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  1. birderbf

    BoP, Spain

    I have a good idea of what this is, but I'm looking for some confirmation. It was photographed in upland areas near Segovia, Spain.
  2. birderbf

    Sharp-tailed sparrow sp., New York

    Hi all, I photographed this bird in habitat that has held both sharp-tailed sparrow species over the last week. I will save my own thoughts secret for now to keep other guesses unbiased. Any thoughts or good resources are appreciated.
  3. birderbf

    Yellow Wagtail sp, NEW YORK

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine discovered a Yellow Wagtail just this afternoon in Brooklyn. Does anyone have any thoughts on what subspecies (and species!) it is? Eastern Yellow Wagtail are the only ones yet recorded in this hemisphere, but so far they've only been recorded from the Pacifc...
  4. birderbf

    Central Park, Take One

    On my first visit to Central Park this year I had some wonderful surprises and surprising misses. Some ordinarily patently obvious species, like Black-throated Blue Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, etc weren't apparent at all. Only one of three interesting warblers (Hooded, Cape May and Worm-eating)...
  5. birderbf

    Another visit to the sanctaury

    ... produced ZERO warblers, instead, four species of sparrows (incl Chipping and Savannah, new to my BIGBY list) and one early House Wren, singing away. The list is now at a pathetic 47. However I'll be in Central Park as often as possible this year. I foresee a few flycatchers, 3 swallow...
  6. birderbf

    Early Spring

    Over the last two weekend I soaked up most of the new arrivals for this year. Last weekend at Hempstead Lake State Park I was running out of luck on Fox Sparrow and Winter Wren, until I got some hot tipoffs from 2007 2nd state Smith's Longspur finder Ed Coyle. We were wacking the bushes (not...
  7. birderbf


    Today I did my first unofficial "Bigby" run. A "Bigby" list is a list of all the birds one sees from walking, biking, or from mass transit (I have to check on the details of the mass transit part though, because buses and ferries are big pollutants!). Mass transit is a common way for me to go...
  8. birderbf


    Anyone else sensing it? Yesterday I had some sort of small tree blooming neon yellow flowers already, and today I spotted my year Brown-headed Cowbird among the masses of blackbirds moving around. In the past I've noticed the House Finches to sing first, but perhaps not this year - it seems the...
  9. birderbf

    January Happenings

    I haven't posted in a while, but so far this year I have had an astonishing amount lifers considering how many years I've been at this game. Here we go: Short-tailed Hawk: one at Loxahatchee NWR, near West Palm Beach, in early January. Dark morph. Rough-legged Hawk: second new hawk species of...
  10. birderbf


    Today I took part in my first (!) CBC. It was a wonderful experience. My partner and I tallied 46 species in five hours, covering 5.7 miles on foot. Out of the 46 a few stood out, in order of appearance: Forster's Tern: usually far from here this time of year, considered casual in winter...
  11. birderbf

    Winter Surprises

    ... don't include finches for me yet. Just this mroning I struck out again. NW winds and all were there, but they were too strong, and only a few goldies were chippering about. The only noteworthy bird of the day was an American Pipit, calling atop a house there. Last weekend I sacrificed a day...
  12. birderbf

    Fall Migration's Last Swipe

    And I thought fall migration was slowly ending! Besides the headline-grabbing winter finches and other boreal birds (3 shrikes reported on LI so far, both crossbills, redpolls, siskins, and Purple Finches), passerines had long ago seemed to have moved south. Yet today they tried to fight back...
  13. birderbf

    Nothing like Endorsing the Forecast Firsthand!

    Here's how the winter finch (+) forecast is shaping up: Bohemian Waxwing: indeed showing up upstate, extra early Red Crossbill: may be invading the north in small numbers, nothing major as predicted Common Redpoll: don't know what's happening up north, but they were reported on Long Island for...
  14. birderbf

    Rodriquejr's photos

    This member has an excellent gallery. In addition to this one, check out his Purple Swamphen, Lilac-breasted Roller, and stork closeups! http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=111031
  15. birderbf

    Embark on the *ReLive* Series

    Beginning as soon as all computer troubles have been shot, I will begin a series that will relive various memorable times in my search for birds (actually, I only need photoshop reinstalled now, then it's all clear). I thought it'd be nice to begin witha tease from the plane trip north to Nova...
  16. birderbf

    Winter Finch forecast becoming truer and truer!

    First Purple Finches began invading the mid-Atlantic states in unusually large numbers. Just yesterday, a Pine Siskin flight was noted along Long Island's barrier beaches. A saw-whet owl seen at a confidential location was mentioned due to unusual daytime behavior. All these were mentioned as...
  17. birderbf

    *Swamp* Sparrow?

    I always feel this certain happiness when I see a Swamp Sparrow. They are, for me, the quintessence of an eastern marsh. Only the best can attract Swamp Sparrows. There was a Swamp Sparrowy marsh in Nova Scotia (gotta get around to writing that up with photos for the blog here) that also held...
  18. birderbf

    Snipe Hunt!!

    I joined my local Audubon chapter today for a walk at the Massapequa preserve, THE best place on the Long Island to see Wilson's Snipes. it also can be good for migrants, and great for typical woodland species, but neither were in abundance today. At the reliable pond, a snipe was quickly found...
  19. birderbf

    Mt. Lafayette, NH

    Hi, I'd be grateful if anyone can shed some light on species possible on Mt. Lafayette in May, as I'll be climbing it next year. I'm most interested in breeding (and migrant) passerines that may be there, especially warblers, as well as the infamous Bicknell's Thrush. Any knowledge or links on...
  20. birderbf

    The Western that almost Wasn't

    The other day at Jones Beach was quite slow migrant-wise, but the shorebird variety on the beach was pleasing. Among the many Sanderlings were my first-of-the-season Dunlin (over forty) and a surprising 15+ Western Sandpipers, just on that small part of the beach I covered. Definitely the most...
  21. birderbf

    Purple Finches

    After getting a haircut I was walking around a park in northern Nassau County, on Long Island, when I spotted a finch. A Purple Finch! Just one, but that was enough to make my day. It flew into another tree, and I lost it but found a nice Brown Thrasher. The finch eventually popped back into...
  22. birderbf

    Jamaica Bay

    This is a place where it's rare to have a day without anything rare. I'd say between today and August, there wasn't a day when either a godwit (about 3 Hudsonians long-staying, one Marbled flyover), phalaropes (about 3 Wilson's, two Red-necked) or something else (avocet, golden-plovers, etc etc)...
  23. birderbf

    The Call of the Backyard

    I was very, very surprised to see a small bird with wingbars flitting around outside my bedroom window today, as I live in a bird-free area. Blackpoll Warbler? What a fine surprise, I thought, until I saw it had a gray face, a grass-green crown, nape and back, and humungous wingbars...
  24. birderbf

    Tropical Storm Birding!

    Yeah I thought the same thing. A nice little depression was moving through the area, possibly with it a few interesting offshore species. A year ago somebody had a Sabine's Gull and a Sooty Tern off Fire Island. And that's where I was planning to go that day, in the company of BF user BEBirder...
  25. birderbf

    Migration (finally) and Smart Gulls

    Today I woke to find a encouraging email in my onbox, mentioning 15 species of warbler at good ol' Jones Beach. Never mind two Purple Finches, two Buff-breasted Sands and a Dickcissel! Dickcissel is an annual vistor here, and actually three were reported from nearby Fire Island that morning as...