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  1. Grousemore

    Cuba, February 2017 - Waterthrush

    Your guess is at least as good as mine ;)
  2. Grousemore

    Cuba, February 2017 - Waterthrush

    Agreed the pics aren't good enough for certain ID, my guess is Louisiana.
  3. Grousemore

    Discolouration and rusty hinges on Zeiss SF

    For what it's worth, I have been using a pair of Zeiss SF's for several months in Florida, on the coasts and inland; lots of rain and high humidity. Having been told about this Thread, I examined them carefully and can report no issues whatsoever. Oh and the view through them is outstanding...
  4. Grousemore

    Cormorant - Hayle UK

    Agree these are Great Cormorants.
  5. Grousemore

    Glossy or White-faced Ibis midwest USA

    If I saw it down here, I would assume Glossy (default Florida)but leave it un ID'd ,as I don't think this bird is (yet) showing developement of a reddish eye and the facial markings are also inconclusive. If the photos weren't as good I'd have a guess!
  6. Grousemore

    Plover ID - Northern California, USA

    Having had another look, I think CJW is correct, it's actually a Grey Plover |=(|
  7. Grousemore

    Plover ID - Northern California, USA

    Another black-bellied plover there.
  8. Grousemore

    No. Parula? S.E. Pennsylvania, USA, 9-25

    I'd be interested to see the Magnolia shot. This is a NOPA.
  9. Grousemore

    Anyone heard from Kay Optical recently?

    What a shame, back in the day I bought a lot of stuff there, visiting the site in person; still using the scope and tripod I bought there 12 years ago. My guess would be that they've fallen foul of the usual trend these days for trying out all the gear in the retail store and then buying online...
  10. Grousemore

    Orlando this Weekend 1/15/11

    Orlando Wetlands Park (which is an hour drive from Orlando)will be closed until January 31, as it is every year. http://www.cityoforlando.net/fpr/Html/Parks/OrlandoWetlands.htm Let us know if you have transport, which birds you want to see etc. and better advice can be given.
  11. Grousemore

    iPods and birding software for technophobe

    Good advice and a sound post. Playbacks in Florida are becoming an increasing problem, unfortunately.
  12. Grousemore

    S.California, La Jolla

    These were sent to me for ID, but I'm struggling. Non-birder, who said "sparrow-sized, feeding on the ground" Poor pics, but any ideas would be appreciated.
  13. Grousemore

    Bins magnification

    Of the two best "field birders" I know and have birded with, one uses 10x and the other 7x bins. I know loads of top class birders who invariably use 8x. You really need to see which mag suits you best, but at 13, your eyes/coordination should be good enough to handle any mag. In any event...
  14. Grousemore

    Costal Kenya On A Package Holiday

    What a great read, Steve. You always do full justice to wherever you go. Looking forward to more. :t:
  15. Grousemore

    10 x 42 FL owners comment thread

    I bought the 10x42 FL's through Birdforum 6 years ago. I've used them extensively in different Countries and climates and they have always performed. Despite all the use, there are no signs of wear, so I would say build-quality is excellent. I've yet to look through a binocular that gives me a...
  16. Grousemore

    Help please

    Did you try Chaffinch?
  17. Grousemore

    RFI Los Angeles, California

    Mike and Robin, thanks for posting, some good info there. I might re-think and hire a car after all.
  18. Grousemore

    RFI Los Angeles, California

    Thanks for the reply, Jim. Funnily enough I'll be staying at Marina del Ray, so will check out your suggestion. Was basically hoping for some gen on birds I don't see in Florida, so any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  19. Grousemore

    RFI Los Angeles, California

    I'm going to LA in mid October for a couple of days, though not an actual birding trip. I'd welcome any info or suggestions on good birding sites, preferably without the use of a car. Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. Grousemore

    Warbler ID, Idaho, USA

    I'd say Common Yellowthroat.
  21. Grousemore

    Do I need a Firewall (and what is it?)

    My remarks were intended for Laptop/Notebook users, who may be behind a hardware router/firewall at home or in the Office, but are vulnerable using wifi whilst on the road. That's when Comodo shows its worth...
  22. Grousemore

    Do I need a Firewall (and what is it?)

    I would suggest that ShieldsUp is only testing the router firewall and not the software firewall, Comodo.
  23. Grousemore

    Hawk in Newport Beach, CA backbay????

    Red shouldered it is.
  24. Grousemore

    St.Helens Uk

    Yes it is,