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  1. J

    Nikon Military?

    Just wondering if anyone knows something about Nikon 8x32, roof prism, green armored Nikon binoculars - offered as military version. Thanks and best to all, Jerry
  2. J

    Great How To Book on Recording

    I’m sure that the experienced members know his work but a quick search of the forum didn’t return any mention of Bernie Krause. So, for those new to the field, I want to reference his Wild Soundscapes. I just finished the book and it’s fabulous. I can’t think of a better introduction to nature...
  3. J

    Flickers in the attic!

    Hello all, Looking for suggestions on discouraging a mating pair from taking up permanent residence. Lovely birds but they've made their own entrance and I see sealing it up will only lead to more excavation. So I'm searching for a way to repel, drive away, make our nice, warm attic less...
  4. J

    Nikon - A Happy Ending

    I was a little doubtful, but Nikon Sports Optics (USA) delivered a very positive experience. They replaced Nikon EDG objective covers for free and shipped at their expense. I have the 7x42 II. The untethered oem covers quickly loosened and became useless. Thanks to BirdForum I knew I wanted the...
  5. J

    Zeiss 15x60 B/GA Challenge

    In 1997 Company Seven and Carl Zeiss announced a final run of the 15x60s. Is there anyone on the forum who can say the serial number range or other identifying features for this last production batch? Thanks and best to all, Jerry
  6. J

    10x42 SE Objective Covers

    And eyecups too! Any suggestions? Binos in great shape but not so much the accessory items. These will be users for active family so durability is at a premium. Thanks and best to all, Jerry
  7. J

    Memory Lane or Still a User

    The Zeiss 7x42 Dialyt last run with the best coatings for the time - still a contender or hopelessly outrun by the current alphas? Or, slightly different question, it's $800 +\- in mint condition. Money best spent elsewhere (Conquest HD or such)? Or is still a rational choice all these years...
  8. J

    Tripod Alert

    The recent Brunton frenzy leads me to believe there may be interest in the latest B&H Photo Deal Zone offer. They're selling 4 Benro Traveler Flat models, but the one I've actually used and enjoyed is the Series 1 carbon fiber and ball head offered at $150 shipped. That's a real deal as is the...
  9. J

    Swarovski 15x56 Question

    Hello all, New to Swarovski so beginners question. I understand that there is an old version and a new version of the SLC 15x56. What is the difference and is there a quick way to identify each version? Are there other, even earlier models? Thanks, Jerry
  10. J

    New 884 on sale at B&H

    $1400. I'm not associated with B&H, just noticed the great price. Best, Jerry
  11. J

    Zeiss Eyepiece Question

    Looking over a Diascope 65 for sale. The 15-45x ocular comes with a metal tube, 2 inches long, 55mm male thread at one end. Does anyone know the function of this tube? It fits in the eyepiece case and looks like an oem supplied part but I'm at a loss as to its purpose. Thanks, Jerry
  12. J

    Kowa 883 data / eyepiece adapters

    Hello all, I'm playing with various ways to add third party accessories to the scope's optical path. Toward that end, I'm wondering if anyone here knows the thread size and pitch of the accessory ring which surrounds the eyepiece mounting. Sadly, I'm away from the scope and my tools until the...
  13. J

    It pays to ask!

    Bought the new 25-60x eyepiece for under $500 from B&H in NYC, $90 under their advertised price, just by calling instead of filling out the web form. I was a little nervous, but it arrived factory fresh and NIB. So call, ask for a better price and see what happens, it can't hurt.
  14. J

    Kowa Highlanders

    If you've been thinking of spending big dollars on big binoculars - Optics Planet (USA) has serious price reductions on the Highlanders. Also lots of codes for additional $100 or so off. I know, I know......it's still astronomical :>) Best to all, Jerry