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    Yucatán.Last week.

    Can you help me identify these birds. In Corbús Archeological Site two weeks ago. 1- Blue-cowled oriole? But I notice too much yellow on its back. 2- Gray-headed tanager? 3 and 4. A woodcreeper, likely the same bird 5. A different bird, another woodcreeper. Thank you!
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    Yucatán- White-eyed vireos?

    In Cobá ruins. They look like WEVs , but I would like to have it confirmed. Pics 1,2 and 3 are the same bird. Pic. 4 is a different one. Thanks a lot!
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    Cancún. Mexico. Confirmation

    Last week. Can you confirm my identification of these 5 birds? Thank you! Pic 1 , from left to right: a) Semipalmated Sandpiper b) Sanderling c) Short-Billed Dowitcher Pic 2. Yellow Warbler Pic. 3 Short- Billed Dowitcher (the one in the middle) No way to know the others flanking it.
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    Ethiopia. Northern Grey-Headed Sparrow?

    Debre Libanos Monastery, near Adis, summer. I first thought it was a Swainson on account of the range, but Merlin favours the option of NGHS. Apparently the two species can coexist in this particular spot. The two pictures were taken within the same minute. Thanks in advance!
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    Masai Mara. December

    Sorry for the dreadful pictures. These birds are cut-out secondary actors from other pictures featuring rhinos, lions and stuff, taken with a camera without zoom on a safari decades ago. I wonder if they can be identified. Thank you! Ps. I guess they must be very common species.
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    Greenland gulls. Summer

    Again digging up some terrible old pictures. What might they be? 1. Glaucous gull? 2. Unidentifiable? 3. Iceland gull? Thanks!
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    Ethiopia . South, near Omo NP. Grey bird

    Can you identify this grey banded-tailed bird for me? August,2019. Thanks! Edited: A pale prinia, perhaps?
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    Northern Spain. Tree pipit?

    Is this a TP? Or just a Meadow Pipit on a tree? Thanks!
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    Costa Rica. Smooth-Billed Ani or Groove-Billed Ani?

    Near Manuel Antonio NP, the one area in CR where Smooth-Billed Ani and Groove-billed Ani overlap. I would say it is a SBA, because I can't see the grooves in its bill. However, the bill's size is not as massive as it is characteristic in this species. Thank you!
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    Central Spain. Little ringed plovers?

    Hi. Are these all Little Ringed Plovers? Thank you!
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    Costa Rica. Santa Elena near Monteverde

    Hello, again. I am not sure I have identified these two correctly. Very bad pictures, taken at dusk in two different places in the thicket. 1 Common Tody Fly-Catcher? With very odd light and shade effects? I was pursuing this bird for several minutes, it kept flitting around restlessly. The...
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    Costa Rica. Yellow-Crowned Euphonia?

    Near Monteverde, 1330 mts altitude. Hello! Female euphonias seem very difficult to tell apart. This bird's absence of white on belly apparently does not speak in favour of Yellow-Throated, which would be, I think, the top suspect on account of the range. The crown does not reveal noticeable...
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    Costa Rica. Monteverde. Swallows

    Hello, again. Pics taken recently in a hotel near Monteverde, the birds sharing the roof in harmony at the same time. The fact that they look like juveniles makes it a bit difficult for me. My guidebook does not really show juveniles. 1,2 Blue-and-white swallows? I guess there is no trace of...
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    Costa Rica. Monteverde (and 3)

    One bird and two ghosts. 1. Spotted barbtail? Very clear tawny neck, short tail, although the bill looks too big, doesn't it? Pic 3 and 4 are the ghosts, splendid samples of what most of my pics in Monteverde look like . Of pic 3 , I have a vague memory of a bird with a very bright head. In...
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    Costa Rica. Monteverde (2)

    Sorry again for the quality of some of the pics. Monteverde is certainly not camera-friendly. 1. Yellow- thighed Finch? A chick, hence no yellow thighs and the yellow base of bill? 2. Black-eared Warbler? (Or Three-striped, depending on the catalogue). 3,4 and 5. Probably the same bird. I don't...
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    Costa Rica. Monteverde

    Hello. Pic 1 is the only one I have of this bird, I'm afraid. A Flycatcher? Yellowish?Tufted? Both abound in Monteverde. Pics 2 and 3 (horrible shots, I know, but photographing birds in Monteverde is not precisely a cinch!). Gray-Breasted Wood-Wren would be my bet (tiny tail, long supercillar...
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    Ethiopian lizards

    I've got these 4 pics of lizzards taken on a trip to Ethiopia in the summer 3 years ago. I would be very grateful if anyone could identify any of them. 1. Lalibela area 2,3,4-. Southern Ethiopia, near Omo NP.
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    Costa Rica. Confirmation

    Pacific Slope. Near Liberia for 1,2,3. Let's try: 1,2,3 Black Phoebe? 4. House wren? Although the brownish colour and visible superciliary made me think of Ochraceous. 5. Blue-black grassquit? Thank you, guys!
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    Costa Rica. Volcán de la Vieja

    Can you identify this bird for me? I don't know what it is. The shape suggests Melodious Blackbird but it is lighter-coloured. A saltator, perhaps? Thank you!
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    Arenal, Costa Rica

    It must be very easy, but I just can´t put my finger on it. And believe me, I have gone through every page of my guidebook several times but nothing quite matches with the pictures. I give up. Please, what is it?
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    Costa Rica. Woodcreeper and cowbird

    This summer. Can you help me sort these two friends? 1, A Streak-Headed Woodcreeper? Its bill is curved, but it is not pink. Could it not be a Cocoa Woodcreeper? 2. Same bird as 1. This picture clarifies nothing, does it? 3. Giant Cowbirds? I'm confused about the GC's eye colour. My guidebook...
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    Tortuguero,CR White-Tipped Dove?

    This August. Running and running on the ground non-stop. I guess it is a WTD but I have seen nearly identical pictures of Gray-Chested Doves, the Caribbean variant of the latter apparently lacking a golden nape. Can you please confirm it? Thank you!
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    Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Various ones

    Bad pictures, bad light sometimes, but let's see... 4 and 5 seem to me impossible to tell. August this year. 1. Black-headed saltator? 2. Rufous-tailed hummingbird? 3. Southern rough-winged swallow? 4. Gray-rumped swift? 5. Swallow, martin? A thousand thanks!
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    Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Seedeaters

    The four pictures were taken in August within minutes from each other. Your help would be appreciated. My guesses would be: 1,2 Nicaraguan or Thick-Billed Seed Finch? 3 Variable or Thick-billed? 4 I don't know. Thank you!!
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    Another heron. Dominican Republic.

    This white heron with its black bill and lores doesn't fit with any pictures in my Helm guidebook. What is it? Thanks! Edited: A juvenile little blue heron, perhaps?