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  1. Brosnabirder

    Bank vole? Switzerland today.

    Hi everyone Is this a Bank Vole? Seen sleeping on a pavement today. Bit strange. Maybe it was unwell. Thanks in advance Tom
  2. Brosnabirder

    Rodent, Switzerland. 24th April.

    Hi everybody Is this a Wood Mouse or perhaps some kind of vole? Seen in a forest in northern Switzerland on Saturday. Not a lot to go on I know. It was a little shy. Thanks in advance Tom
  3. Brosnabirder

    Ferruginous Duck x Tufted? Switzerland yesterday.

    Hi everybody Is this a Tufted x Ferruginous Duck in the first four pictures? On a lake in central Switzerland yesterday with around 1500 Tufted and 1800 Pochard. I can see a reddish tinge to the crest and side of the breast, a dirty white undertail patch and what looks to me like not a lot of...
  4. Brosnabirder

    Hybrid Duck? Switzerland. Today.

    Hi everybody. Another hybrid duck today. One parent certainly a Tufted but what about the other one? Pochard perhaps. I had a look in the Collins guide and in Jörn Lehmhus`s articles on hybrid ducks but I couldn`t see anything that matched. Maybe it`s not a hybrid at all but it certainly struck...
  5. Brosnabirder

    Yellow-legged or Caspian Gull? Central Switzerland. Today.

    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me if this is a Yellow-legged or Caspian Gull? Leaning towards Yellow-legged myself. All the best Tom
  6. Brosnabirder

    Hybrid Duck. Central Switzerland. Today.

    Hello all. Can anybody help with the id of this hybrid duck? My thoughts are Tufted x Pochard or Tufted x Ferruginous. All the best Tom ps Apologies for the picture quality.
  7. Brosnabirder

    Oriental Turtle Dove Switzerland?

    https://www.ornitho.ch/index.php?m_id=54&mid=705449 Could this be a juvenile Oriental Turtle Dove? ps. Not my sighting
  8. Brosnabirder

    White tailed Eagle live nest webcam. Ireland.

    Great stuff. Link below. https://youtu.be/SPSOIIEFIdU
  9. Brosnabirder

    Great spotted or Three toed Woodpecker? Central Switzerland, April 2020.

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if one of these birds in the YouTube link is a Great spotted or Three toed Woodpecker? There were two birds drumming just after dawn in a pine forest at 1,200 metres in central Switzerland. The possible Three toed was quite close and it...
  10. Brosnabirder

    Hybrid duck or eclipse? Switzerland today

    Hi everybody Can somebody id this duck please? Seen today on a small lake in central Switzerland. It's got oddly dark flanks and a strange head shape. Or is it just an eclipse bird? Thanks in advance Tom.
  11. Brosnabirder

    Alpine shrew? Switzerland

    Hi everybody Could this be an Alpine shrew? The tail looks fairly long in relation to the body and the underside of the tail is white. Found it at 1,600 metres a.s.l. Thanks in advance Tom ps. A five franc coin is 31.45 mm across.
  12. Brosnabirder

    Dragonfly id Switzerland.

    Can anybody tell me what species of dragonfly this is please? Photo taken today in central Switzerland. All the best Tom
  13. Brosnabirder

    Butterfly Id Switzerland.

    Hello all Can anyone identify the butterfly in the attached picture please? Seen yesterday in the Val Calanca in southern Switzerland. It's a south facing valley on the south side of the Alps in Canton Graubünden. Altitude between 900 and 1,000 metres asl. Not a fantastic picture I'm afraid...
  14. Brosnabirder

    Two butterflies. Switzerland.

    Hello all Could somebody help me with the id of these two butterflies in Switzerland please? Pictures taken in Switzerland on Monday at 900 metres asl. Thanks in advance Tom
  15. Brosnabirder

    Flower id Switzerland

    Hi all Can anybody help me to id this plant? Pictures taken last week in central Switzerland at an altitude of about 1,400 metres. Thanks Tom
  16. Brosnabirder

    Flower ids Switzerland

    Can anybody help to id these flowers please? First two pictures taken in July over last four years at altitudes between 1,500 and 2,000 metres. I can't remembered where and when I took the last picture but it was definitely in Switzerland My guesses are 1. Arnica montana 2. Aster Alpinus 3...
  17. Brosnabirder

    ID Gentians Switzerland. Alps

    Hi everybody. Can anybody help with the id of these gentians please? Pictures taken Sunday 8th of May in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 1,400 to 1,600 metres. My guesses are 1 and 2 Spring Gentian. Gentiana verna but could they also be gentiana utriculosa. 3 and 4. Gentiana acaulis or...
  18. Brosnabirder

    Tree blossom id Switzerland.

    Hi all Can anybody identify this tree blossom for me please? Taken today in Switzerland. Thanks in advance Tom PS. Tree was in a garden
  19. Brosnabirder

    Pine Martens and Squirrels

    Interesting article on the effect of Pine Marten numbers on Grey and Red squirrels. http://www.theecologist.org/blogs_and_comments/Blogs/2985148/pine_martens_return_could_bring_a_red_squirrel_resurgence.html
  20. Brosnabirder

    Moth. Switzerland

    Hi all Can anybody help with this moth id? Thanks Tom
  21. Brosnabirder

    Moth. Switzerland

    Hi all Can anybody help me to id this moth seen in Switzerland a few minutes ago. Apologies for the pic. Taken with phone Thanks Tom
  22. Brosnabirder

    Sand Lizard.? Switzerland

    Is this a Sand Lizard. Pic taken with phone from back of camera. Thanks. Tom
  23. Brosnabirder

    Moth. Switzerland

    Can anybody identify this moth seen in my flat tonight? My moth knowledge is sorely lacking. Thanks Tom
  24. Brosnabirder

    Red Kite nest cam Ireland

    Camera feed from a Red Kite nest site in Ireland. Probably best to wait until it's light before having a look. ;) http://www.goldeneagletrust.org/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=782&Itemid=289
  25. Brosnabirder

    Carrion Crow / Hooded Crow hybrid? Switzerland

    Hello all, Is this bird a Carrion Crow / Hooded Crow hybrid or just a normal plumage variation in Carrion Crow? Could it also be a throwback and have some Hooded Crow genes in its distant past? Seen in central Switzerland. Hooded Crow is also found in Switzerland but in Ticino / Tessin in the...