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    NL Pure 10x42 or Canon 10x42.

    For me definitely the NL, they are such a joy to use and I'm wowed every time I look through them. Yes lack of IS and steep price, but absolutely no regrets!
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    NL Pure 10x42 or Canon 10x42.

    I have owned the Canon 10x42 for almost ten years and currently own the NL 10x42. Canon: + clear and sharp image with great edge sharpness, wide field of view. Alpha grade quality. + image stabilisation gives you a steady, relaxed view which allows you to see more details. - big and heavy...
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    How tight is NL Pure's rubber armour

    Yes I have noticed that as well. With my Nl 10x it is also most noticeable around the objective lens area. It made me frown a bit but I try to not worry about it. It does indeed make you wonder about the soap 'n brush thing though...
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    Can a binocular have too big of a FOV?

    No. I like the immersion, like you are there in front of the bird and forget you are looking through binoculars. I never liked the tunnelvision you get with <60° AFOV. That’s why I like my NL 10x so much. And I have no difficulties seeing the whole FOV while panning.
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    With my 10x NL, I have only seen hints of flare in situations when the sun is low above a dark landscape. I know these are extreme light conditions, it does not bother me and I find it negligible compared to the amazing performance overall.
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    Swarovski winged eyecups on EL

    I use them on my NL 10x. For me the sweet spot for eye placement is with the eyecups only two clicks up, but then you have some light from the sides. The winged eyecups are very effective in blocking that light. Only downside, with the winged eyecups I find the eyepieces a little more sensitive...
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    EL 8,5 or 10x42.

    Get the NL 10x42 and don't look back ;-)
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    That is rather disturbing to read...so far no issues with the focuser of my NL 10x, have them for two weeks now. I did read in a dutch review of the NL about a grain of sand being stuck in the focusing mechanism of a NL 8x, causing it to become stiff to turn...(link) I agree about the critical...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    I just sold my Canon 10x42 after acquiring the NL 10x42. I used them ten years for birding. They gave me great stabilised views but in the end I was tired of lugging them around. They became too heavy and cumbersome for me. With the NL, stabilisation is the only thing I mis. That became obvious...
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    Is it really worth buying an NL 8x42?

    For me it’s all about the immersive viewing experience. Be there like there’s no glass between you and your subject. Apparent fov is important to me. I have looked through most recent alpha models and to me there is none that matches the immersivity of the NL. Then on top of that you get an...
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    Is it really worth buying an NL 8x42?

    Imo once you've experienced the wide fov, clarity and ergonomics of the NL there's no way back.
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    I'm using the Swarovski eyecups. I have not noticed much glare that bothered me anyway, even without the winged eyecups. I do feel they make it easier for eye positioning, and like how to block stray light from the sides, caused by the more retracted eyecups of the NL. Indeed, the Swarovski...
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    For me two clicks down on the NL 10x42, and I'm using the winged eyecups. Hardly any glare.
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    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    Thanks, I will try that!
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    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    I have just acquired the SF 10x32, and I have the same struggle with the eyecups. When fully extended I can just see the whole field of view, but I have to ‘jam’ the binoculars into my eye sockets, and with the eyecups one stop down I notice blackouts. But when I put the eyecups on the stop...
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    The Green ghost ( Zeiss SF 8X42 )

    Recently I had the chance to compare a black SF 10x42 with a Leica Noctivid 10x42 and Swarovski EL 10x42 SV. The green tint of the SF struck me immediately and bothered me enough to scratch it from my list. See also https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=386879 I’m looking forward to check...
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    x32 SF

    Zeiss SF32!
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    First impressions of a few 10x alphas

    Maybe I should wait a little longer...Zeiss SF 32!
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    First impressions of a few 10x alphas

    No eyeglasses, I wear contact lenses. But even with eyeglasses, I would expect 20 mm of eye relief would be sufficient to guarantee a blackout-free view.
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    First impressions of a few 10x alphas

    I had no problems with eye placement on the EL10x32, it had a nice ‘walk-in’ view and I didn’t experience any ‘blackouts’. Just as with all the 42’s I tested. Of course that’s something that can vary from person to person so you have to test this for yourself. Another issue I forgot to mention...
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    First impressions of a few 10x alphas

    I currently own a first generation Swarovski EL 8x32, my choice for travel, and a Canon 10x42L IS, for ‘local birding’. The Canon is amazing, but it is becoming too heavy for me. Now I’m looking for a new lighter 10x alpha. Being spoiled with the vibration-free views of the Canon, I’m looking...
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    BTX Binoviewer for ATX scopes

    I have the BTX 85 and it is every bit as sharp as my former Leica 65 25-50x. The viewing experience is not comparable though. Being able to use two eyes, the view is highly enjoyable and relaxing, like binoculars, but that's obvious. Also, it seems that there is a higher 'apparent...
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    Mallorca 2017

    Thanks for trying to id my mystery bird. Although I find it hard to believe it would be a cattle egret. My gut feeling says demoiselle crane, but I guess I'll never know for certain. I stayed in Mallorca from 1-11th July, for me the highlights of the trip were Eleonora's falcons hunting at...
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    Unknown bird, Mallorca

    The pic shows five frames of the same bird. It's taken in backlight, but it's clearly showing a dark bird with streched neck and what appears to be a white patch at the ear coverts. Therefore I don't believe it's a cattle egret.
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    Unknown bird, Mallorca

    Hello, I already posted this question in the 'Mallorca 2017' thread but I thought I post it here aswell in the appropriate thread. On July 3th I photographed a unknown bird flying south from Alcudia, Mallorca. The circumstances were poor, at 21h30 with backlight. Size and frequency of wingbeats...