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  1. dalat


    Hi, some ID questions from Rwanda, Akagera NP Bird 1
  2. dalat

    Coronavirus and wildlife trade

    Like Ebola and SARS, the current Coronavirus epidemic seems to have its origin in people eating wildlife. In China, authorities have started to clamp down on wildlife markets, trading and farming. Will the Coronavirus epidemic have a positive side effect on wildlife conservation by putting...
  3. dalat

    Tajikistan Vulture

    Hi, not sure if the upper one is an Eurasian or Himalayan Griffon. Adult birds of both species were present.
  4. dalat

    Tajikistan: Buzzard and Rosefinch

    Hi, here 2 or 3 birds from Tajikistan, in the mountains west of Dushanbe, last week. First ist a Buzzard, Common vulpinus or something else?
  5. dalat

    Asian ringing/banding: where to report readings?

    I saw two banded birds in Vietnam. Where should I report these birds?
  6. dalat

    Vietnam Gull

    Some Gulls were resting next to Caspian Terns in the Mekong Delta, a few days ago. Next to the terns, they seem a bit too large for Black-headed, so is it Brown headed? But not sure if the wing pattern of the flight pic is right...
  7. dalat

    Vietnam in October

    Had a nice trip to Vietnam in October. Starting in the South in Can Gio near Saigon, Cat Tien National Park, Dalat, Kontum (Mang Den and Ngoc Linh, where I dipped on the Golden-winged Laughingthrush), Cuc Phuong and finishing in Hanoi. A bit too lazy to write a full report, so I just link a...
  8. dalat

    Vietnam Phyllos, Oct

    Now to the favorite part of post-processing a Vietnam trip: Phylloscopus warblers :) Bird 1, Dalat. I think Greenish Warbler, but I'd be grateful for confirmation or correction.
  9. dalat

    Vietnam IDs

    Going through the photos of this months Vietnam trip, and I will have a couple of ID questions. The first one is from Dalat and is quite puzzling me. From the colours, can't be much else than a Black Bulbul. But feet are not red, and head and bill does not seem right. I also remember a smaller...
  10. dalat

    Lynx: Birds of Thailand, Birds of Vietnam

    I saw that there is a new Birds of Thailand fieldguide by Lynx edicions, and they also announced a Birds of Vietnam with the same concept: https://www.lynxeds.com/product/birds-thailand-0 https://www.lynxeds.com/product/birds-vietnam Anyone got the Thailand guide and can comment? Any reviews...
  11. dalat

    First commercial bird tour to Moldova

    Moldova is now on the map of bird tour operators. Well, at least of one of them: https://www.oriolebirding.com/upload/files/Moldova%202018%20Tour%20Report%20(1).pdf
  12. dalat

    Tajikistan - a short trip to the Pamirs

    I'm just back from another work trip to Tajikistan. This time I "had" to go the Pamirs, and I managed to add a couple of days for birding. Already the drive for work was phantastic! Absolutely incredible landscapes, remote villages, lovely people and food was not bad too. Particularely...
  13. dalat

    Tajikistan June

    Hi, A few ID questions from Tajkistan. Here the first, warblers from Dushanbe, Rudaki park (park in the centre of the capital city), 08.06.2018. There were several birds present (>10) , quite active, feeding and often singing. Songs were often quite long and without interruptions. Photos of...
  14. dalat

    Mammals of Central Asia?

    Hi, I'm looking for a fieldguide on mammals, that covers the Central Asian region. I guess there is no guide specifically for the region, but I wonder perhaps there is one covering a larger region that includes Central Asia. Any recommendations? Thanks, Florian
  15. dalat

    My daughter's optics

    I thought I'd give a short review of my daughters new binoculars, as she really likes them a lot (see picture 1). It's a 1x30 binocular, very compact, with straight tubes. The IPD is perfect for my 4 year old, the low power and the huge exit pupil make it extremly easy to use for kids. Despite...
  16. dalat

    Camargue in Oct?

    Hi, we´ve got some unplanned familily holiday time for the first half of October. My wife´s got the idea of South of France and Camargue in particular, and as this is a birdy place, I´m inclined to accept :) Still, ist October a good time to be there? Is a lot of hunting going on there? Can...
  17. dalat

    Camargue in October?

    Hi, we´ve got some unplanned familily holiday time for the first half of October. My wife´s got the idea of South of France and Camargue in particular, and as this is a birdy place, I´m inclined to accept :) Still, ist October a good time to be there? Is a lot of hunting going on there? Can...
  18. dalat

    Are Smartphones as good as m4/3s?

    Hi, since a while, I use the Samsung S6 for digiscoping on my Swaro ATM-HD 80 scope. It is still one of the best smartphone cameras out there I think, and handling with the Kowa adapter is very easy. Recently, I bought a m4/3 camera, the Pana G81 (or 85 or 80), and now I also got the 20 mm 1.7...
  19. dalat

    First time in Africa, with kids: where to go?

    Hi I think it's time to bring the kids (and myself) to Africa, to see mammals, birds, nature and people. I've never been birding in Africa, and have not started reading and research yet. So I would be happy about some pointers and ideas, to get me started. - Our kids are now 4 and 12, the...
  20. dalat

    BTX Binoviewer for ATX scopes

    Apparently there is a binoviewer module for the ATX scopes (objective modules) coming. Also a 1.7 extender, to be added beween the objective and ocular modules. It has a ray divider (right word?) and one prism for each ocular, if I got it right. Magnification is fix, 35x for the ATX 95 and 30x...
  21. dalat

    NE Spain, family+birds

    Hi, just booked flights to Barcelona in April (Easter holidays). It will be a family trip, but I will try to get see some (many) birds as well. My idea is to find a cottage or appartment in a nice sourrounding, where nice trips to beaches, hikes and sights with the family can be had not to far...
  22. dalat


    Anyone has any ideas about where to go birding in Macedonia? I'll be there early April (for work), near Prespa lake, and wonder if I should add a weekend or os.
  23. dalat

    Best phone cam for digiscoping?

    Hi, mobile phones seem to have a short life :C But my old phone dying also means I can get a better camera for digiscoping. So I wonder what current mobilephones have good cameras for digiscoping. What I need is good image quality and autofocus working well through the scope, and i want...
  24. dalat

    Vietnam Plovers

    Hi, I need some help with Plover IDs. All pics from today, Central Vietnam. My guesses: 1. Greater Sand 2. Lesser Sand 3. White-faced 4. Long-billed Thanks, Florian
  25. dalat

    Pratincole, Moldova

    This Pratincole was observered last saturday in southern Moldova, at a open and flat, dry meadow next to a large lake with reed belts. According to Svensson range maps, both Collared and Black-winged are possible here. Distance was large, so only very crappy pics not really showing any ID...