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  1. timsg80

    Pipit in Mallorca today

    I think this is a Meadow Pipit but I watched it for quite some time flitting about the rocky shoreline near some Turnstones and Sanderlings for a while and its behaviour seemed unlike any Meadow Pipit I've seen before. Could it be something else? Thanks!
  2. timsg80

    Bunting in Spain

    Taken today - is this a Yellowhammer or a Cirl Bunting? Thanks!
  3. timsg80

    Red-flanked Bluetail? Mallorca today!

    I spotted this bird in the neighbour's garden this morning and I had great views of it briefly several times, seeing a blue tail and the orange flanks. I am sure it's a Red-flanked Bluetail, but because of how unexpected it is for Mallorca at all, let alone in January, I just wanted to check...
  4. timsg80

    Possible Eastern Yellow Wagtail in Spain this evening

    I found this wagtail amid a White Wagtail roost in Mallorca this evening. My immediate thought was winter Western Yellow Wagtail, but it seems to be extremely grey for one. Is it a young winter plumage Western Yellow or something else? Thanks! Gregor
  5. timsg80

    Little Stint? In Spain yesterday

    I found this wader among a large group (about 60) of Little Stints yesterday in Mallorca, but its brown colouration and small size immediately stood out to me among the flock. Is it just a young Little Stint? Or one still with some summer plumage? Or is it something rarer? Thanks!
  6. timsg80

    Rainham Marshes Gull

    Could this be a Caspian Gull? Seen at Rainham Marshes in London this morning where there were 3 yesterday! Thanks for any help!
  7. timsg80

    Gulls in London

    I posted earlier about a possible Caspian Gull at Beddington Farmlands today, but I've just got the photos off my camera so hopefully it might be a bit better now! I was also wondering what species is in the final photo? Thanks for any help!
  8. timsg80

    Caspian Gull? London

    I just took this photo of what looks to me like a second year Caspian Gull ar Beddington Farmlands. Is that right? I can upload better photos once I’m home!
  9. timsg80

    Prion, Christchurch, NZ

    I found this Prion exhausted at the beach today. Sadly I only had my phone for a camera so these are the best shots I could get. It looks most like an Antarctic to me on account of the bill- took thick and long for fairy and too thin for Broad-billed. Can anyone help? Cheers!
  10. timsg80

    Sharp-tailed or Pec Sand? NZ

    I’ve tried three times for the Pec Sands at a wetland here in Canterbury, NZ, but I’ve only found Sharpies on previous visits and I believe today was no different. I just wanted to check that this is definitely a sharpie and not a Pec sandpiper? Thanks!
  11. timsg80

    My Canterbury Lists 2021

    I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of a year list for Canterbury, New Zealand this year. I’ve sadly got limited time for birding this year around work and studying, but let’s see what I can get to! 100 might be unrealistic, but I’ll have that as my aim for now. So far: January 1st...
  12. timsg80

    Sharp-tailed or Pectoral Sandpiper

    Apologies for the poor photo quality! Both Pectoral and Sharp-tailed Sandpipers have been recorded from Lake Ellesmere in Canterbury, New Zealand, this season, with the high count of each being 3. However, today I found 6 of what I’m sure are all Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Are all the birds...
  13. timsg80

    Pacific Black Duck v hybrid with Mallard, New Zealand

    Happy New Year to everyone, Having only recently moved to New Zealand, I am still getting used to the proliferation of Mallard-Pacific Black Duck hybrids here, indeed seeing a 'pure' PBD is incredibly rare in NZ nowadays, and indeed I personally feel that 'pure' Mallards aren't too common in...
  14. timsg80

    Warbler call in Spain today

    Is this a Balearic or Sardinian Warbler call? Or something else? In my garden in Mallorca this morning! Many thanks!
  15. timsg80

    Call in Spain

    Recorded just now, I thought this was a Thekla’s Lark, but it appears not to match other calls online. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  16. timsg80

    Raptor in the Netherlands, March 2019

    While looking through old photos, I found this, of a distant raptor at Haagse Bos in March last year. At the time I thought it was a Northern Goshawk. Was that correct? Sorry about the picture quality! It did have a tail, I think it was diving here.
  17. timsg80

    Raptor, Spain

    Taken on 24th April. Is this a Booted Eagle? Something about it looks like a Golden Eagle, but that is rare in Mallorca. Thanks!
  18. timsg80

    Gull, UK

    My Dad photographed this in London today. We both think it’s a Herring Gull, is that correct? If so, what age is this bird? Thanks!
  19. timsg80

    Eleonora's Falcon? Mallorca

    I'm certain this is an Eleonora's Falcon, but I just wanted to check before adding it to my garden list! Seen today. Thanks!
  20. timsg80

    Warbler call in Mallorca

    Apologies for the poor sound quality, I recorded this with my phone! I’d just seen what I thought was a Hippoalis warbler fly into a try and soon after this call started. Is it a Melodious Warbler? Thanks!
  21. timsg80

    Raptors in Mallorca

    Some difficult raptors from dawn this morning. I think that the first two photos are of a Marsh Harrier and the latter two are Peregrine Falcons? But I also wondered about Eleonora's for the fourth. I understand that the photos may be too bad to identify the birds from;) Thanks!
  22. timsg80

    Mallorca Raptors today

    The bird in the first two photos passed over today a long way above the house. My initial thought when I saw it was Peregrine Falcon, but looking at the photos it is clearly a smaller species, but which one? Is the second bird a Red or Black Kite? Sorry about the quality of the photos! Thanks
  23. timsg80

    Chat in Mallorca today

    I think this is a Stonechat, but the apparent white eyebrow made my dad wonder about Whinchat? It doesn't look bright enough at all to be a Whinchat, but I've also never seen a Stonechat (as far as I can remember!) with such a prominent white brow. Thanks!
  24. timsg80

    Warbler in Mallorca today

    Is this a female Subalpine or Sardinian Warbler? Thanks!
  25. timsg80

    Subalpine or Moltoni's Warbler, Mallorca

    Can anyone help with the id of this? I believe Moltoni's breeds here in small numbers, but this bird looks more like Western Subalpine to me given the darkness of the orange underneath? Thanks for any help!