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    Yellowhammer Song

    I am coming to the conclusion that Yellowhammers do not need to eat. There is one in a particular tree on my boundary that we hear about every 40 seconds from pre-dawn until dusk... genuinely non-stop! It is in the same tree all of the time, it seems fine and healthy, but I really do not need...
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    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

    Female, in garden of house on Holt Road, between Dereham and North Elmham, this AM at 6.00 ish. Just north of Gorgate lane. It flew off as I stopped, towards Hoe Common, but I could not relocate. Definite on ID, it's a species I grew up with in New Forest, only seen one in four years in Norfolk...
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    Sony A9 + 400mm GM + 2XTC with Real Time Autofocus software update

    1. I am not a competent photographer. 2. I have a great friend that is, and is using Sony Gear. 3. He is looking at the Real Time Autofocus for wildlife options being pushed out by Sony at the moment...
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    Blue tit UK apparently trying to revive dead companion

    Looked out of the lounge window this morning and saw a dead blue tit on the path, probable window strike, nothing unusual there, unfortunately. Next thing, another blue tit landed next to it and started pecking the bejeppers out of it and dragging it. It was totally unresponsive,and not moving...
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    very small format bins

    I bought 2 pairs of 10x26 bins for the glove box of our cars. I needed something to grab and view whilst pottering around (not whilst actually driving), and went for a space saving format that was generally ok. I always have decent bins in the boot/trunk but these are for those 'what was that?'...
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    what is EPTA, please?

    On Opticron's website, in the tech specs for eyepiece, it lists EPTA. Can someone tell me what this is, and it's significance please? Google and other searces go all over the place, or to the figures in the tech specs, but I can find no definition. Thank you, Harry
  7. M

    Red Kite at Hockering above A47

    I saw this at 2.30 pm, yesterday, 5 March. Its the furthest East I've seen one in the last couple of years. H
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    Any help with Newt ID, please? UK Norfolk

    I uncovered this Newt when I moved my doormat yesterday. It had spots all over and the underside was bright yellow with black spots. I think it was a female great crested, but would like confirmation, or correction, please. Thank you H
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    Opticron MM2 Travel Digiscoping set up

    Has anyone digiscoped with the MM2 and a micro four thirds camera? How did you connect them, please, and what kind of quality were you able to get? I usually use a Hawke Endurance ED 20-60×85 with Hawke's adaptor, linked to my Panasonic Lumix G DMC-GF7K using a T mount. I was thinking of the...
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    Italy, Dolomites, today, 2900 metres

    A friend sent me the attaced photo and asked for help identifying. He was at Rifugio Lagazuoi, in the Dolomites. I thought White-winged Snow Finch, but only remember dark bill, any comments would be welcome. Thank you in advance. Harry
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    Mistle Thrush / Song Thrush Hybrids

    I have a large thrush near my home that has the coloration of a song thrush, apart from more rounded spots on its chest, not round but not arrow heads. It has white outer coloration around its tail at the end. Its face is similar to Song Thrush, but its noticibly larger than the male blackbird...
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    Partridges, Mid Norfolk, United Kingdom

    I have had Red legged partidges breeding in my garden ever since I moved here; they are the bright ones, as there is a shoot nearby, and I am not naive, so know where the original stock and replenishments come from. Yesterday there was a partridge that had a clean, cream bib, rather than whitish...
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    Brown Hare near Kitchen window - UK

    Today I noticed this leveret hiding in the grass within the back garden. All four shots are the same hare. We've had three in the paddock that look older, but not so bold. Each of the close ups is a crop of the prior wider angle. Its in an internal corner from both views. Thought I'd share them...
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    Code of Conduct

    From a post in bird id forum, to a keen, new border, based solely on a humorous one liner at the end of his ID query, and got me considering how I treat the Code of Conduct You might like to consider the Code of Conduct in future: Five things to remember: •avoid disturbing birds and their...
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    Bird Poo on doormat

    I went out, and the doormat was clear.... I came back and this was on it (about 12 hrs between). We do get about 10 R-L Partridges and a couple of pheasants among our regular visitors, but have NEVER seen this kind of thing before. My initial thought was one of compassion for the bird, if it was...
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    Apples for UK birds

    In all of the places I have looked it suggests putting fruit out for the birds. We get a good mix of traditionally thought of garden birds, along with quite a few farmland and forest. I put out amongst other stuff, chopped apples, as we have loads. When I restock I collect the now squishy, but...
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    Bresser Corvette cleaning by Action Optics

    Got my late 80s / early 90s 10x42s back from Action Optics today. They're my spare pair for the car boot, and also lent to youngsters, and they'd developed fungus over the years. Excellent cleaning, but still a little etching had left me a bit concerned. No need to worry, clear and bright for...
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    WARNING - Dead bird photo - Norfolk UK

    It died from natural causes, well our lounge window. Hi I found this in the garden earlier, and was surprised as it looked like a sparrow from a distance, which would be rarer than treecreepers around here. From the beak I would say Treecreeper, but the bird seemed to be the wrong shape; too...
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    No birds on 7 webcams in 7 countries at 16.35 UK today

    Panama Fruit feeder - none Makov.cz - Czech Republic - none (near dark) Madár és mókusetető - Hungary - none (near dark) Bird restaurant 1 - Norway - none RSPB feeder cam - UK - none Cornell Lab feeder - USA - none (ducks in distance on pond) Cornell Lab Ontario - Canads - none That's a record...
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    Colfosco, Italian Dolomites today

    I have noted my ideas for these birds, but wondered if others could help ID for a skiing friend. Thank you
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    Collins Bird Guide - Android App

    I have recently bought this and am very happy with it as a guide. My issue is with the instructions for use, as I am having a devil of a time adding to lists, and in particular adding to multiple lists at the same time. Is there a thread anywhere on BF about using the app, please? If not can...
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    Woodpigeons attempting to mate today, in Norfolk, UK.

    As I was driving back home from Norfolk coast, at Holme, woodpigeons were attempting (or succeeding, how can I tell?) to mate... This seems well out of season from memory, we have many, regular, wood pigeon breeding in an around home, one late successful in 2016 left the nest in early October...
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    New to the forum from Norfolk

    Hi to everyone, I am new new to the forum, and am currently in Breckland, but previously in Fenland, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, London and the New Forest. Stumbled on the forum as I did not know a jargon phrase that was cropping up on another site - Thank you all on Acros and Acronyms. I...