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  1. J

    Wildlife gears for astrophotography

    Thank you so much for sharing your images! I think you’re posting some beautiful images. Very best, Jerry
  2. J

    KOWA TSN-99 PROMINAR and KOWA TE-80 XW- Binomania preview!

    $3250 at NY Camera Land without eyepiece, $4K including the new zoom. Not such a bad price if you already have an eyepiece. Also, you can get really, really nice astronomical eyepieces for a lot less than $750.
  3. J

    Wildlife gears for astrophotography

    It would be fun to try to reproduce the views of Jupiter and moons that Galileo documented in his notes. It’s oddly moving to share that view with one of the founders of modern science. Best, Jerry
  4. J

    Wildlife gears for astrophotography

    Those are very impressive shots! And a very clever solution to the Jupiter/moons exposure problem. I really enjoyed looking at these. Thanks for posting. Jerry
  5. J

    I have a Nikon 8X30 E multicoated on the way!

    No worries as long as you’re pleased! I will say that the original photo you posted was of an 8x30 and 7x35s sell for less than the 8x30. So if the seller charged you for an 8x but sent a 7x then you might want to ask for a little compensation. Personally, I really like the E series as long as...
  6. J

    I have a Nikon 8X30 E multicoated on the way!

    Why is there a photograph of a 7x35 in your post? That would explain the tight fit in an 8x30 case. Best, Jerry
  7. J

    Quick release plate adapter to mount a "red dot" (reflector/reflex) sight to a spotting scope

    Well that is very clever indeed Henning! I’m sure you’ve noticed that the upper plate can be customized for a variety of scopes (and even binocular mounts). A very good generalization from the Kowa focus with applications in astronomy as well as birding. Very nicely done. Very best, Jerry
  8. J

    Stay-on case for Leica APO 65 scope wanted?

    Good to learn this worked out for you. Thanks for letting us know!
  9. J

    Beginner scope for photography

    Hello James, Lots of good advice here - it’s hard to go wrong listening to Joachim. I just want to add that you might consider purchasing a smaller astronomical refractor instead of a spotting scope. Given your intended uses, you’ll be paying for features such as armouring and waterproofing...
  10. J

    Additional binocular specifications not easily available

    +1 for Foss. I always make a point of reading Canip whatever the topic. Although I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that is was several years before I realized the special relationship between our Canip and Pinac on Cloudynights. Duh!!!
  11. J

    Binocular bargains

    I think diablo2112 still leads but thanks to zzzzzz we know natchezss is worth watching.
  12. J

    Warning: Horrible customer service experience with Pentax / Ricoh

    In these situations I’ve had luck getting a copy of the credit transaction from the credit card company or PayPal - if you go deeply enough with them they have pretty detailed records of the transactions they financed.
  13. J

    Top Porro Prism Bins?

    No doubt! I found your observations and comments interesting and useful. I even owned the Shadowquest 8x56 at one time. Best, Jerry
  14. J

    Stay-on case for Leica APO 65 scope wanted?

    I’ve found that the Kowa and Pentax cases are nearly perfect matches for my Leica 65. If you’re willing to forego the appropriate name you have lots of options well short of £180.
  15. J

    Top Porro Prism Bins?

    Well, sometimes facts are repeated because many people find, time and time again, that the facts are, well......facts. Having owned both the Swarovski 7x42 and the 8x30 - I now only own the 8x30. I failed to see the point of continuing to own an instrument that gave smaller images (7x vs 8x) in...
  16. J

    Top Porro Prism Bins?

    Just a quick note. The 7x42 Habicht is noted for its narrow field of view - often compared to looking through a straw. The 8x30 has a much wider view. At 1000 meters the view is 114 meters for the 7x, but 136 for the 8x. Without glasses, the 7x shows 6.5 degrees, the 8x 7.8 degrees. Apparent...
  17. J

    Kowa TSN-82SV 21-63 (TE-9Z) or Nikon 20-60x82ED?

    A couple of points to keep in mind. First, the Kowa has a focus knob while the Nikon uses a focus sleeve. For some (but not all) people that makes a big difference in usability. Second, the usually included 20-60 zoom eyepiece on the Nikon is the scopes weakest point. You might consider the...
  18. J

    Scope recommendations for beginner owl stalker?

    A quick answer! Pentax 65mm scope $400 (wait for sales or used). TeleVue 32mm Plossl eyepiece $100 (same as above). 12x magnification, 5.5 exit pupil. Light, easy to set up. Will not crumble the first time you stumble in the dark woods. Add other eyepieces for different magnifications or to...
  19. J

    A budget beginner scope

    Welcome back! A lot depends on how you plan to use the scope. Slogging through swamps? Watching the bird feeder from your dining room? Something in between? There are a lot of different ways to use a scope. We can give better suggestions if you give us your plan and a budget! Best, Jerry
  20. J

    Can gimbal heads (such as ProMediaGear GK Jr.) be used effectively for bino, spotting, telescope and camera

    @Spectrum805 If the Losmandy adapter doesn’t work out you can always just attach a substantial arca-swiss plate (>10cm) to your telescope rings in place of or on the existing plate. Longer plates help with balancing. Also, If you don’t mind, can you say a little something about how you’re...
  21. J

    Can gimbal heads (such as ProMediaGear GK Jr.) be used effectively for bino, spotting, telescope and camera

    No doubt, everyone will have their own experiences. I’d only note that heavy duty construction plays a critical role in gimbal performance. Jobu tops out at 25-50 pounds as per the spec sheet while the Wimberley II lists at 100 pounds capacity. For what it’s worth I’ve never had any problems...
  22. J

    Can gimbal heads (such as ProMediaGear GK Jr.) be used effectively for bino, spotting, telescope and camera

    Hello Haibo, Good news - with some caveats. I’ve used a Wimberley gimbal head for years. I’ve used it with spotting scopes, astronomical scopes, binoculars and of course long lenses. I’ve been very pleased with the results but YMMV. For me, a serious gimbal brings the ability to balance the...
  23. J

    Noblex 8-24x50 ED short summary

    Thanks kestrel1! That’s useful information. Will help with a Hawke I’m considering. Thanks and best, Jerry
  24. J

    Vanguard Endevour HD 82A poor image quality - Alternative eyepiece?

    Yes, it could definitely be the eyepiece. Vanguard carries a lifetime warranty so I would contact them requesting an exchange eyepiece. Best, Jerry
  25. J

    Testing SLC 8x56 HD vs Meostar 8x56(NON HD)

    I’d love to see a comparison between these two! PM for specifics if you’d like suggestions. Best, Jerry