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  1. Grousemore

    S.California, La Jolla

    These were sent to me for ID, but I'm struggling. Non-birder, who said "sparrow-sized, feeding on the ground" Poor pics, but any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Grousemore

    RFI Los Angeles, California

    I'm going to LA in mid October for a couple of days, though not an actual birding trip. I'd welcome any info or suggestions on good birding sites, preferably without the use of a car. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Grousemore

    Birding in Dubai

    I intend to visit Dubai for a few days in the next month or so. Not a proper birding trip, but would very much welcome any advice on how to see what's about there. I'll have a vehicle available, and am unashamedly looking for LIFERS. Any advice on strategy would be most gratefully received.
  4. Grousemore

    Cozumel, Mexico, info requested

    I plan to be on Cozumel Island, Mexico next weekend and would appreciate any advice on maximising birding opportunities. It is not really a birding trip, due to the prescence of non-birders, but a chance to see the endemics and any other new species cannot be ignored! I'll obviously search BF...
  5. Grousemore

    South Korea- Saemangeum Wetlands

    Whilst this issue is not new, an article today from the BBC may be of interest: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/6649233.stm
  6. Grousemore

    Dowitcher ID?

    Always a favourite... Taken in central Florida last week; opinions would be welcomed.
  7. Grousemore


    Thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  8. Grousemore


    Forgive the intrusion, but why does anyone bother to post these 'Lists' of birds they've seen?... My Year list, My county lists, life lists etc, etc ad nauseum. Do they really believe anyone is interested, or moreover if anyone actually reads them in detail? What is the purpose? I can...
  9. Grousemore

    Long-shot in Florida

    This bird was in the far distance on a phone mast, so the pics are commensurately crap! The jizz gave me an idea, so would appreciate anyone else's thoughts...
  10. Grousemore

    Dallas, Texas-Information?

    I've got a short trip to Dallas, Texas planned for early May and hope to get a bit of birding in. Any information would be gratefully received.(I'll have a car)
  11. Grousemore

    Birding between Los Angeles and San Diego

    I'm going on a short trip to California in a week's time and hope to do a bit of birding here and there. I'll be hiring a car and it would be nice to see some birds that we don't get in Florida. Any suggestions or information re the area between LA and San Diego would be gratefully received.
  12. Grousemore

    Bird ID?

    Are these two obvious, or not?
  13. Grousemore

    Any thoughts on this?

    I'd be grateful for confirmation or otherwise of this bird taken in July, central Florida. I was experimenting with BSS settings on my camera, having failed to get much in focus of late, and hadn't even noticed this bird amongst the mixed roost I'd been observing.
  14. Grousemore

    South Carolina

    I'd be grateful for any advice on places to bird in South Carolina at this time of year. I'm not sure of what might be seen there as opposed to Florida in mid June. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  15. Grousemore

    Pelagic Birding, North Carolina

    I was thinking about doing some pelagic birding in the next few weeks and would be grateful for any information/experiences on trips out of NC (Hatteras etc), which I understand the Gulf Stream favourably influences. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. Grousemore

    Mystery Bird ID

    Anyone know what this is?
  17. Grousemore

    Wader/Shorebird ID

    A couple of birds here(taken recently in Florida) which may or may not be easy to ID...
  18. Grousemore

    American Bird???

    Sorting out a few pics...wondered if anyone can guess what it is? Better shots to come, if necessary.
  19. Grousemore

    Lesser Scaup

    I noticed there were a couple of Lesser Scaup reported on Bird Guides today. Having looked in Collins, I noticed there was no detailed description, it being in the back with 'Vagrants' (recorded only a few times) I hadn't realised it was that rare, does anyone have any numbers for it?
  20. Grousemore

    Hawk Mountain and Cape May

    Hawk Mountain and Cape May,New Jersey I'm planning a trip to Hawk Mountain,PA in mid-October to experience the raptor migration. I intend to fly to Newark and drive to H.M first and later visit Cape May. Other than the two places mentioned, I'd be grateful for any other suggestions for birding...
  21. Grousemore

    Ringing/Banding of Wildfowl

    I was at Elmley Marshes RSPB Reserve in Kent today and noticed a Teal with a strange orange coloured band on its bill. I've never seen anything like this before and would welcome any comments on the pics below.
  22. Grousemore

    Mystery Birds

    Two in the same pic for ID.
  23. Grousemore

    Different Browsers for Birdforum

    Has anyone else noticed differences in browser function since the recent site upgrade? For me,Internet Explorer performs as previously,but Netscape and Mozilla do not. Specifically,having read a Post,when using the 'Back' button,Netscape and Mozilla both take me back to the top of the page...
  24. Grousemore

    Anyone recognise this?

    Shouldn't be too difficult,but clues available as needed.
  25. Grousemore

    Sparrow ID

    I confidently ID'd this and took a couple of pics,but having looked at the results(poor quality and all)a few doubts have crept in. Any comments anyone?