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    ID please Italy

    Hello I took this photograph last Thursday at Porto San Giorgio, (Hope thats spelt correctly) Italy, it was a little misty so not the best picture. Please confirm Lesser Black Backed Gulls. Mike
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    Confirm ID Extremadura, Spain

    Hello I took this photograph on the 20th September in Extremadura, Spain. I think its a Crested Lark but Thekia's Lark was also seen at the same location. I struggle to tell the difference between them both. Mike
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    Raptor ID Central France

    Hello I took these photographs yesterday in Jaunoux Central France, I only had a brief view of the bird as it took off and flew away from me. The bird was about 100 mtrs away. Good luck not a lot to go on I would say the colour of the Raptor is correct Silver/Grey. Mike
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    Confirm ID central France

    Hello. I took these photographs yesterday in Jaunoux central France. I saw something move in the hedge and pointed the camera in the general direction and took a burst. By the time I looked through the view finder it had gone. Please confirm Chiff Chaff. These are the only pictures I have. Mike
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    ID Central France

    Hello I took these photographs today in our garden in Jaunoux central France. The bird was in the long grass over 120 mtr away can I have a ID please. The first picture possibly a Song Thrush but it`s not a good picture. Mike
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    ID please Merida Spain

    Hello can I have a ID please photographed on 20th September near Merida, Spain. I believe the top bird to be a Corn Bunting can I have a ID on the bird on the left which I have only just noticed. Not the best picture. Mike
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    Confirm IDs Please Spain 20 September.

    Hello these photographs were taken on my recent trip to Merida, Spain. All the pictures are very poor taken through a car window, slightly towards the sun and the bird was a long way away. I think its a Tree Pipit, good luck. Mike.
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    ID please Merida, Spain

    Hello I took this photograph on 21 September near Merida, Spain. I get easily confused between Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers. I think this is an Iberian Chiffchaff, mainly by the darker legs. Mike.
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    ID please near Merida, Spain

    Hello. I took this picture on the 21 September near Merida in Spain, its the only picture I have. Is it a Crested or Theklas Lark or maybe its not possible to tell from this picture. Mike
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    Confirm ID Merida, Spain

    Hello. I took this photograph on the 22nd September near Merida, Spain. Is it a Pied or White Wagtail. Mike
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    ID Please Merida Spain

    Hello I took these photographs on Wednesday 22nd near Merida, Spain not the best photographs I do have other photographs but they are equally poor. Mike
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    ID Central France

    Hello I took this photograph on the 4th September in our garden in Jaunoux. It's the only picture I have at first I thought it was a Redstart but now I think it could be a Nightingale. Mike
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    ID please Central France

    I took theses photographs today in Central France, not the best pictures I was also facing slightly towards the sun. At least its not a lump of plastic this time. Good luck. Mike
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    A little imagination needed Lake Viraly, Saint-Amand, Central France

    I took this extremely poor photograph yesterday at lake Viraly. I was right at the end of my zoom hand held the bird is about 180 yards away. This is about the best of a bad series of photographs. I thought it looks like a Bittern or should I stop drinking at lunch time. Mike
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    Confirm ID Pagham Harbour, Sussex

    I took this photograph on Monday at Pagham Harbour in Sussex. I think its a Whimbrel because of a shorter bill white streak over the eye but my identification of either Whimbrel or Curlew is not reliable. At least I didn't cut its head off as I did on my previous post on Curlew/Wimbrel...
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    Ids Please near Arundel, West Sussex yesterday

    Can I have help with IDs Please photographed yesterday at Climping and Ford, West Sussex. First two in the same tree not sure, third Whitethroat last picture either Whimbrel or Curlew but I managed to cut its head off. Mike
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    ID Slimbridge WWT

    Hello can I have Ids on these two photographs please, taken at Slimbridge WWT looks like Green Sandpiper but not sure. Mike
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    ID central France

    Hello can I have help with a ID of this bird please taken today in our garden in Central France. Mike
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    ID Central France

    Hello I took this photograph this morning in my garden in Central France its a Lark but not sure which one. Possible Wood Lark but Im not sure. Mike
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    ID RSPB Arne, UK

    Hello I took this photo on the 5th June on a visit to RSPB Arne. I saw the bird land but could not find it in my camera so I pointed my camera where I thought it was and took several burst shots. Mike.
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    Confirm ID England

    Hello I took these photographs yesterday at WWT Slimbridge, are they all Reed Warblers. I really struggle with Warblers probably a age thing. Mike.
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    ID please Suffolk, England

    Can I have help with this bird photographed today at Walberswick, UK. I think its a Whitethroat but the picture is not that good. Mike.
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    ID please near Cheltenham, UK

    Hello I took these pictures this afternoon near Cheltenham. I was pointing slightly towards to Sun so the pictures are rubbish. Mike
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    IDs please RSPB Ham Wall, UK.

    Hello I am sorting out my pictures and have come across a few photographs all taken the same day at RSPB Ham Wall in 2019, can I have help with the IDs please. I thought 1. was Reed Warbler and 4. Common Whitethroat. Mike
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    Cheltenham UK

    I took these photos today near Cheltenham. Not the best pictures at the end of my zoom. Any chance of a ID please. Mike.