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  1. J

    ID by feather

    Hey, I got a question before I post pictures. Is it possible to identify what bird a feather came from? I found multiple feathers in a park, I would like to see if I can get them identified. Just curious. Jared
  2. J

    Great Bird Photo

    "Cleared for Takeoff......" Seriously, I got the photo today at the Nampa Sugar Factory. One of my best. I just wanted to show it.
  3. J

    Yet another raptor. Nampa, Idaho, USA

    Apologies for the low quality photo. Camera shutter was not set right. Went to the Nampa Sugar Factory after hearing there was a Peregrine Falcon Nest. Snapped this bird going into the nest. Is this a Peregrine Falcon? Jared
  4. J

    2 IDs. Boise, Idaho, USA

    These two birds were in my front yard. Any idea what they are? Jared
  5. J

    American crow VS pigeon VIDEO

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj5HcQNnSQM&feature=youtu.be Witnessed this just now. A pigeon was fighting a crow. The pigeon won in the end, chasing off the crow. It was cool to see! Jared
  6. J


    I am very frustrated. I have been trying to find and get a picture of a peregrine falcon in Boise, Idaho for a year now. No luck. I'm very angry and very frustrated because I can't find one. In addition, every time I think I have one, and I got a picture, It turned out to be something else...
  7. J

    Another Raptor. Boise, Idaho, USA

    First, I just want to say that I think these photos are awesome. Best photos I ever took. Its staring into my soul in one of the photos. HAHAHA! Second, I cant really tell what it is from this angle. Any ideas?
  8. J

    Falcon? Boise, Idaho, USA

    Took these photos in deep Boise. This bird was on a skyscraper. The wings and tail make me think it is a peregrine falcon. What do you guys think? Jared
  9. J

    Rescued an injured mallard

    So, I was in the process of moving, when I came across an injured male Mallard. I was able to rescue him and take him to the animals in distress Association. He is now getting the proper care. It always feels good to help an animal in need, right?
  10. J

    Owl ID. Nampa, Idaho, USA

    So, I woke up this morning at 4:45 AM. Still very dark. I was hearing an owl in my backyard. I got out my camera and set the shutter speed to 30 seconds, the slowest possible speed. I set up the camera, still dark, mind you, and after trouble focusing and aiming where the owl was, I got this...
  11. J

    Question about owls

    So, I had a great horned owl in my neighborhood this morning. I was able to get a video of it. After I got the video, the owl swooped out of the tree, and went after a couple of small birds. It missed, and the small birds got away. I thought owls only went after mice, not other birds! Do owls...
  12. J

    Owl ID by sound

    All I can offer is a video of the Owl hooting. Its too dark to see the owl or get a picture with my camera. Nampa, Idaho, USA. 6:35 AM when I heard it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwKYmG42alw What do you guys think? Any way to tell what it is? Jared
  13. J

    Swainsons or Red Tail? Idaho, USA

    Took this awesome photo yesterday. However, I cant tell if these are Swainsons or Red Tail hawks. I think they are Swainsons, but I am not sure. I want some additional input. I havent seen a Swainsons in a while, now that I think about it. Jared
  14. J

    Grosbeak? Nampa, Idaho, USA

    I think its a Grosbeak, but I am not sure. What do you guys think? It was spotted ta Wilsons Springs ponds in Nampa, Idaho, USA. Jared
  15. J

    American or Lesser Goldfinch? Idaho, USA

    I cant tell if thats an American Goldfinch or a lesser Goldfinch. Can someone help me figure this out? By the way, the second photo where the bird is tilting his head and looking at the camera, I think that is just TOO CUTE! The bird is like, "Huh? whats that in the window of the human house?"...
  16. J

    Unexpected Sighting/ID. Nampa, Idaho, USA

    So, here is the situation. I have a bird feeder, and the House Finches and Dark Eyed Juncos ALWAYS come every morning to feed. Today, while looking at my bird feeder through my front room window, I saw this roosting in a tree in my front yard. I thought it was a Mourning Dove at first, but on...
  17. J

    Duck ID in Nampa,Idaho, USA

    All I have is a video of the ducks. I would like some help identifying them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHnuElRSHpc Jared
  18. J

    Bird ID Video. Boise, Idaho, USA

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd6Uv4DKWyM Didnt have my birding camera on me at the time. I had to take a video for this reason. Here are the details on the bird I saw: Roosting like a raptor Top of head is black, while bottom of head is white Black and white belly I wish I had my...
  19. J

    Kestrel? Nampa, Idaho, USA

    Testing my bird ID Knowledge. I think this is an American Kestrel. Am I correct? If I am incorrect, please tell me why. I want to learn. Jared
  20. J

    Small Bird ID. Nampa, Idaho, USA

    Spotted at Wilsons Springs in Nampa, Idaho. Cant find an ID in my book. Any idea what it is? It is pretty. Jared
  21. J

    Another ID. Nampa, Idaho, USA

    Took this photo while looking for Peregrine Falcons today. Light conditions werent that good. I can make out black spots on the belly, and a raptor beak as well as eyes if I look close enough. You can also see smaller birds near it. They were about the size of House Sparrows. I saw it fly and...
  22. J

    Peregrine or Kestrel? Nampa, Idaho, USA

    Went out looking for Peregrine Falcons today. I got this picture. Is it a Peregrine Falcon or an American Kestrel? Neither? Apologies for the bad picture. the light conditions were not that good and a train was making a lot of vibration.
  23. J

    Need advice

    Hello, I am looking for information about a bird I have been trying to get a photo of for many months. I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me. I am trying to find a Peregrine Falcon in my area and photograph it. I live in Nampa, Idaho, in the USA. Peregrine Falcons are my favorite...
  24. J

    Giant Raptor. Nampa, Idaho, USA

    Hello, Here is the data on where the photo was taken On December 28th,2019, at Gotts Point trail by Lake Lowell, Near Nampa, Idaho, in the USA, around 2:15, I snapped this picture: I cant tell if thats a Golden Eagle or a Juvenile Bald Eagle. I think it is a Golden Eagle, but I want a...
  25. J

    CDA, Idaho Birding trip.

    Went to CDA, Idaho for a funeral. brought my camera with me so I could go look at birds before the funeral. Here are the pictures, taken at Fernan Lake in North Idaho. Jared