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  1. wintibird

    Canarian Black Oystercatcher

    Yep, not free.... you have to give them your data...
  2. wintibird

    Piping Guan, Pantanal, Brazil

    Hi I'm rather confused with this Piping Guan. The dewlap is mainly red, however there is some blue on the throat. Is it a Red-throated Piping Guan (Pipile cujubi), a Blue-throated (Pipile cumanensis) which is what the guide told us, or is it a intermediate form between the two? The picture was...
  3. wintibird

    Unknown, Ilha Grande, Brasil

    Of course! Thanks guys.
  4. wintibird

    Unknown, Ilha Grande, Brasil

    I've seen this bird in october on Ilha Grande in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. The bird was on a big dead tree, inside the forest, together with a Picazuro Pigeon (the bigger bird on one of the pictures). It was an overcast, grey day, so the picture is not the best. Can anyone help? André
  5. wintibird

    Flycatcher, Mato Grosso, Brazil

    Possibilities are: - Brown-crested Flycatcher - Swainson's Flycatcher - Short-crested Flycatcher - Dusky-capped Flycatcher
  6. wintibird

    Flycatcher, Mato Grosso, Brazil

    Just found a second picture of the bird. Cattle Tyrant?
  7. wintibird

    Flycatcher, Mato Grosso, Brazil

    Hi everyone This picture was taken in July near Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Not really an expert with those, can anyone help? The picture was taken in the evening near a small farm, surrounded by wet forest. André
  8. Collared Crescentchest

    Collared Crescentchest

    One of the highlights of our visit to Chapada dos Guimares.
  9. wintibird

    Brazil: budget Patanal/Amazonia

    No clue about the place in Porto Jofre.... Also not really sure about your first question. The hotel at the Pixaim river is called Mato Grosso but as everything else it's at the Transpantaneira, so your starting point is Cuiaba anyway. I will pm you about the places around Chapada dos...
  10. wintibird

    Brazil: budget Patanal/Amazonia

    Working on a report, but that may take a while. We had a local guide all along. First we stayed in Pousada Vento Sul in Chapada dos Guimarães (will you go there?) and birded around the town (Vale do Jamaca, Vale do Bencao, Estrada Agua Fria and Estrada da Geladeira. The place was full of birds...
  11. wintibird

    Brazil: budget Patanal/Amazonia

    Just returned from the Pantanal. Let me know if you want any specific infos about some species. We managed to see most of them;) André
  12. wintibird


    Not sure if 20 years old gem is really useful.....;) I do remember seeing them at the ponds near the airport (actually mating on my rubber boots...) and close to the dog kennels, probably the very same place Tom mentioned. André
  13. wintibird

    How many markings per bird?

    That is correct, however most probably never happens. I have seen birds with a neck collar and three rings on their legs, I can't remember any bird with more than 4 markings that I'v seen. André
  14. wintibird

    Summering Steller's in Varanger

    The observations in Kiberg and Andersby are refering to King Eider, not Steller's Eider.
  15. wintibird

    Summering Steller's in Varanger

    eBird shows one record from 6. June in Vardo of 2 Steller's Eider and 2 King Eider at Kiberg on the same date. Also two King Eider at Andersby on 5. June. André
  16. wintibird

    Magpie taxonomy

    The splits will be done in IOC 8.2. IOC will then have Maghreb Magpie (Pica mauritanica), Asir Magpie (Pica asirensis), Black-rumped Magpie (Pica bottanensis), Oriental Magpie (Pica serica, includes anderssoni) and Eurasian Magpie. See here: http://www.worldbirdnames.org/updates/species-updates/...
  17. wintibird

    Shrikes near Frankfurt

    It absolutely is. Great Grey Shrike is a victim of industrial agriculture and has disappeared over much of Europe as a breeding bird. André
  18. wintibird

    house sparrow somali sparrow

    I have to agree with Andy here, that's definitely a Somali Sparrow. The crown is all brown (no grey like in House Sparrow) but not as rufous as in breeding plumage. Also the upperparts are different (eg the grey-black stripes and the missing white wing bar, as mentioned by Andy). André
  19. wintibird

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Rppell's Starling'

    Hi Mike Great picture. However, isn't this a Rppell's Starling (Lamprotornis purpuropterus)? Burchell's is not found in Tanzania and has dark eyes.
  20. wintibird

    Olive Warbler

    I saw a bird at the end of July in the Chiricahuas, Arizona. We were based in Portal. However, it wasn't the easiest bird to find, so best to plan some days up there. André
  21. wintibird

    Are these pine warblers?

    I get the message: The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren't in. Could you post the pic here directly?
  22. wintibird

    How many species of owl have you seen

    Now up to 82 species (including 8 heard only). Latest addition was a nice Pel's Fishing Owl in Uganda. André
  23. wintibird

    Mountain Birding advice

    ...and having the dogs with you doesn't help at all. Go out without them and your chances will be much better.... André
  24. wintibird


    There are several good spots in Lanzarote: Around Playa Blanca (southern tip of the island): sometimes good birds in the hotel grounds, Houbara Bustard and Cream-coloured Courser around the cement works (northeast of the town) or some seabirds from Punta Pechiguera (like Cory's Shearwater)...
  25. wintibird

    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    They got the Pine Bunting this morning in southern Switzerland! :t: André