ID please.

    Dear all, Help if possible with ID. Small brown finch flying with Siskin. Smaller than Siskin. Feeding with them on Niger not on perch at feedhole but on tray picking over husks and spilt Niger. Bill dark finch like, almost triangular. Legs dark. Dark brown greater coverts. Dark brown tertails...
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    LOW BARNS Co Durham - What must visitors think?

    Not having been for some time and having heard a complaint from a visitor I decided to look for my self. Oh dear. Ubiquitous litter. Dogs’ lavatory. Has the appearance of no longer being cared for. It is very easy to make negative comments. What can be done? Suggestions please. Yours etc...
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    Hamsterly Revisited.

    Following the advice so kindly given Hamsterly forest was duly explored and two potential sites earmarked. At sunset the Robins and Wrens finished their evening scolding with a few exasperated tut tuts as the Cushat had the last word. Then SILENCE. The silence that sets the senses tingling and...
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    HamsterleyForest Nightjars

    Good Evening. Can any one tell me where I might find Nightjars in Hamsterly Forest. Or is it too late? Gordon Boreham-Styffe.
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    Visiting Spurn Point

    I will be in the hull area tomorrow (1st August) and plan to visit Spurn. Any advice or suggestions to help enhance the trip please. Gordon.