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  1. JTweedie

    Pallid swift migration

    This is behind a paywall unfortunately, but it says that researchers in Gibraltar tracked pallid swifts (Apus pallidus brehmorum) on southward migration, moving at an average of 400 km per day, and found one individual that had flown across the Sahara, covering around 1000 km in 30 hours. Two...
  2. JTweedie

    Where are the Goldcrests?

    Spotted a goldcrest on Sunday at Lochwinnoch. It was really foggy with not a breath of wind and one landed in a branch a metre away. It appeared to have been travelling with a small flock of long-tailed tits. I see long-tailed tits quite often, and goldfinches are by far the most frequently...
  3. JTweedie

    Western Scotland birding

    I went to Lochwinnoch this morning. When I left Glasgow there was glorious sunshine, but within a few minutes the clouds started to come over. By the time I got to Lochwinnoch, there was low cloud that kept forming and dispersing, and then for a couple of hours dense fog descended. You couldn't...
  4. JTweedie

    Western Scotland birding

    I'm not aware of any sightings of kittiwakes in the Glasgow area, but maybe the SOC might be able to help? If you're on Twitter you could ask Clyde Birding.
  5. JTweedie

    Why Doves fight with each other, while not with other birds?

    You do sometimes see inter-species conflict. Magpies and wood pigeons for example are often antagonistic to each other. Nuthatches will bully other species for food too. I saw a magpie and a grey squirrel facing off the other day, although it was more that the magpie was tolerating the...
  6. JTweedie

    Seal clambers over weir

    Watch as a seal clambers over a weir on its way upriver. Probably not any different from how a seal might climb up onto rocks from the sea.
  7. JTweedie

    What birds can I hope to see in Lanzarote

    While Lanzarote isn't covered, Naturetrek has trip reports for other islands. Might be worth looking at these as there's bound to be some overlap. https://www.naturetrek.co.uk/tours#/holidays?FL.Country=The%20Canary%20Islands&sort=ordering%7CASC&page=1
  8. JTweedie

    Birdfair cancelled again

    Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust has said they'll no longer host Birdfair. https://www.lrwt.org.uk/birdfair
  9. JTweedie

    Where are the Goldcrests?

    I've seen them on five occasions so far this year, most recently on 25 October. I live in a flat and don't have a garden, but there's a Scots pine outside my window where I've seen them on each of these five occasions. I'm sure I'd see them more often if I looked that way more. I'm sure these...
  10. JTweedie

    Do we look for problems??

    I think it's only natural to expect more expensive binoculars to perform better. Why spend £1500 on a pair when you can get another for £150? What is it that justifies the order of magnitude in cost difference? If you spent £150 knowing that there is a £1500 binocular out there, then I'm sure...
  11. JTweedie

    seabirdwatching potential new ferry route between Eemshaven NL and Kristiansand NO

    You get some great sightings from local ferries too eg Ardrossan to Arran, Oban to Mull, around Shetland, although the journey times are quite short, so you need a bit of luck. I stood out on the deck on the ferry between Spain and Morocco but there wasn't too much to see that day. But I know...
  12. JTweedie

    How close should I get to birds in woodland?

    I think birds feel quite safe in woodland as there are a lot of places for them to escape to if needed. If I see a bird or group of birds in a tree just ahead, I'll often stop and use my binoculars for a better view, and give the birds the space and time they need to move on as that's how...
  13. JTweedie

    Self-found - Stonking or Subtle?

    I don't find all that many uncommon birds where I am - I'm normally happy to see whatever's around. But a few weeks ago I was first to see and report on a Ruddy Shelduck at Lochwinnoch. Whether it was a genuine wild bird or an escape from a collection I don't know. But it was a bit of a buzz...
  14. JTweedie

    Cheeky Parrot

    It made me think of all those videos of camera traps - you can quite clearly see that animals notice the traps. I like seeing the footage of animals - nearly always the predators - exploring the cameras.
  15. JTweedie

    Bald eagle with cat prey

    I did look Andy just in case and couldn't see anything, but sorry if there is another thread about it. It came up on Twitter yesterday which is how I found out about it.
  16. JTweedie

    Bald eagle with cat prey

    This video from February 2021 shows a bald eagle bringing a cat to the nest.
  17. JTweedie

    Sick and dead Guillemots

    They mentioned this on Autumnwatch and suggested starvation, but they admitted research was still ongoing. I've seen seabirds washed up on the east coast of Scotland after storms, but there's been a fair amount of press about the number of dead birds along the coast this year.
  18. JTweedie

    seabirdwatching potential new ferry route between Eemshaven NL and Kristiansand NO

    Even leaving at 3 pm, you'll still have fairly long hours of daylight from late spring through to autumn. And if you get up early, you've got many daylight hours before the ferry gets to its destination. I'd love to see a ferry from Scotland to Iceland via Faroe Islands. You can already get a...
  19. JTweedie

    Autumnal Lothian mini-trip

    Aberlady is fantastic isn't it? I love the variety of habitats there. I've not been there for at least a decade though, I really must go back, perhaps find some accommodation in Aberlady since I don't have a car any more.
  20. JTweedie

    Are wheatears rare?

    Perhaps people aren't visiting suitable habitats in enough numbers to record them? Maybe also with pandemic lockdowns, not enough people were around during height of migration to see them? There's demographic information that's more focused on Britain that might help, although it says there's...
  21. JTweedie

    Sprawk and Kestrel with talons drawn! Epping Forest.

    The Springwatch programmes have shown a lot of competitive behaviour between Kestrels and Barn Owls too.
  22. JTweedie

    Are wheatears rare?

    Least Concern globally: http://datazone.birdlife.org/species/factsheet/northern-wheatear-oenanthe-oenanthe
  23. JTweedie

    Falkland Islands wolf

    Evidence of pre-European people on the Falkland Islands and their potential relationship and introduction to the islands of the now extinct Falkland Islands wolf or warrah (Dusicyon australis), answering questions that Darwin posed about them when he visited in 1833 on the HMS Beagle voyage...
  24. JTweedie

    Iolo’s Pembrokeshire

    Thanks for confirming. I looked online after posting this and figured they must have been that species as the Banded Demoiselle's wings are much more distinctive.
  25. JTweedie

    Iolo’s Pembrokeshire

    I watched the third episode last night. Three things that impressed me: 1. The small reserve at the beginning, Llangloffan Fen, reminded me a lot of a reserve near me run by the Scottish Wildlife Trust called Cathkin Marsh. Like the Welsh reserve, this is a marsh with some open water...