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  1. stephennj

    Bank Swallow Colonies

    There's a colony in Great Kills park in Saten island NY . Nor far at all from Middlesex county , NJ
  2. stephennj

    Urauguay forum section ?

    Excellent work Andy ! Thankyou so much, I appreciate it ! Stephen
  3. stephennj

    Urauguay forum section ?

    Thanks so much Delia !
  4. stephennj

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Hi Garrulous Jay , It looks like I'm in the same situation as you were in January regarding Uruguayan birding info . I may be in the Montevideo area (based in Jose Ignacio) for a week . Please direct me to any trip report of Uruguay if you have anything constructed . Thankyou ! Stephen
  5. stephennj

    Urauguay forum section ?

    Hi all , I have a question for the moderators . Is there a section in the Forums that focus on birds and birding from Uruguay ? I did a search and found threads for Uruguay but I came up short on a Sub-forum designated to that country . Thankyou for any help ! Stephen
  6. stephennj

    unknown brown-grey little bird (Costa Rica)

    I was thinking the same thing
  7. stephennj

    New Jersey USA, Pied-billed Grebe ?

    here's another
  8. stephennj

    New Jersey USA, Pied-billed Grebe ?

    Here's two pics from birding this morning at the coastal bay of Sandy Hook NJ , those are Brant in the background for size comparison. I'm thinking Pied-Billed Grebe winter plumage , anyone's opinion would be helpful, thanks !
  9. stephennj

    New York Sparrow I.D. staten island

    I just discovered the place KC ! It's awesome but not many birders around, I saw a Helmeted Guinefowl there yesterday and its one of the only places in the region where Bank Swallows breed . Lots of different habitat !!
  10. stephennj

    New York Sparrow I.D. staten island

    Aha ! right I agree .there were a few of those around , the lighting here makes it look super dull.Thankyou !
  11. stephennj

    Sparrow ID - Massachusetts (USA)

    I agree , that's a perfect Savanna Sparrow
  12. stephennj

    New York Sparrow I.D. staten island

    Late October : Yesterday at Great Kills Park along coastal Staten Island, New York , USA . This bird was among the scrub habitat 100 yards from the beach. There were many Savanna Sparrows and Yellow-rumped Warblers in the vicinity but this bird looked different. Since Sparrow migration is in...
  13. stephennj

    Possibly a Veery? Upstate NY

    Blurry ,but yes it's probable Veery
  14. stephennj

    Plain Wren

    thanks !
  15. stephennj

    Costa Rica 23/1-7/2/15

    Nice stuff jw !!
  16. stephennj

    Sharpie or Coopers? Massachusetts, USA

    I agree 100% on the previous comments , Sharpie is the first bird, Coopers is the second. Head size is the field mark .
  17. stephennj

    Monk Parakeet colony in Carteret and Edgewater NJ , near Newark airport

    If you are visiting New Jersey there are 2 colonies of wild Monk Parakeets that have sustained for decades in the area near the Newark Airport. This species escaped from the bird trade in the 1970's and they are cold-hardy. They are native to Argentina. There is a colony in Carteret NJ and a...
  18. stephennj

    Sao Paulo , Peruibe Brazil mystery bird #2

    I think you are right , I thought Sayaca tanager but maybe those dark wings are an obvious fieldmark ? here's another pic.
  19. stephennj

    Sao paulo Brazil , bird ID # 3 Tody-flycatcher in interior bird in Sao Paulo

    Thanks dj ! someone told me that Common Tody-flycatcher can actually have yellow lores, which makes it confusing, but I thought Common Tody-flycatcher has a darker head/nape. heres two more snapshots ...
  20. stephennj

    Sao Paulo ,Brazil in December . Mystery bird id help

    It's very possible Rafael , I can't find any field marks . If both species have the same shape and build then I can't really tell. The colors from the backlighting aren't helping any . Thanks for your input !
  21. stephennj

    Sao paulo Brazil , bird ID # 3 Tody-flycatcher in interior bird in Sao Paulo

    Phot taken in the month of December in Outinhos , Brazil . a few hours inland from Sao Paulo , Is it a Yellow-Lored Tody-flycatcher or common tody-flycatcher ? any ideas or comments would be appreciated ! Thanks
  22. stephennj

    Sao Paulo , Peruibe Brazil mystery bird #2

    Here's another mystery bird from Peruibe , Brazil in December . Any ideas on this headless pic would be helpful !
  23. stephennj

    Sao Paulo ,Brazil in December . Mystery bird id help

    This is in the coastal town of Peruibe , Brazil , just south of Sao Paulo. I'm thinking it was a Sayaca tanager . Any help would be appreciated , thanks !
  24. stephennj

    Comment by 'stephennj' in media 'Collared Puffbird'

    great shot !