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    Is IS for the birds?

    Dennis, I wonder if you find the 12x36 less stable than the 8x20 not because of the higher magnification, but because of the older vari-angle prism tech. When "powered IS" is on, I find the 14x32 with the newer lens-shift IS to be perfectly steady even in heavy wind.
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    New APC 42 Stabilized

    Check out the FOV on the suspiciously similar 12x28 and 16x28 stabilized Fujinon that were recently released. 12x and 16x have nearly the same FOV, 218' vs 210' (@ 1000 yd). One thing of note with the Fuji is that the 16x has unusually noticeable larger eyepieces than the 12x. I can't find a...
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    Binocular bargains

    There are several other sellers with Canon 8x20 that are under MSRP and "used--like new". One of them has nearly the same description of unopened, unused, w/warranty. My guess is that it's some agreement with Canon to protect the advertised MSRP. Dennis, I am really looking forward to your...
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    Nikon 10x25 Image Stabilized Binocular Review

    Dennis, I'm hoping you can clear up some confusion for me. When the power is turned on is the "STABILIZED" function automatically on? The poorly translated description isn't clear but makes it seem like there might be some in between mode where power is on but "STABILIZED" is not. However...
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    Nikon published a new 10x25 image stablized bino

    These look promising. I had considered the Canon 10x25 but I wasn't convinced they were quite compact enough. These Nikons seem like they will pack down nicely. My only concern is the relatively low FOV combined with short eye relief.
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    Durability and reliability of Canon IS binoculars

    Replace with another 12x36 or try a different model?
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    Durability and reliability of Canon IS binoculars

    The 14x32 is great. Decent optics and amazing IS. That being said, one look at the eye cups and it's clear the total package is not a well refined product.
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    Kids bins

    Leupold Yosemite and Kowa YF are decent "real" binoculars that work well for kids. 6x30 is probably best for kids, 8x30 is also ok.
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    IS binoculars- the battery issue

    For sure, alkaline cells are not to be trusted. Modern top offerings are much better at preventing leaks but are not fail proof and have no business in high end devices like IS binoculars. However, you can use NiMh like Eneloop and lithium primaries without fear of leakage. I share the same...
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    SLC. Is this normal?

    Can you move the eye cups in more and get your eyes closer without causing blackouts? I have never used SLC but have had a similar issue with other brands. In every case, it goes away if I cram the eye pieces deeper into my eye sockets. I posted a while ago in the general forum about it and...
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    IS binoculars- the battery issue

    Regarding the concern expressed over dead batteries in the field... The batteries last a very long time and when the IS is off the binoculars still work as any other just without the IS.
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    IS binoculars- the battery issue

    I have AA lithium primaries in my Canon 14x32. I have had the same set in the binoculars since I first got them and haven't had to replace the batteries yet. They have had many hours of use. I think I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to use lithium AA in the binoculars, but no one is...
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    Weaver Super Slam - an Interesting Oddity?

    Looks like an o-ring? Simple and would probably do the trick. Thanks.
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    What's next for Canon binoculars?

    I'm thinking the new 20mm and newish 32mm models are as modern as we can expect for a while. If they came out with a new larger objective model I would consider getting one. The 20mm takes a CR123--not sure if it could handle the extra voltage of a 16340 lithium-ion.
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    Eye relief question

    I'm looking forward to the answers from the experts on this one. I would expect your experience indicates the opposite--that the binocular has excess eye relief for your situation... unexpected for such a small instrument. Can you describe what about the view is better?
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    Weaver Super Slam - an Interesting Oddity?

    This Genesis vs. Super Slam comparo is something I have also recently wondered about. I bought the Super Slams when the deal was posted last fall. My initial reaction was a little disappointing for the reasons I shared in post #7 above (poor eye cup adjustment and glare control). I intended to...
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    Am I missing out?

    Roof prism binoculars give me the sensation of greater magnification than an equivalent power porro prism. Anyone else?
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    Terra 8X25

    I pried back the armor on mine and took a peek. The front of the hinge pin has a spanner head which presumably could be used to tighten the hinge. You would likely have to destructively remove some of the armor.
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    Fujinon TS12X28

    The moons would have been Jupter's. Saturn at 12x is only going to look like a star with a fuzzy border.
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    My Quest for the Perfect 8x32

    Cabela's sales folks out my way all push Vortex hard. I'm not sure if the staff just really like the brand or if there is some sort of incentive.
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    Terra 8X25

    My Terra ED 8x25 was purchased fairly recently and is MIJ. I didn't know at the time that production had shifted to China so I was unaware of the concern. The hinges are very tight on mine. It's hard to imagine they would come loose any time soon. For what it's worth, I think the binoculars...
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    My Quest for the Perfect 8x32

    How's the IPD? Spec says 58mm but usually small binos can go a little lower than that. I was hoping they could go another mm or two past spec.
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    Russian Komz 8x30 question..

    I'll dig mine out and post a photo later if that's not too off topic.
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    Celestron vs Opticron low cost binoculars

    I have the Celestron Nature DX 10x42. Great image for the budget. The eye cups are more fragile than my other binoculars and they are very high in CA as are most budget roof prism binoculars. I have also briefly tried the 8x32 and had a similarly good impression. Kowa YF and Leupold Yosemite...
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    Monarch HG 10x42 - chromatic aberration

    CA might become less of an issue once you get more time with the binocular and getting your pupils perfectly aligned becomes second nature.