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  1. Tib78

    Image/Audio request - African/grey Penduline tit from East Africa

    Hi all, An unusual thread/request for this is an ID forum but it’s for a good cause. I and several others are currently working on a paper on African/Grey Penduline tit (Anthoscopus caroli) in East Africa. We are still gathering materials in the form of photos and audio recordings. We are...
  2. Tib78

    Phyllosc, Laos

    Photographed by a friend of mine in January. I have my opinion but my knowledge of Phylloscopus from south-east Asia is a bit too theorical to be reliable, beside I see conflicting evidences so I want to double-check. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Tib78

    Raptors from Indonesia.

    Hi all, I would appreciate help on these. Taken by a friend of mine. 1- an Accipiter, not sure where it was taken but presumably not far from the other birds (see location below) 2- an editing featuring 2 differents bird from Seram (lets label them 2a for the upper one and 2b for the lower...
  4. Tib78

    Can I get my recordings back?

    Hi all, Recently, I mistakingly deleted several folders containing many recordings in my recording device, a Panasonic LS-3. Unfortunately I had not saved those recordings to my computer yet (I am an idiot, I know). I would like to know if any of you guys has a magic trick to get my recordings...
  5. Tib78

    Thrush, Wisconsin

    Taken recently by a friend of mine near the city of Madison. So far there is no consensus as to its ID. Any opinion?
  6. Tib78

    Hippolais - France, near Paris

    Photos taken by a friend of mine. Clearly this is between Icterine and Melodious. Melodious is very common around Paris while Icterine is a major local rarity (but already one record of a singing male this spring). The bird was suspected to be an Icterine in the field and seemingly reacted to...
  7. Tib78

    Passerine - Thar desert India

    Hi all, Any opinion on this bird photographed in India (not by me)? Date unknown but it does not look like a migrant anyway. Thanks in advance.
  8. Tib78

    Sound Id - France

    Recorded recently (not by me) near Paris in mixed deciduous Woodland. According to the recordist, the bird was behaving rather like a Phylloscopus. Trouble: he is not sure the bird he saw was the same as the one in the recording. Any idea?
  9. Tib78

    Pallid/Montagu's problem - France

    Taken recently (not by me) in Central France. I have my own strong opinion on this non-classic bird (regardless of the species involved). N.B: there is a remote possibility that the 2 photos of the bird on the ground might in fact depicted a different bird. Yet it is extremely unlikely.
  10. Tib78

    Warbler - Southern France

    What do you think of this warbler? Taken recently (not by me) in Languedoc-Roussillon. Date 8th of may 2014
  11. Tib78

    Some Portuguese Orchids for ID

    Hi all, I was on holydays from the 20th of february to the 3rd of march in Portugal. Although these holydays were not dedicated to nature, I managed to record some nice birds (Richard's pipit; Ring ouzel; Blue rock thrush; Dartford warbler; Southern grey shrike; Little owl and Black-shouldered...
  12. Tib78

    YLG or LBBG? - France

    What do you think of this young Gull from a French forum? Pictures taken near Saint-Malo, Brittany, during summer. Approximatively near the 20th of july 2010, although exact date a little uncertain it would seem. I have my opinion but any further insight welcome. Pictures...
  13. Tib78

    The oiled Juvenile harrier autumn 2011 - Shetland, UK

    Not sure whether or not this is the right place to post this. But here we go. This oiled harrier: http://birdingfrontiers.com/2011/10/13/juvenile-pallid-harrier-identification/ has prompted an interesting discussion on Birding frontiers, with the great input of JanJ. Further discussion on this...
  14. Tib78

    Bavarian birds photo quizz

    Today, for the first time in years, I decided to take up the challenge of Bavarian birds' bird quizz. I came across a mystery picture where the expected answer appears to be "Bonelli's eagle". See attached screen capture. What do you guys reckon?
  15. Tib78

    Harrier-Kuwait (presumably)

    Hi all, I was doing some reading on http://10000birds.com/ and I came accross this picture: http://10000birds.com/where-are-you-birding-this-first-weekend-of-october-2008.htm labelled 'juvenile Pallid harrier'... What do you guys reckon?
  16. Tib78

    Tern, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Hi all, A Tern seen this year in Tanzania. The photos aren't great, the difference of contrast is due to the constantly changing lighting conditions. Pictures taken in late June. I must admit I have been thinking repressa because of the grey rump but some Common may show a greyish rump, and...
  17. Tib78

    Acro, Central African Republic

    Hi all, I photographed this Acrocephalus warbler last february in CAR. The photographic conditions were difficult: after sunset within the reedbed (I was in a blind, waiting for a pair of White-spotted flufftail), hence the mediocre quality of the photos. I don't have much to add to what is...
  18. Tib78

    Med Gull, Black sea (Bulgaria)

    An interesting bird from the Black sea. I brought it from a French forum. I think that our dedicated BF "gullers" will quickly see what the problem is...the primaries and secondaries indicates a 1st winter (1cy) but the head is similar to breeding adult, any explanation? Picture take recently...
  19. Tib78

    Snow Leopard on video

    Maybe some of you have already seen this awesome video of a Snow Leopard hunting an ibex: http://www.maniacworld.com/Snow-Leopard-vs-Mountain-Goat.html An amazing chase that defies the law of gravity!!!!! Off-voice comments by Sir David Attenborough if I am not mistaken (?).
  20. Tib78

    Duck hybrid-France

    One for Joern ;) I would lean towards Pintail x Wigeon, but I am not sure. Any opinion welcome.
  21. Tib78


    I took the liberty to bring this bird from a French forum. What do you guys think?
  22. Tib78

    Cisticola and pipit ID, Kenya

    Hi all, Any opinion welcome about those little fellows: 1: a cisticola, Hell's Gate N.P (habitat:dry grassland with scattered bushes) 2: another cisticola, Lake Naivasha (habitat:rank vegetation) 3: pipits (adult and juvenile), Lake Naivasha 4,5: pipit, Lake Naivasha